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Pacific Theater:




World War II

edited by

Geoffrey M. White

Lamont Lindstrom


Pacific Islands Monograph Series, no. 8. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press
from 1985 Symposium
Introduction: War Stories
Lamont Lindstrom and Geoffrey M. White
Histories of Contact, Narratives of Self: Encounters in Santa Isabel
Geoffrey M. White
The Source of the Force in Marshallese Cosmology
Laurence Marshall Carucci
Echoes of Massacre: Recollections of World War II on Sapwuahfik (Ngatik Atoll)
Lin Poyer
Time of Famine, Time of Transformation: Hell in the Pacific, Palau
Karen L. Nero
"Far Away" and "Close Up": World War II and Sikaiana Perceptions of Their Place in the World
William W. Donner
The Kilenge and the War: An Observer Effect on Stories from the Past
Marty Zelenietz and Hisafumi Saito
Shadows of War: Changing Remembrance through Twenty Years in New Britain
David Counts
Soldiers and Spirits: The Impact of World War II on a Coral Sea Island
Maria Lepowsky
The Making of History: The Representation of World War II on Normanby Island, Papua New Guinea
Carl E. Thune
Taemfaet: Experiences and Reactions of Santa Cruz Islanders during the Battle for Guadalcanal
William H. Davenport
From Passive Pawns to Political Strategists: Wartime Lessons for the People of Pohnpei
Suzanne Falgout
Islanders, Soldiers, and Tourists: The War and the Shaping of Tourism in Melanesia
Charles de Burlo
Kennedy's "Army": Solomon Islanders at War, 1942-1943
James A. Boutilier
World War II Experience and Life History: Two Cases from Malaita, Solomon Islands
David W. Gegeo and Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo
Samoan Representations of World War II and Military Work: The Emergence of Movement Networks
Robert W. Franco
Working Encounters: Oral Histories of World War II Labor Corps from Tanna, Vanuatu
Lamont Lindstrom
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