(Women and 
Work in Hawaii)

Venicia Damasco Guiala

"In 1952 we transferred to Wahiawa. It's a bigger place and greater opportunity. My lady friends were all working. And I see that they can buy anything they like. I can buy what I like with my husband's pay, but I think better if I earn the money I spend. And I have to send money to my parents and those who need help in the Philippines. Even if they don't ask, if I see that they need help, I have to send them. I just went to the Dole office to apply. You have to fill up the form, eh? When they asked me what grade I completed, I put only the 7th grade. I was ashamed to tell the correct one. Because the work I am applying is only farmer job. So they might not take me if I told the truth. I don't know, I was ashamed. Because I see these people that are having nice kind of job with education. While me, I'm only in pineapple field."

Venicia (Damasco) Guiala (fourth from the right) was born in Batac, Illocos Norte in the Philippines on August 20, 1916. In 1947, she married Ruperto Guiala and they came to Lana`i to work in the pineapple fields. During her twenty years of employment for Dole Com pany (Hawaiian Pine Company), her jobs included hoe-hana, stripping, harvesting, and planting checker. She was also president of an organization of women field workers. Mrs. Guiala died in 1989.