Ida Kanekoa Milles

"I met some friends. They said, "Because cannery has lot of women workers you enjoy working, lots of fun." That's the reason why I work in the cannery. Well, when they hired me as a trimmer, I didn't have any idea that it's going to be hard, or I'm going to be wet with juice on my apron. To tell you the truth, I sat on a table and looking at the pinapple coming through the Ginaca machine, to me looks like 100 pineapples a minute. The forelady taught me to trim faster and the girls that I worked with. That's the import thing, working together. As we talk, our hands still moving, trimming the pines. We talking about our life. We telling each other where we were born, what kind of life we had, how many children we had, and what school did we go to. After about 3 years I was given a relievere position, then a labor quota job, then the forelady for the night shift."

Ida (Kanekoa) Milles was born in Nahiku Village, Maui on May 4, 1913. She worked on Nahiku Ranch and at Hana Sugar Plantation and as a maid before moving to Honolulu at the beginning of World War II. In 1946, she became a trimmer at Hawaiian Pine Company, was promoted to forelady in 1950 and retired in 1975. Mrs. Milles died in 1980.