Halau Hula O Maiki

1996 marks the 50th anniversary of Halau Hula o Maiki. This web site is a ho'okupu of appreciation for their perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture that honors the women and the culture of Hawai'i nei.

We would like to thank the following people for their kokua in making this page possible

Na Wahine o Halau Hula o Maiki - for letting us cut into your class time.

Kumu Hula Coline Aiu - for your time and invaluable knowledge.

Ms. Lei - for your efforts and support with this project

Kapa Oliveira - for the 'olelo Hawai'i

Hinano Cullen - for the 'olelo Hawai'i

Diane Maluso - for the technical support and encouragement

Lee-Ellen Marvin - for the interviewing skills

We apologize for the lack of na kahako in the Hawaiian language section. We haven't found a Hawaiian font that works with a web browser.

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