Behind the Scenes of the Hawai`i Women's Heritage Project

Putting Hawai`ian Culture on the Web.

The first two exhibits of the Project were built by the students of WS382, "Hawai`i's Female Heritage," an undergraduate course offered by the Women's Studies Program of the University of Hawai`i. Organized into two teams of three students each, the students conducted interviews, made photographs, and designed and coded the exhibits, Hula: From a Native Perspective, and A Woman of Taoist Medicine. The instructors, Dr. Diane Maluso and Lee-Ellen Marvin are particularly thankful to Michiko Nishimoto of the Oral History Program for providing special assistance in conducting research with real people.

From Museum to the Internet

The third exhibit, Women and Work in Hawai`i is based on a museum exhibit by the same name, created by Teresa Bill and Jane Silverman. Using the texts and images from the original exhibit panels, this web site examines women's participation in the economic marketplace as income earners. The site was designed by Teresa Bill and Diane Maluso, both of the Women's Studies Program at the College of Social Sciences, University of Hawai`i.

Ready for More?

Consult the Office of Women's Research for information about events and programs on women at the University of Hawai`i.

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