Psychology 409a, October 31st , 2005

My Eighth Outline of Assigned Readings

By Julia Dailey

A Life Time of Driving


Leon James and Diane Nahl (2000).Road Rage and Aggressive Driving: Steering Clear of Highway Warfare .Amherst, New York; Prometheus Books.Pages 202-213.


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Instructor: Dr. Leon James


Concept One:Road Rage Shootout

††††††††††† A.†† This example of a road rage incident details what happened objectively and then looks critically at what occurred.

††††††††††† B.This story ended in death, but looking critically at the events it is obvious that this entire event could have been prevented several times.By investigating a real situation such as this one, it is easy to see how two people can feed on each otherís anger.

††††††††††† C.I enjoyed this because it was real and it showcase how easily a situation can escalate and I was able to see this or something similar possibly happening to anyone.

Concept Two:Older Drivers

††††††††††† A.It is important to recognize the cultural prejudices against elderly drivers, and be alert to the truth in some and to understand that some are untrue.

††††††††††† B.There are obvious hindrances to elderly drivers, but that does not mean that they should not be allowed on the road across the board, people need to be extra cautious and elderly drivers need to recognize when it is no longer safe for them to be driving.

††††††††††† C.I think this is a valid concern on roads today, I for one have become very angery at drivers that were making errors do to age, education is needed on both sides of this issue.

Concept Three:Age Differences in Road Rage

††††††††††† A.This table looks at the differences in different ageís reports of road rage.

††††††††††† B. This shows that young drivers report higher instances of aggressive behavior behind the wheel.

††††††††††† C.I think that some of these numbers may be skewed by the elderly drivers not realizing when they commit aggressive behaviors, they may not even know when they have run a red light or missed a stop sign.

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