Outline of My First Oral Presentation

“Becoming a Reflective Driver”

This is a presentation of “Road Rage and Aggressive Driving: Steering clear of Highway Warfare”; By Dr. Leon James and Dr. Diane Nahl; Published by Prometheus Books, 2000; Pages 97-108; Web link: www.drdriving.org

By Jadine Makinano


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I.               Characteristics of a Road Rage Driver


                                                        A.     Drivers whom possess particular traits of road rage

1.    Automotive Vigilante

a.    Justifiable Road Rage

b.    Retaliation

c.    Checklist p.99

2.    Rushing Maniac

a.    Slow Mo’; “Lane hopper”

b.    Avoids slowing down; anger against someone slowing down

c.    Checklist p. 102

3.    Aggressive Competitor

a.    Compulsive Competitiveness

b.    Triumphant or Defeated

c.    Checklist p.104

4.    Scofflaw

a.    Disregarding laws, regulations, etc.

b.    “Cops can, I can”

c.    Checklist p.106


                                                       B.     My opinion

                                                        C.     Testimony


II.              Real-World Driving Tips


                                                        A.     Double checking ourselves

1.    What can we do when another driver rages at us?

2.    How does the target driver respond?

3.    “Fanning the flame or Putting it out?”

4.    Checklist


                                                       B.     Opinion

                                                        C.     Testimony


III.            Reflection


                                                        A.     Significance

1.    Recognition – Self awareness

Proverbs 29:11 “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a    wise man keeps himself under control.”

2.    Renew – Desire to Change

3.    Restoration ­– Building Resistance


                                                       B.     My Opinion/Testimony


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