Psychology 409b October 24, 2006

Outline 6: Unity 14

By Christina Afonin


Instructions for this activity are found at:

Instructor: Dr. Leon James


Leon James (2006). Seminar on the Unity Model of Marriage for G25. Section 14. Online at:


I.                    Making Field Observations

a.       Procedure

                                                              i.      Observe their mode of talking.

                                                            ii.      Does the man contradict what the woman says, or does he make her lose face by some other way like embarrassing her in front of others?

                                                          iii.      Is there conflict between them?

                                                          iv.      Does he get mad and yell or pout?

                                                            v.      Does he walk away to cool off and stays away out of anger and inability to come together at the cognitive or affective level?

                                                          vi.      Does he insist on his own prerogatives as a man?

                                                        vii.      Does he leave her to do his own thing with his friends, leaving her behind?

                                                      viii.      Does he insist or put pressure on her to do this or that she doesn’t want to?

II.                 The Unity Model

a.       Interactions

                                                              i.      Never any anger, hostility, disagreement or bickering between couple

                                                            ii.      United from affective level outward to cognitive and sensorimotor

                                                          iii.      Organic and concerns reciprocity & mutuality

III.               The Equity & Dominance Models

a.       Interactions

                                                              i.      Power sharing

IV.              What are relationship areas where woman should lead in unity model?

a.       Marriage relationship

                                                              i.      Husband independent of wife through cognitive and affective self

                                                            ii.      External sensorimotor self

1.      separate thoughts/attitudes and resists her attempts to modify them

                                                          iii.      Internally united

1.      When husband allows thinking to be influenced by his wife

2.      Avoids disagreements, goes along with her requests/demands

V.                 The Models

a.       The Dominance Model

                                                              i.      Assigns dominant role to man and submissive role to woman

                                                            ii.      Defined by culture

b.      The Equity Model

                                                              i.      Assigns equal power and responsibility in relationship

                                                            ii.      Couple negotiates power sharing and decision making areas

c.       The Unity Model

                                                              i.      Assigns lead role to woman, but not the same as male dominance

                                                            ii.      Role of woman operates by man’s voluntary submission to wife’s affections and motivations

                                                          iii.      Man is free to decide to withdraw his consent to her role, and she no longer has influence over him

VI.              Relationship Ennead Step Chart

a.       Model that Governs their interactions

                                                              i.      Unity

1.      Sensorimotor (7)

2.      Cognitive (8)

3.      Affective (9)

                                                            ii.      Equity

1.      Sensorimotor (4)

2.      Cognitive (5)

3.      Affective (6)

                                                          iii.      Dominance

1.      Sensorimotor (1)

2.      Cognitive (2)

3.      Affective (3)

b.      More information in the Chart

                                                              i.      Unity

1.      Sensorimotor (external)

a.       Zone 7

b.      SU

2.      Cognitive (internal)

a.       Zone 8

b.      CU

3.      Affective (inmost)

a.       Zone 9

b.      AU

                                                            ii.      Equity

1.      Sensorimotor (external)

a.       Zone 4

b.      SE

2.      Cognitive (internal)

a.       Zone 5

b.      CE

3.      Affective (inmost)

a.       Zone 6

b.      AE

                                                          iii.      Dominance

1.      Sensorimotor (external)

a.       Zone 1

b.      SD

2.      Cognitive (internal)

a.       Zone 2

b.      CD

3.      Affective (inmost)

a.       Zone 3

b.      AD


Related Links: -To be honest, this is the first time I’ve come across a website based on helping men rather than women. This website emphasizes ways to communicate with women. I find it interesting because it offers the opposite perspective, and gives me an idea of where men are coming from in their actions. - This website leads to a Dr. Nadig who is a clinical psychologist, a marriage and family therapist. I usually don’t judge by appearances, but the layout of the website, not to mention the picture of the doctor all tell me that he’s a dominance model enforcer. It also seems that he’s dumbing things down by the titles of his sections, for example: “How to express difficult feelings”. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to write something with a little more umph. -Dr. Phil. So much to say. We’ve briefly discussed his thoughts in class, and I think it ironic that his website comes up in the search that I did. But nonetheless, I checked out the website and aside from selling his ideas, the man is selling himself. He just seems so self-centered it makes me want to puke.


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