Outline 10

Come On Women, Just give in and say yes

This is an Outline for The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,

By Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Harper Collins Inc., 2004, pages 166-180

By Laina Beard

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I.) This is your role, and this is mine, are we clear?

A) A man goes out and is the breadwinner, and the wife stays at home and takes c are of the home and children. These are the roles. If a woman decides to deviate from her “fixed” role as a wife and mother she is in the wrong. The Husband deserves better.

B) Example: Wife wants to go and earn her PhD, husband writes her a letter and blames her goals for the downfall of the children’s behavior, the state of their house and their lousy sex life.

C) My Opinion: The blame is all directed towards the woman and nothing is said of the man’s contribution to their present situation. The man has the right to be selfish in this circumstance and Dr. Laura believes that this woman is choosing the wrong goals in life. I do not agree with this and cannot stand the “macho,” traditional attitude here.

III.) After all, he’s an animal

A) Dr. Laura says to “accept what kind of animal you brought home.” You can’t try and change your husband, accept him for what he is. Don’t threaten him into the kind of person you want him to be or thought you could have.

B) Example: Woman marries a Musician. Accept him as such. If he goes on the

road, dress seductively and meet him in a hotel room (like a groupie) and accept the lifestyle.

C) My Opinion: Dr. Laura dislikes women and I strongly dislike her! Just because a woman marries a man who is a musician, doesn’t mean she has to a accept all of his behavior or mold herself to fit that behavior. The advice given is completely ludicrous, How is a wife even closely comparable to a groupie???

III.) You’re just jealous ladies…..

A) Men have the “ability” to have and play hobbies. Women are jealous that they lack the capacity and skill that their husbands innately have.

B) Example: A woman needs to understand her husband’s need for “time with the boys, shootin’ some hoops.” (“Don’t take it so personally babe.“)

C) My Opinion: Ooooh, I just sick even writing this. No! I do not agree with this. I don’t believe women are envious of a man’s ability to have hobbies, I believe they are envious and frustrated with the exclusionary act of it. Men are selfish and try to keep their independence at all cost, even at the expense of

their wives happiness.

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