Outline 3

The White Rabbit Syndrome

This is an Outline for The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,

By Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Harper Collins Inc., 2004, pages 15-26

By Laina Beard

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I.) Scheduling your Priorities or Prioritizing your Schedule?

a) A loving, attentive, playful connection with your husband will reduce stress.

b) Your life is built upon the choices you make, good or bad.

c) Prioritizing is a “moment-to-moment” requirement, not just long term planning.

II.) “Having it all” = “Hurried Woman Syndrome”

a) Complaining about Husbands who demand too much attention from a career- oriented woman.

b) Seen as an “ugly” facet of the feminist movement.

c) Feminist Movement supports personal success, acquisition, accomplishment, and power. Viewed as stressful to compete in and conquer the working world, resulting in neglect of marriage, family and home.

d) Symptoms of the “Hurried Woman Syndrome”: Weight gain, low sex drive, moodiness and fatigue (i.e.: a bitter, resentful wife).

*Marriage is in opposition to the feminist movement, it supports love, marriage and family as priorities and success in life. Focusing on and choosing to attend to these three things will bring a woman happiness and enjoyment by caring for her husband and children. (According to Dr. Laura)

III.) Obligations as a Wife and Mother

a) Being tired, over worked and over stressed leads a woman to have an ill temper constantly complaining about the things in life that are a source of enjoyment: family and marriage.

b) If commitments outside of marriage and family are too much to handle, they should be discarded, your choices should change in order to reflect a happy, healthy home and love life.

c) Women should, however, be allowed to work, and express themselves independently outside of the home through their own passions as long as it does not mean sacrificing your time, marriage and family in the process.

*“You are not loved, adored and intimately needed at work.” A woman should be a “goddess to her children and a queen to her husband” (pg. 25)

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