Outline 4

His Feelings, Not Yours

This is an Outline for The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,

By Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Harper Collins Inc., 2004, pages 68-81

By Laina Beard

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I.) One of the many stupid things men do to mess up their lives

a) Men think that by being valiant in a situation where a woman needs “saving” will make him feel important. If he saves her, she will in return satisfy his needs and dreams. Dr. Laura says he’ll just wind up with a distressed damsel.

b) Men display their feelings to women and get nothing but insensitivity in return.

c) Women are the centers of their own universes and their men are in emotional black holes, living lives of quiet desperation.

II.) A man’s needs are simple:

a) According to men, these are the needs that they need from their women, after all their quite simple creatures right?

He needs to feel like the protector and provider

He needs respect, kindness and love from his woman

He needs his wife to think he’s most important in her life

He needs a woman to need him

He needs to be the one making the most money in the household

He needs ego stroking, constant praise and attention from his wife and family

He needs his wife to show interest in his likes

He needs to be greeted after work with love and adoration and encouragement

He needs to know he sexually satisfies his woman

b) Women are disgusted by this “neediness” and resentful that their men take the spotlight off of them when they have to assume the role of caretaker.

c) Men are emotionally dependent on their wives for feedback, they don’t share their emotions with anyone else. Women have a multitude of outlets for expressing feelings.

III.) A husband’s feelings

a) Women need to care more about their husbands feelings and less about the feelings

Of their friends and families.

b) Women are always desperately worried about other relationships and mindless to the impact they have on their husband’s feelings and whether or not she’s hurting him.

c) A husband needs to be number one, “no if’s and’s or but’s” about it!

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