Psychology 409b

Spring 2005

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Conjugial Love and the Unity Model

Under the direction of Dr. Leon James

You may find his personal website here

Also check out this (a site created by Dr. James on the psychology of driving)


Our class homepage can be found at www.soc.hawaii.edu/leonj/leonj/leonpsy22/classhome-g22.htm



You are now HOOKED to Hold Me Now by Wayne Wonder (from 50 First Dates)



Here are the links to my reports for this semester:

Report 1

Report 2


Links to my 3 oral presentation outlines:

My oral 1

My oral 2

My oral 3



Links to my 7 weekly reading outlines for extra credit (3 oral outlines + 7 weekly reading outlines = 10 required outlines for the semester):

Extra credit outline 1

Extra credit outline 2

Extra credit outline 3

Extra Credit Outline 4

Extra credit outline 5

Extra credit outline 6

Extra credit outline 7

!Find Not Love In Life, But LIFE IN LOVE!     

My partner in crime and me

Our "baby"- Mr. Yugi


You can also check out my stuff from Psy 409a (driving psychology) from fall '04 here