Outline of My Second Oral Presentation

Paths To The Perfect Marriage!

This is a presentation of The Unity Model of Marriage by Leon James (2004)

Section 16 and 17


By Hiroko Kikuchi


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1. My way is your way!


- 1a: Sensorimotor – External physical behaviors such as talking.

- 2a: Cognitive – The wife needs to think like how husband’s thinks.

- 3a: Affective – The wife needs to satisfy her husband. 


2. Stable Marriage


- 4a: Sensorimotor – The husband takes out garbage when the wife asked him to.

- 5a: Cognitive – The husband accept some of the wife’s request and reasoning

- 6a: Affective – The husband shows respect and care for his wife.

* The husband could go back to dominance phase whenever.


3. Unity Model


- 7a: Sensorimotor – The husband takes actions according to what his wife needs.

- 8a: Cognitive – The husband think like how his wife thinks.

- 9a: Affective – The husband satisfy his wife’s needs.

* The husband could go back to equity or dominance phase whenever.


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