This is my first Outline

This is an outline of “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”

by Laura Schlessinger Page 96-109


By Hiroko Kikuchi

1.      Less is Better!


a) To improve relationship between wife and husband, wife needs to learn how to take care of her own emotions!

-         Do not bother when the husband comes home for at least 30 minutes.

-         Give husband time to unwind his mind.

b) Usually, the housewives are waiting for their husbands to come home, so the wives can report what had happened. The wives also want to discuss about certain family situation such as children’s grades, behaviors, and so on. However, the husbands are usually too tired to talk. Therefore, wives irritate the husbands. Then wives accused the husbands for not getting involved with family matter enough.

c) This is typical problem we can see in our society, but….

-         Shouldn’t women have right to express their emotions to husband?

-         Why not the husband can be listener? After all, when the wives need to talk about family matter, it is husband’s matter too!  


  1. Forgive ness vs. “Power Struggle”


             a) The wives need to let go “stupid things”, and should accept the husband as      

             “men”. Forgiveness is key to the happy marriage!

                   b) Typical complains:

                  The husband often thinks that his wife is never grateful and satisfied with    

                  him. The wife often thinks that her husband is not sensitive and he never helps

                  with house chores. The negative thinking keeps going and going….

-         Husband becomes more disgruntled.

-         Wife becomes more frustrated.

                  c) Once gain, why only women need to become more patient person?

-         Doesn’t the marriage should be two persons party?

-         Should husbands always have the right to control over the wives?


  1. “Black-and-white approach”


                  a) Be clear! Don’t just give hints to the husbands! Let him know exactly what  

                  is on your minds.

                  b) Anniversaries Example: Women always think that “if he loves me, he will

                  remember about our anniversaries, and he will surprised me with a diamond

                  ring!”. WRONG! The husbands usually don’t care about special occasions as

                  much as the wives.

                  c) I agree to this idea. I think that women love to play mind game with her

                  special someone. However, the easiest way to communicate is to tell exactly

                  what is on women’s mind! Then, the men will know for sure what women



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