This is my second Outline

This is an outline of Reference 5: My Proposal for TV Ratings on Anti-Unity Values (AUV) in Gender Behavior” by Makana Liwai  


By Hiroko Kikuchi


  1. "Unity Model" of marriage


a)     Dr. Leon James has proposed a model based on Swedenborg’s writing to unify men and women or gender relationships.

b)     There are three level in Unity Model

-         First, “sensory-motor” (performances, behaviors, verbal, non-verbal communications in gender relationships through sensations, perceptions, and motor acts.)

-         Second, “cognitive” (thinking and reasoning we do in the relationships.)

-         Third, “affective” (feelings and motivations in people’s relationships.)

c)      Ideal model to improve men and women’s relationships! Keys to understand gender differences.


  1. AUV


a) AUV stands for “Anti Unity Value”, which is any behaviors or gestures (verbal or physical) that is detrimental toward unification. We are exposed to these types of behaviors through media such as TV drama, movies, and ads.

            b) Dr. James’s observation on Soap Oprah called “One Life to Live” on Dec 2003.

-         Examples: Living together unmarried, having children out of wedlock, making each other jealous on purpose, adultery for various reasons, and much more.

d)     I totally agree with Dr. James that today, there is a lot of wrong information is sent to many people through the media especially through by the TV. Majority of the households have TV(s), and people are exposed to stereo typed information all the time.


  1. Let’s use AUV to rate TV


a)     AUV can be used as scale to determine to rate the TV program’s level of anti unity value.

b)     The procedures are pretty simple. Pick the TV show such as “Everybody loves Raymond”, and watch the episode. While watching the show, try to observe any detrimental story or scene towards unifications. More numbers of scenes we can pick, the TV program is offensive. In opposite, less the numbers, the TV program is safe to watch.

c)      If people could come up with standards on how to scale, it can be used as parental guide for the viewers. It is scary to know that many popular “family sitcom” could be rated as offensive, and include many detrimental behaviors towards unification.


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