This is my fourth outline

This is an outline of “Gender Discourse”

by Deborah Tannen  Page161-171


By Hiroko Kikuchi


  1. Pragmatic Identity


- Example: When the couples discover that neither of them is satisfied in their sex life. One become visibly upset, and the other withdraw from the conversation using “Let’s drop this talk”. Both partners use similar methods to end their conversations.

·        I think that many couples use this method to end their conversations, and I think that reasons to use this method could be varies such as;

-         The couples don’t care about each other no more

-         Irresponsible (not willing to take actions to fix things) and so on.


  1. Pragmatic Homonymy


-         Example: Conversations about the couple’s divorce between Marianne and Johan.

-         Marianne = try to reveal her ideas by throwing many questions.

-         Johan = try to create more distance by using sarcasm.


  1. Pragmatic Synonymy


·        This is when the partners use different talking methods to achieve similar end.

·        “Avoid Real Issue”

-         Example: When Johan is about to tell Marianne that he is leaving.

-         Marianne uses verbiage (talk non-stop) to avoid taking real issue.

-         Johan uses pontification (not polite) to avoid talking real issue.

·        I think that women tend to talk indirect when she wants to avoid real issues, but wish to express her feelings. In contrast, men use his power and use pontification to avoid or try to create distance from his partner.


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