Report 1:
Monitoring My Information Behavior

By Hiroko Kikuchi

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Task 1


Section A  -- Discussing Pre-ratings for Task 1


Hello! My name is Hiroko Kikuchi. I was born in Tokyo, Japan and I moved to the Marshall Islands with my family when I was thirteen years old. I came to Hawaii in 1999 after I graduated high school in the Marshall Islands. I am a currently senior standing, and I am expected to graduate from UHM after this semester. My major is psychology, and I am currently enrolled in PSY409b “Seminar on The Unity Model of Marriage” taught by Dr. Leon James. I have taken Psy409a “Seminar on Driving Psychology” from Dr. Leon James a year ago, and it was very interesting class. I believe that men and women should have equal relationships, so I am very interested to learn about “The Unity Model of Marriage”. This is a report 1 for PSY409b G22, and now I would like to discuss my interpretation of the “Pre-ratings for Task 1”.


In the “Pre-ratings for Task 1”, the task included each students to take a survey. (The survey can be found at The survey included 16 questions, and about half of the questions were about attitudes and feelings such as level of optimistic, frustration, irritation toward the report 1. It was very interesting to me because I have ever done this type of survey before I write report for the class. At first, I was a little bit confused about the survey. However, as I started to answer the questions, I have realized that thinking about my own attitude and feelings toward particular work could help me become more responsible. I am sure that every student knows that completing assignments for any class is extremely important, but people usually evaluate their works after they have received their grade on their works. Therefore, I believe that if students look and think over about their attitudes and feelings toward the work before they start, the students are reminded that it is important for us to take any task seriously, and need to put decent amount of efforts in order for us to receive good grade. I believe that if the students or anyone take their any kind of works or tasks seriously, we could get decent result. Therefore, I though that taking survey could make students realized about our attitude and feelings toward the work.


In the other half of the survey consisted questions about attitudes and feeling about dealing with computer software and systems. I think that this part is important in a ways that this class needs at least basic knowledge and skills about computer and Internet to complete most of the class assignments. I think that Dr. James could find out how each student feels about working with computers, and he could benefit from the result to come up with many ideas to support us (the students) when we need help. 



Section B  -- Discussing Post-ratings for Task 1


            Well, this is the last step of  “Task 1”. My first task went smoothly, and I didn’t have any problems so far. I read the step-by-step instruction for this task many times, so I think I am pretty optimistic that I have completed the task1 well. At first, I was a little bit overwhelmed when I saw the instructions of the Report 1 because there are so many different steps to follow. However, after I have started to work on this report, I changed my mind. I feel that as long as I carefully read, and follow the instructions, I can’t go wrong with this report. There is certain amounts of work need to be done every week, and the amount of work per week is decent. Therefore, I personally like having specific step-by-step instructions.


            After I have taken the Post-ratings survey for Task 1, I have compared the numbers and answered I have wrote on the Pre-ratings survey for Task1, and I have found many good things about myself. Since it was the first step for report 1, I was a little bit nervous when I took the pre rating survey for task1. Therefore, the number to describe my certainty and optimistic toward task 1 were lower. I think this is because I was nervous. However, I started to work on the task, and I became more confident. I also read the instructions whenever I needed to make sure that I was doing okay. Therefore, I build my confident toward completing this task. Therefore, in my post rating for task1, the number to describe my certainty and optimistic toward task1 became higher than pre ratings. Also, my level of pressure and stress were lower in post ratings. I think that I felt that I have done some of the work for report 1, and that made me less stress and pressure for me. I felt like more I read the step-by-step instructions for the task1, I became more confident. I have learned that I need to read step-by-step instructions many times to build my confident toward the task for the rest of the task.        



Task 2


Section C  -- Discussing Pre-ratings for Task 2


            Well, this is task 2, and the task became a little bit more complicated compare to the task 1. Now, I have to find the two articles from Web based full text library electronic databases. I am not worry and stressed about finding two particular articles from the web-based library, but the hard part is to read the two whole articles, summarize the articles, and write reactions to the articles. I know that those tasks aren’t extreme difficult tasks, but I am not excited about it. I also think that it will take longer amount of time to complete this task compare to task 1.


            By taking pre-ratings survey for task 2, it gave me some times to think about the task 2 even more. I have mentioned in the earlier that I am not excited about reading articles, and summarize them. However, I though that if I read the articles carefully, there is no way I can go wrong! Plus, I might end up liking the articles very much, and I might actually enjoy reading the articles. Therefore, surprisingly, I scored higher / positive number to describe my motivation toward the task 2. I also scored higher number to the question about my certainly that I will do the task 2 properly because I just though that I just need to read the articles carefully and read many times if I don’t get the ideas. I think that thinking positive ways is somewhat important to motivate myself. 



Section D -- Pasting pieces of each article, summarizing in my own words, and giving my reactions


Source 1:


British Journal of Social Psychology; Mar2004, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p99, 14p, 1





The research presented in this paper uses memory work as a method to explore six women's collective constructions of two embodied practices, sweating and pain. The paper identifies limitations in the ways in which social constructionist research has theorized the relationship between discourse and materiality, and it proposes an approach to the study of embodiment which enjoins, rather than bridges, the discursive and the non-discursive. The paper presents an analysis of 25 memories of sweating and pain which suggests that Cartesian dualism is central to the women's accounts of their experiences. However, such dualism does not operate as a stable organizing principle. Rather, it offers two strategies for the performance of a split between mind and body. The paper traces the ways in which dualism can be both functional and restrictive, and explores the tensions between these two forms. The paper concludes by identifiying opportunities and limitations associated with memory work as a method for studying embodiment. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]



Persistent link to retrieve each article:



Summary and Comments:


            The article talked about the research, which the cross-institutional research groups have conducted on the six women to find out about relationships between Cartesian dualism in memories of pain and sweating. The researchers discuss about their methods and procedure they have used during the experiments in the article. The researchers analyzed twenty-five of memories of sweating and pain, and they imply their research findings that Cartesian dualism is the central to women’s previous experiences. These findings lead their conclusion of their research, and they have said that the split between mind and body is based on people’s experiences and their memory works.


            This article was somewhat difficult for me to read and understand smoothly. There were couple of vocabularies, which I did not understand, and I had to use dictionary to find out the definitions. Some sentences did not make sense to me, so I had to read some of the parts over and over for me to understand what the researchers wanted to say in the article. Other than that, I thought that the article was very interesting because I have never heard of word like  “Cartesian dualism” even though I have taken some psychology courses go over human’s memories. I also though that it was interesting that the researchers mentioned of separation between mind of body because I though they were pretty much together all the time. This research and ideas were very new to me.  



Source 2:


Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion; Jun90, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p277, 2p



Abstract (The first paragraph):


The year 1988 marked the tricentennial of the birth of the Swedish scientist, theologian, and revelator Emanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg and his influence consists of 25 papers originally presented at a symposium held by the Academy of the New Church which is founded on 

Swedenborg's teachings. The subject matter of these papers is as varied in content as were Swedenborg's activities in life. He had a long 

career as a scientist and inventor who made important contributions in the mining and metallurgical industries, devised a method for navigation 

based on the position of the moon, made contributions to the theory that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny in biology, founded and edited 

the first scientific journal in Sweden, and was undoubtedly among leading scientists in eighteenth century Europe.



Persistent link to retrieve each article:



Summary and Comments:


Emanuel Swedenborg was one of the leading Swedish scientists in Europe during 18th century, and he was also a theologian, and revelator. In Swedenborg’s earlier life, he focused his career as scientist and inventor, and he made important contribution to many events such as mining and metallurgical industries, designed navigation method based on the position of the moon, founded and edited the firs scientific journal ever in Sweden. He also donated his time, and worked on theory that ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny in biology. Swedenborg’s father worked as a professor of theology, and dean at Uppsala University. Therefore, Swedenborg grew up with philosophy and theology. Later in Swedenborg’s life, he lived through s spiritual crisis, which the experiences lead him to revelations, inner visions, and publish of many books based on his experiences. Swedenborg’s ideas influenced many Americans such as William James and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The article describe the "Swedenborg and his Influence" is well written, and it maybe the most comprehensive and instructional volume on Swedenborg to appear for a long time.


            The article was pretty short, and it was easy to read. I liked the article in the way that the article contained cluster of main ideas about Swedenborg and his influences instead of detailed information. This way, I was able to understand and got overviewed ideas about Swedenborg such as his careers, father’s influences on him, the spiritual crisis experiences he went through, people who were influenced by Swedenborg and so on. In opposite, since the article contained only a little information, the article made me wonder about his youth, family, careers, educational background, and more details autobiography of Swedenborg. Therefore, I would say that this article is well written in a way to attract, and make the readers want to know more about Swedenborg.



Section E  -- Discussing Post-ratings for Task 2


            Ahhhh, I am finally here to discuss post-rating for task 2. I was able to finish the work 15 minutes earlier than the time I have guessed during the pre-ratings, but I took a long time to complete task 2. I didn’t have any major trouble reading and understanding article about Swedenborg. However, the hardest part was to read the article aboutCartesian dualism in memories of pain and sweating”. There were couples of words, which I did not understand the meanings, so I had to use dictionary to find the definitions and so on. I also had understanding some of the phrase the researchers have used in the article, so I had read over and over. However, once I finished reading the article, I did not have nay problems. I did take a long time to complete the task, but I am happy that it is over now.


            My post-ratings for task 2 is relevant to the experienced I had while I was completing the task 2.Since I did have some trouble understanding one of the articles, my level of stress and irritations were higher scored than previous task. However, almost every school works and works for my job increase my level of stress, so I handled okay. I though of the problems I experienced during the task 2 as more of part of the works. Since I took all the time I needed to complete, and I did not rush anything, I was able to scored higher / positive to the questions asking me about my certainly, attitudes, and level of motivations toward the works. I am pretty confident that I have completed the task 2 properly. I am happy that task 2 is now over, and I can mover to task 3 now.



Task 3



Section F  -- Discussing Pre-ratings for Task 3


            The task 3 sounds really interesting and fun to me because I often enjoy shopping on the web. Today, there is so much different kind of items and services are available on the web, and it seem like everything we need is just click away. I also use Internet website such as “Google”, “Yahoo!”, and “MSN” to search particular item when I would like to find more information about the particular item I am interested in. It is very amazing that there is lots of information about different type of items. For example, I have recently bought a digital camera, but before I actually purchased the camera at store, I researched and compared many digital cameras for the price, information about the cameras, where it is available, and user reviews by using “Google”. Therefore, this type of task is something I am very familiar with, and I am very optimistic and certain that I can do very well in this task. Therefore, my pre-ratings survey came out very positive. I used many larger/positive numbers to describe my feelings, optimistic, and certainty toward task 3. In contrast, I used many smaller/negative numbers to describe my level of frustration, irritation, and stress toward task 3. I think that those results are very honest because when people have higher confidence in themselves, they are more likely to be optimistic and certainly about what they have to do. When I read the instructions for task 3, I immediately thought that I could do very well because this is something I often do using Internet.



Section G  -- Giving the URL of the mailbox, its picture, and specifications



Item Name

Trout Fish Personalize Copper mailbox




21”L x 8”W x11”H







Brand of Origin

Crafted in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA


One Year


Holds up to 18 characters/spaces of personalization



Section H  -- Discussing Post-ratings for Task 3


            I really enjoyed doing task 3! I was able to complete this task very smoothly. I was able to find a copper mailbox with only one search, and I was very happy about that. I personally have ever seen a copper mailbox before, and I didn’t even know that there is such a thing as copper mailbox. However I just knew that there would be one. Since I haven’t seen any of the copper mailboxes before, I really enjoyed looking through many different type of copper mailbox. I was also surprised that there were many companies sell copper mailbox at their online store. I guess the copper mailbox is very popular, and many people buy them. I though that copper mailbox with picture is very cute. I was also amazed by how craft people could sculpt pictures very nicely on the copper mailbox. When I took sculpture class when I was in high school, I had a chance to sculpt picture on the copper using hammer and tools, but it was very difficult for me! There were many different types of copper mailboxes, but the reason I have chosen the particular copper mailbox shown on the above is because I could personalize it. I wouldn’t put my last name, but I think it would be nice to put something like “Have a nice day!”.


            Since I had very fun time searching and looking through the copper mailbox, I didn’t feel like I was actually doing a work for the class. Therefore, my post-rating for task 3 came out very positive too! It was my first time to use number 10 to describe how certainly I am that I have completed this task properly. Since the task 3 of searching for the particular item was something I was very familiar with. Therefore I was very confident about myself performing task 3. I was very comfortable performing this task 3, and I really enjoyed it! Therefore, I wrote “1” (Lowest scale) to described my level of stress, frustration, and irritation while I was working on this task. I wish all my school works are enjoyable and stress free just like task 3! I think that task 3 would be my favorite task in this report 1? I will find out later on, but I really enjoyed doing task 3.    



Task 4



Section I  -- Discussing Pre-ratings for Task 4


            Task 4 sounded like another exciting assignment for me! I have a little bit of concerns about FTP, but I have used FTP before, but I am familiar with the software, so it should be okay. I think that the task of making my homepage for this class would be really fun because I have my own homepage / Blogs since March, 2003, and I really enjoy operating them. I am not good at using HTML, but I TRY to be creative. I personally like using many colors and pictures when I am making / editing my homepage, so I am planning to do the same thing for my own homepage for this class. Once again just like task 3, I am very excited about this task! As you probably have guessed, since I am very exited about the task 4, my pre-ratings for task 4 came out very positive one just pre-ratings for the task 3. Since I am familiar with what I have to do, my level of confident to complete the task 4 is pretty high. Therefore, I was able to use higher / positive number to describe my level of certainly, optimistic, and motivation toward the task 4. Since the task 4 involve with something I enjoy to do, I used lower number to describe my level of stress, frustration, and irritation toward task 4. Not many people feel stress, frustration, or irritation while they are going something they enjoy, so my results came out to be what I have expected. I usually do not enjoy working on my reports or majority of the school works, so it is nice for me to able to do the things I like to do as part of school-works. It would the best if all of the school-works involved with the things I like to do, but then, I wouldn’t learn anything, so it is bad. However, it is nice to feel excited and look forward to work on schoolwork just like task 3 and 4. I am sure that my post-ratings for the task 4 would come out something very positive.



Section J  -- Discussing Post-ratings for Task 4


As I have guessed in the previous section, I had really fun time making my homepage for this class. I didn’t have any problems while I was making a homepage, and I really had fun time doing the school works! I tried to make something cute, and I think I was able to make cute homepage.  Well, I am not sure how everybody else would think about my homepage when they look at it, but at least I am satisfied with my works. Therefore, making my homepage part went really smoothly and fast, but I had some troubles uploading my homepage into class folder, but it was my faults. I have taken PSY409a from Dr. James a year ago, and I have installed FTP software into my computer. Therefore, when I started reading about FTP instructions, and I found out the procedures sounded just like when I was taking PSY409a, I immediately ASSUMED that I can uploads my homepage and other documents on the web the exact the ways. Therefore, I didn’t read the whole instructions, and I was using my FTP the wrong ways.  I tried many times, and when I clicked my name on the class folder, “Error” page showed up. Therefore, once again, I ASSUMED that it was something wrong with my FTP software. Then I asked help from my boyfriend, and he had helped me. I have learned that assuming is very bad…., and I always have to read the instructions ALL THE WAYS!!!


Even though I had some troubles using FTP software, my post-ratings for task 4 came out very positive thing just like pre-ratings for task 4. In fact, I think the number I used in the post-ratings for task 4 came out very similar to the pre-rating for task 4. I scored positively on certainly and motivations about the tasks, which I have done, and I scored lower to describe my level of stress, frustrations, and irritations.  When I e-mailed my post-rating for task 4 to Dr. James, I mistakenly attached pre-ratings for task 4, so it was nice of Dr. James to e-mail me back to let me know my mistake. I didn’t check my e-mail before I sent it, so I have to check it especially I have many pre-rating and post-rating documents.  



Task 5


Section K  -- Discussing Pre-ratings for Task 5


            I think that the task 5 is very important. I also think that the time it will require for me to complete this task depends on how much mistakes I made during in previous tasks. The task 5 is basically asking for students to edit their report 1 to make sure that everything in okay. Since I already have learned how to uploads and publish documents on the web, I would like to focus on contents of the paper. I also would like to make sure that the report is eyes friendly for the people to read my report. I have one whole extra day (I am writing this portion a day earlier than the due date) to submit this report, so I can spend a lot of time to make sure that the report 1com out very good.


            Pre-rating for task 5 came out very good, I think. Since I know exactly what I have to do, and I have plenty time to look over my paper, my confidents are very high. Therefore, I used higher number to describe my motivations, optimistic, and attitudes toward the task 5. Task 5 is the last task in the report 1, and knowing that this is the last task made me happy. Therefore, my level of stress toward task 5 is lower too. I think that I am so happy that I am almost there to complete the report 1. I know that I just need to carefully read my papers over and over to find any errors. Hopefully, the report 1come out how I want it when I convert the file into html. If not, I just have to adjust, but it would be nice to have less works to do.  



Section L  -- Summarizing Report 1 and what I learned by doing it


            I personally though that in this report 1 “Monitoring My Information Behaviors”, it was all about reading the instructions very carefully and following those instructions. The report 1 included total of five tasks, and within the each tasks, there were many detailed instructions to follow. There were also pre-ratings and post-ratings surveys, which the students needed to answer before and after the each tasks. I think that the purpose of the surveys was to let students to take time and think about each tasks.


I think that people’s opinion to this type of tasks split into one clear answer, whether they like it or not. When I saw the instructions to the report 1for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the amounts of steps I needed to follow. However, I have realized that if I follow all of the instructions, I wouldn’t go wrong with my report 1. Plus, there are many detailed instructions for students to follow, Dr. James have told the students that we can add anything to improve the report as long as the students have included the minimum required works. Therefore, the students were able to extend the report if they choose to.    


I was also overwhelmed by pre-ratings and post-ratings surveys I needed to answer for each tasks at first. However, as I started working on the task 1, I started to get the point of the questionnaires. It was interesting that I had to rate about my feeling and attitudes before I actually do the work, because most of the time, people rate their works after they have completed. Therefore, I have learned that taking time to think about the task I am about to do could build my confident higher. The pre-ratings task gave me time to think about if I am ready to work on the task. It also made me to think about the similar related tasks I have completed before, and thinking about past similar experiences made me build stronger confident. I was able to build stronger confidents by telling myself that I was able to complete the similar tasks before, I could also complete the similar task I am about to do.


The most important thing I have learned through this report was to never assume the instructions even it sound familiar! I have taken PSY409a a year ago from Dr. James, so I was familiar with how FTP works. Therefore, after I started to read about the instructions about FTP during the task 4, and it sounded very similar to what I have known, I have stopped reading. Then, as you have guessed it, I had trouble uploading my homepage into class folder. I needed to transfer two additional files into my folder in order for the pages to appear on the web, but I missed the instruction about the additional files needed in my folder.


I sometimes skip reading instructions like when I buy a new TV. I think that I tend to assume a lot of things from my own past experiences. Therefore, this report made me think about the importance of reading instructions carefully even though it sounds very similar to me.          



Section M  -- Discussing Post-ratings for Task 5


            Yeah! I am finally here at very last task for the report 1. I am just happy to be here to discuss about my post ratings for the task 5. The task 5 sounded simple, but I ended up spending about 3hours to go over my report 1 and fix any errors or places I wanted to fix.  My motivation to the task 5 was very high because I knew that this is the last task I have to do for the report 1, and I will feel much better when I finish the works.


            As I have mentioned in the earlier that I m just happy to be in the last task for the report 1, I did not feel stressed, frustrated, or irritated by the works. I made sure that I would have plenty time for me to review my report 1, so I also didn’t feel to be rushed. Therefore, I have scored very low to the questions asking my level of stress and frustration to the task 5. Overall, my ratings came out very positive because this is the last thing I needed to do. Now I am about to finish this report 1, I am very happy about myself! Because I was able to complete this task, I build strong confident, and it will be very useful in the future. 



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