Outline of My Second Oral Presentation
Preparing for the Afterlife
This is a presentation of Theistic Psychology; Based on the Writings of Swedenborg by Leon James, published on the web 2004. – http://www.soc.hawaii.edu/leonj/theistic/ch6.htm#assessment

By Patrick Greer

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I. Commitment to the Ten Commandments – All that we must do is laid out for us, but can we not really do it.

            a. The Ten Commandments give us insight to what we must not do in life if we use Sacred Scripture to extract the Divine Speech within.   However, even when we make an effort to commit to the higher meaning we still are bombarded with negative emotion and motivation from within, which prove we are tied to hellish love.

            b. I agree that we all have inherent ties to hellish loves and it takes an enormous display of will to overcome them.   Our egos take over.

            c. Getting angry with a baby spilling juice on a new rug.   Where is this anger coming from?   It is obvious that the baby had no ill intentions.   Related situations happen all the time in life.

II. A Spiritual Growth Method – We “must not express negative emotions.”

            a. The method of spiritual growth described makes use of the fact that anyone can control his or her cognitive and sensorimotor levels of the mind.   Doing so in spite of negative emotions/motivations acknowledges one's desire to un-identify with their lower level mental consciousness and may eventually lead to actual change of the affective mind.

            b. I do not entirely agree that we are completely unable to control our affective mind nor am I convinced that the disconjunction created by this technique is good.   However, conscious understanding at the cognitive level is a powerful force.

            c. No matter our thoughts and feelings we can always control whether we act upon them of not.

III. Are We Going to Hell? – If we wish to not go to Hell we must give up hellish loves.

            a. Humans are born with hellish ties to the lower part of the mind but we are not doomed to hell.   God and the Divine Psychologist create opportunity for change.

            b. Hard to approach this out of a societal context.

            c. Freewill or the as-of self allows us the freedom to identify with good or evil.   Cutting the ties of hell reveal one's rational capabilities in heaven.

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