Outline of My First Oral Presentation

The regenerated phases towards spiritual development

This is a presentation of Theistic Psychology by Dr. Leon James (2004)

Section 2.12 – 2.13


By Lynnette Laimana


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1)  Creation

            Swedenborg uses the “Ancient Word” of spiritual correspondence to decipher the writing in the Book of Genesis as dualistic.  The literal description in Genesis speaks of how the world was created as taught in Religion.   He explains that the spiritual correspondence of the creation story refers to the spiritual regeneration towards a “new state of mind”.

My opinion:

            In the Bible many stories are told that are interpreted in various ways.  So when I read about Swedenborg’s theory of the creation I found it plausible.  It always fascinates me to read about history and wonder if the writer meant what they were saying or if my personal biases have somehow tainted the original thought.

Example:  I remember talking with my grandparents who would sometimes refer to people they knew as a “gay” type of person.  They meant happy-go-lucky type of person but today that word has a whole new connotation.


2)  Evolution

            This refers to the psychological principles of the internal and external character of human-kind which needs to be reformed and regenerated so we can attain celestial consciousness.




My opinion:

            I agree that change needs to happen and that it must be done on an individual level.  Evolutionary changes have led us away from our spiritual side and I can only hope that in time we can reverse that problem. 


3)  Substantive Dualism

            Swedenborg’s writings explain in an objective manner the differences between God and Religion in conjunction with Science.  His substantive dualism further identifies the spiritual world and how our spiritual body inhabits that world from birth.  Time has no meaning since our spiritual body is forever young even when our physical body withers away and dies.  Our mind matures in both the physical and spiritual world, when we die and are resuscitated, our sensory growth continues into the spiritual world throughout eternity.

My Opinion:

            The concept of substantive dualism is not new but its presentation is.  I agree that there is a physical and spiritual difference and also of eternal (spiritual) life.  I find this whole experience interesting.


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