Outline of My Second Oral Presentation

Comprehending the Ennead Chart and its significance

This is a presentation of Theistic Psychology by Dr. Leon James (2004)



By Lynnette Laimana


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1)  Methodologies

            Swedenborg describes the spiritual world and validates his findings using sacred scripture.  His main theme is the anatomy and functioning of the mind which he equates to the “spiritual organ”.  Below is a quick break-down

My opinion:

            The previous sections that we discussed in class constantly refer to “this method”.  His observation and validation from scripture set the foundation which he shares in his daily writings.  If we can accept that as rational thinking then we are ready to build upon it.


2)   Divisions of the Spiritual World and Organic Mind

            Swedenborg has no charts, maps or tables to present but he figuratively describes and explains in detail the various phases and degrees.  Dr. Leon James created a chart that reflects the successive phases written by Swedenborg which is called the “Ennead Chart”.

**This chart reflects and actually maps the successive phases of spiritual development that is mentioned in the Arcana Coelestia.

**The map reflects the “regeneration cycle” that every individual must go through

My opinion:

            It seems plausible.  If men of the past (Abraham, Moses, Paul) could leave messages for future generations spoken by a divine person then why should Swedenborg be any different.


3)   Encompassing the Afterlife; Geography and Anatomy

            “People at death are resuscitated in the world of spirits and shortly thereafter, they enter their permanent life in eternity – either in one of the heavens or one of the hells”

·        Afterlife – 3 sets of heavens and as many sets of hells

o       Third heaven – highest plane – Celestial angels live

o       Second heaven – just below – Angelic spirits live

o       First heaven – lowest plane – Good spirits

**Below the first heaven – world of spirits – resuscitation takes place and below this are the discrete levels/layers of hells.

·        Every human mind has three organic functions:

o       To feel

o       To think

o       And to sense

·        Those who live in the varying degrees of heaven and hell differ from one another

o       There are heavenly feelings and thoughts

o       There are hellish

o       Some are angelic

o       Others are good but not as pre in comparison to the Divine Human

**The ennead chart is a convenient and systematic method for comparison and interaction between heaven – the geography – heavenly will and understanding – the anatomy.


My Opinion:

            When I contemplate on this and other chapters I am awed with Swedenborg and the sequential steps he writes and shares about dualistic behavior.  If I state he is crazy, as many before have done, then I have to wonder why during his life time he held such prestigious positions till his death.  Again I wonder why any man would take the time or effort to write so much or be so passionate and be attacked by ridicule but stand firm in his convictions.  That alone keeps me intrigued with learning more about the man and his writings.


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