Outline of My Third Oral Presentation

Effects in the Hierarchical Chart

This is a presentation of Theistic Psychology by Dr. Leon James (2004)

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By Lynnette Laimana


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1)         Hierarchy and its Influence

                        According to Swedenborg there is a hierarchically organized structure that exists and keeps order.  As information is passed down from the Spiritual Sun changes take place in both light and expression.

  • The Spiritual Sun
  • The inhabitations of the Third of Celestial Heaven
  • The inhabitations of the Second or Spiritual Heaven
  • The inhabitations of the First or Natural Heaven
  • The world of Spirits (everyone’s mind is born and grown)
  • The inhabitations of the hells (arranged in layers of depth)



            In his writings Swedenborg observed of how information or correspondences is “sent down” from the “celestial angels” in the Third Heaven.  It is “sent down” to the “spiritual angels” in the Second Heaven. This continues in succession as information is sent further along.  He uses this to explain the process of descent in both meaning of correspondences and to consciousness. “As love and truth descend from the Spiritual Sun through the layers of correspondences that are built into the layers of the human mind.  When the paper was let down into hell the inhabitants read it and what they saw was the logical opposite of the truth that had been originally written.”


My Opinion:

            We see this same pattern in everyday life.  From parents to children or Employer to Employee this hierarchy exists.  It prepares and organizes our life which creates harmony with its simplicity of order.



2)         Formula:  “Mental World = Spiritual World = Immortality

                        Swedenborg says this formula needs to be learned and understood before we can see the whole picture rationally and clearly.

  • Spiritual World = the human mind
  • Each layer refers to our consciousness level (depth of our rational understanding)
    • This is correspondences from our Divine Speech which encompasses every human mind no matter time or place
  • When divine Speech reaches the natural-rational & sensuous correspondences below the First Heaven, it forms Sacred Scripture on earth.

**We can elevate our rational consciousness of God by understanding the correspondences derived from the literal meaning of Sacred Scripture**



      “Our understanding is thus enlightened to the first degree of our heavens in the mind.  We see the interior spiritual truths within natural ides of truth about God and Regeneration.  The Divine Psychologist responds by immersing us in natural temptations by which we agonize over what we believe and what we doubt about our religious doctrines and the moral principles by which we live.  We are tempted to give in to attitudes and beliefs that make it easier for us, more comfortable, giving us permission to continue enjoying this or that evil we still love.  Temptations bring us face to face with the knowledge of consequences.  We see with horror that it is the hells we love and that this love is what makes us doubt the truth we can understand.  This new realization is only possible if we elevate our rational understanding of Sacred Scripture to the level of the interior-natural, also called the spiritual-natural level of understanding.  By overcoming our natural temptations we develop a moral character that lives in the First Heaven.”  (First Heaven – angelic spirits)


My Opinion:

      I know I have struggled with much of the information given in this course and it’s nice to know where I stand in the process.  If I am struggling then I am learning and my rational mind has been activated. (Simple)



3)   Climbing the Hierarchy of Heavens

                  The journey of spiritual development is now available to every individual by studying the inner levels of meaning in the hierarchical correspondences”

·        Climbing the Second Heaven through Spiritual-Rational Correspondences

o       After our initial step we have conquered morality and conscience this is the First Heaven of our mind

o       Spirituality and higher order thoughts and consciousness towards reality

o       They can see how God governs everything by means of rational laws of Providence and Permissions

o       Delighted by the intricacies and models of Gods work

o       They have reached their happiness and joy in the Second Heaven

·        Climbing the Third Heaven through Celestial-Rational Correspondences

o       These are temptations and attacks towards our loves.

o       The earlier spiritual temptations were attacks against truth

o       Earlier natural temptations were attacks against our morality and commitments

o       We have experienced celestial temptations with revelations about ourselves – now we are made aware

o       We may be morally upright but we still enjoy the impure loves that are from hell



            “We give into laziness at the expense of others.  Or, we allow doing what we are pursuing for ourselves.”  We inflict conflict and anger towards others without thinking of how they may feel after we’ve dumped our frustrations on them.  We may love our work and duties more then we love our spouse or children.  All Celestial temptations bring us to failures of love and caring for others”


My Opinion:

            Sometimes I complicate the easiest terms because I feel there is an under-laying message that I am somehow missing.  I get frustrated and lash out without thinking that the answer is “right there” in front of my face. 


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