Psychology 459  April 27, 2006

The Doctrine of Wife

By Tawny Antonio


Textbook of Theistc Psychology ( – 11.3.6). By Leon James (2006). Available at


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Instructor: Dr. Leon James


I.                    Doctrine of Wife and the Unity Model of Marriage

A.     The husband must make the wife’s interest primary by sacrificing his own interests

B.     Wives must think like their husbands and husbands must act as their wives want them to

C.     The husband must love the wife as much as he loves himself

D.     The husband must be aware of the wife’s mental needs

1.      This is what allows wives to conjoin to husbands

a.       The wife’s conjunctive efforts allows her to receive conjugial love from the Divine Human

b.      This allows the husband to receive conjugial love from the wife

c.       And enables him to become conjoined to her

d.      The two souls and minds will then unite as one


II.                 Female Dominance Model

A.     Hellish model of marriage

B.     Motivation of women in the Female Dominance Model

1.      To control the male’s sensorimotor and affective behavior

2.      Without involving the cognitive behavior

3.      Does not want affective intimacy

4.      Does want sensorimotor control

a.       This is to ensure that the husband obeys her orders

C.     This model cannot adapt to the marriage relationship, whereas the male dominance model is able to adapt to it

D.     Because hellish marriages exist in the physical world it is also possible for them to exist in the spiritual world

E.      Husbands become fearful of their wives without being aware of such feelings

1.      Husbands then become subservient to their wives

F.      Wives in this model use secret methods to get their husbands to obey them

G.     It is important to note that couples in the Female Dominance Model appear to be the best of friends outwardly, but hate each other inwardly


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