Psychology 459 – February 16, 2006

The Divine Psychologist

By Tawny Antonio


Lecture Notes (V), The Divine Psychologist and Our Character Reformation, By: Leon James, Textbook of Theistic Psychology.  Available at:


Instructions for this activity are found at:


Instructor: Dr. Leon James


I.                    The Divine Psychologist

A.     His Motive is Divine Love when interacting with individuals

B.     We cooperate with the Divine Psychologist when creating a new character

1.      By daily self-witnessing and self-modification discipline

a.       We can attempt to let go of our hellish traits using this method

C.     He creates our environments and experiences daily

1.      He does this by considering what we must do to regenerate, to establish a spiritual heaven in our spiritual mind

2.      He presents us with temptations; these temptations can be thought of as “tests of our character”

D.     He is present in our minds to help us build up a spiritual heaven

1.      When we are thinking and behaving in a heavenly way, we experience feelings of heaven that the Divine Psychologist deposits for us in our spiritual mind

2.      When we feel them again in our eternity, we will recognize them and accept them as our own

E.      Building up a spiritual hell

1.      When we allow our evil feelings and acts to come out, we experience feelings of hell, and these feelings get deposited in our spiritual hells in our spiritual mind by the Divine Psychologist

F.      The Vertical Community

1.      This is the interaction between our natural heavens and our spiritual heavens, and between our natural hells and our spiritual hells



II.                 Character reformation and regeneration

A.     This is the growth of the interior natural organ within our natural-rational mind

1.      This organ was created by the Divine Child

2.      This organ is opened when we go through character regeneration

B.     We go through character reformation daily by trying to discipline ourselves through self-witnessing and self-modification of our intentions, motivations, thoughts, and acts

C.     The more we discipline ourselves, our behavior and our thoughts and actions become good, the more our natural heavens grow within our interior-natural organ

1.      Our time on earth becomes more angelic and satisfying

a.       This is just a taste of what we will eventually experience in our spiritual heavens

D.     However, if we choose not to make ourselves better, if we choose not to discipline ourselves, our natural mind will remain a hell

1.      Then our natural heavens cannot open and grow



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