Psychology 459  March 16, 2006

The Angels in Heaven

By Tawny Antonio


Life After Death: The Details (Chapters 15-19). By Hugo Lj. Odhner (1968).  Available online at:


Instructions for this activity are found at:


Instructor: Dr. Leon James


I.                    The angels work

A.     Spiritual use

1.      Each angel has a specific task or “spiritual use”

2.      Every person has a spiritual use that are made specifically for their character and internal states

3.      Spiritual uses are gifts from God

4.      It is a way for the Lord to act through the angels

a.       Angels can be considered mediators

B.     Examples of tasks that angelic societies perform

1.      Some societies take care of children

2.      Some societies educate children

3.      Some societies defend new spirits from evils

4.      Some societies keep spirits in the hells from tormenting each other more than the prescribed limits

C.     Angelic marriages

1.      Angelic marriages are considered spiritual and holy

2.      Each angel has a home with their eternal partner

3.      Angelic couples are also called conjugial partners

a.       Conjugial partners are considered one angel, but two separate beings

4.      Men provide wisdom to the relationship, women provide love



II.                 A day in the life of angels

A.     Celestial angels

1.      Celestial angels are considered the best angels

2.      Their love is more universal

3.      Their character is outstanding

B.     Fluctuating degrees of love and wisdom

1.      Angels have fluctuating degrees of love and wisdom

2.      At times they have degrees of intense love and intense wisdom

3.      At other times the degree of love and wisdom lessens

a.       It is at this degree that the angels are in a state of relaxation

C.     State of unconsciousness

1.      Their state of relaxation is also considered a state of unconsciousness

2.      When this unconsciousness disappears, the angels are rejuvenated to perform their spiritual uses

a.       This is when the angels work intensely without any distractions

b.      The angels work themselves into a state of increasing enlightenment

D.     At noon

1.      At noon, the angels’ work ceases

2.      It is at this time that they enjoy a feast provided by the Lord

3.      The food that they eat is spiritual food

4.      Their sense of taste flows from a spiritual origin and this taste is a craving for knowledge of good and truth



Related Websites

I chose this website because it goes into describes other religions.  It also describes how these different religions believe people go or “end up” in heaven once we die.  I think this is a good website to read because you can compare and contrast to the ideas in Theistic Psychology.

This website discusses why there are angels, why angels exist.  It also describes the work angels do, as messengers. The ideas on this website have some similarities and some differences in relation to some of the concepts stated in Theistic Psychology.

This is a website that was used (I’m not sure if is still is used) in another of Dr. James’ class.  These are writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  In these writings, Swedenborg describes pretty much all of what we are learning.  More importantly, he goes into detail of describing marriages in heaven and conjugial partners.  I find this aspect of Theistic Psychology so interesting that I wish we had more time in class to touch upon this particular subject.



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