1.8.2 Divine Speech and Its Functional Properties


1.   Divine Speech

2.  Rejecting Negativity and Accepting Positivity


Intro Review:

TP is Divine knowledge extracted from Sacred Scripture by means of extraction

methods prescribed in the Writings of Swedenborg


Extracted knowledge is divine & genuine truth only when extraction process follows the precise method of correspondences as revealed in the writings.

-both religion and science totally independent of one another but both derived from Sacred Scripture

-Science of TP is Divine Science/True Science because knowledge is taken from Divine Speech vs. Human Intelligence


I.       What are the characteristics of Divine Speech?


A. Universal to the human race


B. Involves the rational idea that there can be only one infinite omnipotent God


C. Originates from God’s mind and passes through layers of the human mind of the mental world


D.  Cause of human consciousness and immortality


E.  Has various discrete layers of meaning

-literal/historical: accurate and divine


F. Enters the mind of every person simultaneously in the form of unconscious spiritual    ideas called “celestial-rational correspondences” which operate in the upper organ of the celestial mind.


-CRC refer to details about God’s incarnation on this earth as a Divine Human & his thoughts/feelings of the human race while he was growing up as a Divine Child


G. Gives knowledge of God’s life growing up as the Divine Child which is crucial in understanding character reformation and regeneration  --two key concepts essential for a heavenly life in our endless immortality


H. Extracted knowledge is Divine and genuine truth only when extraction process follows the precise method of correspondences as revealed in the writings


I. All sacred scripture is written in the style of divine speech containing discrete layers of meaning


What are the important contents of Divine Speech that help in understanding TP extracted from SS that explain the seeming paradox b/w “omnipotence or omnipresence” and “far from God”?


-immediate and mediate influx

-discrete levels of the mind

-correspondences and evolution of consciousness

-regeneration and temptations

-Divine Love and wisdom

-Spiritual Sun

-resuscitation and immortality

-heaven and hell

-the universal Grand Human in the spiritual world


These are some of the mental tools that can be effective in character reformation which insure for us a happy immortality.  This is the most critical process for human beings on earth, the content of Divine Speech always concerns itself with regeneration and its scientific details. 


Review--What is the purpose of DS?


A: To make scientific revelations to the human race.


Review--What is the meaning of DS “proceeding” from the Spiritual Sun and “descending” successively through the layers of the human mind celestial, spiritual, natural—where it appears in Sacred Scripture?



DS that proceeds from and descends through the layers of the mental world__no actual movement or descent, what descends is the wave of correspondences that activate each other successively across the layers of the mind.  DS induces a correspondent operation in the celestial organs of every individual that exists.  Creates and establishes the consciousness level and abilities of those who dwell in the mental state in their eternity. 



II.  Rejecting Negativity and Accepting Positivity


Main Question:  What does it take for us to totally reject negativity with which we are deeply attached to and to choose the positivism of heaven that also resides in every human mind?


A.        States of negativity

1.      “old self” (first state) vs. “new self” (second state) “reborn self”

2.      old character resides in the hells of our mind

3.      new character resides in the heavens of our mind

4.      Every person has both hell and heaven in the mind for these are spiritual states of the organic biological mind, but which state we continue to live after our death depends on if we arrive in the world of spirits as the “old self’ or “new self” (regenerated self).



Why do we only understand these concepts in a general way and not in spiritually specific detail?


Because our consciousness is at first immersed and restricted to the materialistic concepts of the natural mind


Spiritual Sun > spiritual heat & spiritual light entering third heaven > descends to second heaven > first heaven > the world of spirits where our mind lives while we are still attached to the physical body on earth


Interview with Grandmother



Q1: Describe the hells of the spiritual world


A1: “When I was younger I pictured hell as a place where the devil lives with various other demons.  Catholicism has taught be that it is a very unhappy place to live, and everything is miserable, like being in a tunnel and you can’t breathe.”


Follow Up: How do people get there?

 You get there by the way that you treat others and the bad things that happen like if you’re greedy or self-absorbed


How can one be prevented from going there?

By doing good on to others

Elaborate—“Like gossiping or hurting others—murder is the worst thing that you could do to send you to hell.”


Q2: Can you describe heaven?


Heaven is where everything is happy—there’s no sorrow and you are able to see all of your past relatives in heaven.  The way that we are behaving here now like being kind to others and being selfless in the things we do determine if we go to heaven or hell.  To go there one also must abide by the 10 commandments. Also today we tend to think too much of ourselves and for our benefit, and that’s being selfish.  When we talk negatively of others and are not trying to help or say positive things about others, we are not abiding by the word of God, and the ultimate good person is self-less—always giving and feeling empathy for others


Q3: Does someone or something determine whether we go to heaven or hell?

According to my religion God is the ultimate judge of whether we go to heaven or hell—but there also is a place called purgatory > where God is has not yet made a decision as to where our spirit should remain goes


A: We are tied to those who are already in their hells with a similar ruling passion and our eternity from then on is spent in that company and in that mental state with all its endless variations of dreadful sub-states so that they can never be exhausted


Q4: Describe to me what you believe is the true meaning of the “word of God” or the Bible?

A2:”Its text teaches us how to properly live our life and follow the example that God has laid forth for us in order for us to go to heaven.  When I go to church and I listen to the preacher say his sermon I really do listen not only with my ears but also with my heart, and try to internalize everything that he says and practice it in my daily life.”


Follow Up: “ Do you always succeed in doing so?”

A4: “ Well you know me…I try, but of course I do admit to sometimes making mistakes, however if I ask God for forgiveness he is willing to give it  to me as long as I am truly sorry for acting falsely or thinking negative of another.”



Written forms exists in the three heavens that Swedenborg visited


Swedenborg showed that the Old Testament verses can be reconstructed or translated by applying the method of correspondences.  Showing how the reconstruction of Divine Speech can be effected by applying spiritual and celestial correspondences to the literal meaning of the Old Testament. 



Q5: What do you think of the concept of character  reformation or regeneration?

A5: I Believe that everyone undergoes a process of character reformation when they are finally able to think for themselves.  God is everywhere and watching us all the time so when I am able to talk to him during troubled times I just feel better.”


Follow up: So how do you believe we get to this eternal happiness in heaven?

A: “By doing good deeds for others and not expecting anything in return—abiding by the concept of self-less not selfish—which seems to all envelope the mind set of today’s society which is so bad.  All these bad things that are going on in this world are because of the negative way that we treat others.”




-Important b/c gives us knowledge based on DS

-God talks to everyone based on a universal “influx” or pre-established lawful sequence of “descent” or successive induction across the layers of the human mind.


hrough the study of TP which gives us the knowledge of this rship

Teaches us how to cooperate and to love God in return, denial of this love which resides our endless and colossal unhappiness in hell.