Outline #1: Determination of Sciences


I.                   Two separate Orientations in Science

a.       The Negative Bias

                                                              i.      Defined by what can be measured in physical time or space

                                                            ii.      Example: What we think and feel can be measured

                                                          iii.      Denies the existence of a God, immortality, spiritual realm outside of time and space, and the possibility of communication between the dead and the living

b.      What determines a bias

                                                              i.      Not proven by science

                                                            ii.      Premise, hypothesis, agreement of the existence of something outside of facts of scientific evidence

c.       Positive Bias

                                                              i.      The  existence of a universe of dualism (physical time vs. eternity)

                                                            ii.      Accepting the existence of God

                                                          iii.      The existence of a spiritual world of heaven and hell

                                                          iv.      The existence of a spiritual world separate from the physical world of time and space

                                                            v.      The existence of immortality

                                                          vi.      Spiritual world cannot be proven to exist in positive bias

II.                Further Investigation of Positive vs. Negative Science

a.       Negative Bias

                                                              i.      More prevalent through 20th century

b.      Positive Bias

                                                              i.      Scientist familiar with Swedenborg’s work accepted positive bias

                                                            ii.      Studies theistic psychology outlined by Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii

III.             Principles of the positive bias

a.       Dualism

                                                              i.      Definition: Bridging natural and rational science to gain an unbiased understanding of both concepts

                                                            ii.      Natural world measures time and space vs. mental world/spiritual world which measures neither time nor space

1.      Example of natural world would be neuronal synapses conduction along an axon to activate certain parts of the brain. (brain = physical organ)

2.      Example of mental or spiritual world would be our thoughts or feelings in our mind. (mind = spiritual/mental organ)

                                                          iii.      Laws of correspondence

1.      Form connection of brain and mind

2.      Mind is connection to spiritual world vs. brain connection to physical world.

3.      Mind is immortal vs. mortal brain


                                                          iv.      Resuscitation

1.      Period of a few hours following the death of our physical brain and body.

2.      At this time we are in the spiritual world however appear the same as when we were in physical or natural world

3.      Body is now in state of immortality of spirituality

                                                            v.      Theistic Science

1.      Combining natural and rational science through Swedenborg’s accounts

2.      Natural Science

a.       What can be proved and measured in physical world and usually later accepted as scientific fact(s)

3.      Rational Science

a.       Information derived from celestial revelations

b.      Theism

                                                              i.      Adheres to the accepted premise that God determines the fate of every individual  

1.      He is a divine human through which all things in both the physical and spiritual world are connected.

2.      He is love behind the truth of the world

3.      He is the energy which radiates spiritual heal including love, light, and truth

4.      He is the divine speech which made the universe and maintains its order through various laws of correspondence

5.      responsible for all of our thinking, feelings, and sensations

6.      has outlined a Sacred Scripture

7.      He is the primary foundation of how to properly order the universe

8.      He is responsible for the sequence of events that outline our life from birth to our passing into heaven or hell when we reach the spiritual world of immortality.

9.      He is divine love, and the ultimate reason of creating the universe. 

                                                            ii.      Science of explaining how we connect path of God to the outcome of our universe

                                                          iii.      Maintains the premise that God wants all individuals to experience joy and happiness.

c.       Revelation

                                                              i.      The only source of facts, knowledge, and principles of the spiritual world

                                                            ii.      Divine speech

1.      Given by God and continues on its energy through the universe with the idea of maintaining rational order through love.

2.      Enters the mind at the highest level of consciousness (or Third Heaven).

3.      Proceeding to second heaven, then to the First Heaven which is our natural mind when we are finally aware of its existence.

4.      Sacred scripture

a.       Gives us awareness of Divine Speech

b.      A form of revelation from God

c.       Helps us to understand the generality of God but not total acceptance of spiritual ideas.

d.      Brings is into direct contact with God

5.      Divine Truth

a.       Spiritual light coming from the Spiritual Sun seen in the Spiritual world by Swedenborg

b.      After resuscitation we awaken into full awareness of our spiritual mind and only hear and see things in the spiritual world.

IV.             Summary

a.       Swedenborg’s work

                                                              i.      Only scientist in history to study spirtitual mind

                                                            ii.      Wrote Divine Revelations or Sacred Scripture to report on what different conditions await us in the afterlife.

                                                          iii.      Must use positive bias in science to accept theistic psychology ideology based on dualism, theism, and revelation.