Outline 2: 5.1 to Part A  Anatomy of the Mind: illustration of Applied Research taken from Textbook of Theistic Psychology


I.                    Separate Layers of the Mind

a.       Soul Proper

                                                               i.      The pinnacle of order of the mind

                                                             ii.      Earliest onset of growth of an individual

                                                            iii.      Closest to the Divine Order

                                                           iv.      The most interior

b.      The Spirit (a.k.a- the mind)

c.       Spiritual Body

                                                               i.      Encloses the mind

d.      Natural Body (a.k.a.- the spiritual body)

                                                               i.      Most external

II.                 Evidence that humans are born dual citizens

a.       Our “within” implies a possession of physical body holding our spiritual body (i.e. mind & soul)

                                                               i.      Within our discrete degrees recognizes that there is no direction relationship between layers (i.e. celestial, spiritual, natural)

                                                             ii.      Physical body is in the natural degree while mind or spirit is in spiritual degree

                                                            iii.      No penetration between layers (so > cannot travel from physical body into spiritual mind & vs. versa)

                                                           iv.      Example given in text

1.      Physical planet made up of distinct layers of diagramed concentric circles

2.      Starting from the outermost layer we  can start digging to reach the deepest layers where there is molten lava and substances from the sun which haven’t cooled.

III.               Existence of three discrete layers (all layers are always separate from one another)—celestial, spiritual, natural which Swedenborg confirmed by speaking with individuals who resided in each distinct layer (Also known as the three heavens in the spiritual world)

                                                               i.      Celestial “Angels of the celestial heaven”

                                                             ii.      Spiritual “Angelic spirits in the spiritual heaven”

                                                            iii.      Natural “good spirits in the natural heaven”

1.      Sublayers of natural layer

a.       Corporeal, sensuous, rational

b.      Our thinking can progress from corporeal to rational by becoming more literate

c.       Note: although progression is possible b/w sub-layers we can never penetrate the spiritual layer

IV.              Cooperation of communication between our distinct layers

a.       Laws of Correspondences

                                                               i.      One-to-one event relation between an event in the natural world an the spiritual world

                                                             ii.      All events coexist with all three other degrees

                                                            iii.      One event is three events—source, cause, and effect all three are in discrete degrees

b.      Example given in text

                                                               i.      Scratching an itch < event in the natural degree (#3)

                                                             ii.      Cause < in spiritual/mental degree (#2)

                                                            iii.      Source (intention, desire, motivation) to relieve the itch < celestial degree ( successive order of occurrence event #1)  

c.       Why God created the order of “successive and simultaneous degrees”

                                                               i.      His desire or love to “share eternal happiness and immortality” (concept in celestial degree)

                                                             ii.      He had the smarts to make humans that he could share his qualities of immortality and happiness with

                                                            iii.      He created the natural world to create events of uses that fulfilled the originating desire

V.                 Two organs of the Mind: twofold structure reflected throughout natural sub-structures of the body’s organs

a.       “Will” (voluntary)

                                                               i.      An “affective organ”

                                                             ii.      Reflects the circulatory system

                                                            iii.      Right brain

b.       “Understanding” (intellect)

                                                               i.      A “cognitive organ”

                                                             ii.      Reflects the respiratory system

                                                            iii.      Left brain

VI.              Principle: “lower things correspond to higher things” also known as “successive degrees”

a.       Source>cause>effect

b.      Affective>cognitive>sensorimotor

c.       Will>understanding>outward act

d.      Celestial>spiritual>natural

e.       Soul>mind>body