1.      Q: How can one cooperate w/ the Divine Psychologist in our work of regeneration? Why God keeps us alive on earth is to help us understand the struggle for character reformation?

When physical body passes sign that we are no longer able to engage in the struggle and begin our life of eternity.

Age of maturity: begins around age 21 when we are able to think for ourselves

a.       Cutting ourselves loose from being immersed in thoughts being received.

b.      All thinking prior to this age is false because we were receiving thoughts from others (i.e. family members, or people we admire)

What is the role of the Divine Psychologist?

c.       After the AOM (age of maturity) we have the preparedness for undergoing a reformation of our thinking.

d.      DPsy bring in certain info & experiences to each individual who have the consequence of strengthening the person’s interest in morality, religion or spirituality. 

e.       If contacts result in ideas that are compatible with truth, DPsy can bring the person’s focus and interest more deeply into rational things of religion and spirituality if we p/u ideas through these contacts and readings which are incompatible with truth then the individual turns more and more away from the truth, and further progress in regeneration is cut off.  For example if when have made the decision to cheat on our first exam we get an “A” we decide to cheat on all other exams because we like the feeling of getting an A that would be an example of the Divine Psychologist making ideas that are incompatible with the truth in our hands and therefore we are being untruthful to our selves and become closer to our  hellish traits.

f.       Divine Speech teaches that God’s omnipotences must rationally extend to every detail. In other words every time we know that there is an exam coming up we know that we need to prepare ourselves honestly and truthfully in order to grasp the information and get a good grade.

g.      Every human has a conscience through which the DPsy communicates to our natural mind msgs about truths, and punishments about evils.  So although for cheating you get the good grade, you are able to recognize that it was wrong and hopefully know next time to be truthful to yourself or else you will be closer to establishing hells rather than heavens in your spiritual mind. 

2.      What is the process of reformation?

a.       Inner realization that there is a morality, spirituality, immortality, heaven and hell, Divine Human God who loves and manages it all for our good a.k.a. “enlightenment”< understanding and seeing true reality.

b.      Character reformation is also known as the “regeneration of the affective organ” & requires active cooperation with the DPsy.

c.       Self witnessing: how we cooperate with the DPsy; may be called a spiritual practice because it involves the motivation of doing for the “purpose of reformation”

                                                                          i.      Definition: self-observation of our feelings, intentions, thoughts etc,

                                                                        ii.      Procedure that every individual accomplishes in the course of their minute by minute life in a group or community; procedure can be observed through our self-monitoring skills. 

d.      Our task in cooperating with DPsy is to exert mental effort of

                                                                          i.      1. examining our innerlife

                                                                        ii.      2. judging it by means of the doctrine of truth from sacred scripture

                                                                      iii.      3. cease doing what is not allowed or condemned thereby

                                                                      iv.      4. start doing what is allowed or commanded

e.       This process preparesour mind for temptations the main method that the DPsy employs to regenerate our will or our “affective organ” from hellish to heavenly. 

                                                                          i.      New affective organ is provided which is then grown and expanded gradually as the person is regenerating.  There are natural, spiritual, and celestial temptations, and each category has developmental series that must be enacted or experienced. 

Level 3: understanding that God’s focus in his rship to every individual is to bestow as much human PE as possible, and to make the person be filled with happiness and joy forever w/o stop.  Essence of love is to make others happy from oneself, according to these revelations, God’s single minded focus is always on making the individual as happy and rational and wise as He can.


Q: What does it take to be an individual human being?


  1. To have real freedom and real rationality.

God is dedicated to maintaining our freedom and rationality as two capacities we can always make use of as if they were our own. 

            No economics or balancing out of evil traits with heavenly traits, no checks and balances, no keeping tracks of rights and wrongs

 @ level 3 thinking: we understand that it’s a matter of spiritual physiology of mental organs


Q: Why has the DPsy arranged temptations?


To enable us to learn to reject evil loves from a sense of aversion for them through

            -self-witnessing (becoming aware of what we are feelings, thinking, fantasizing, and doing)

            -Example: The traffic is bumper to bumper and a driver has just cut in front of you without even put his/her and now you are blocking an intersection impeding the way for drivers to get around you.  Having this angry and frustrated reaction within yourself you realize that it is against the doctrine of truth to think evil of one’s neighbor according to Sacred scripture.  If we attempt to justify this vengeful thinking we are creating a hell in our mind and become closer to our the hellish societies.


Q: What happens when you are put into your spiritual temptation?


  1. Armies of spirits both good and evil line up to fight for one individual person on earth who is brought into a spiritual temptation.
  2. The outcome depends on our willingness to give up our hellish traits which we enjoy so much. 
  3. The DPsy waits for us to be willing and the instant we give up our enjoyment of your evil traits, and feel the power to turn away. 
  4. Once decision is made the power of influx then drives evil spirits away freeing the individual from the evil enjoyment. 
  5. By progressive steps and temptation experiences we are brought to eventually not only stop ourselves from fantasizing and wishing evil upon our neighbor but hold to this aversion, and this is known as “character regeneration”


Q: What are the different levels of how we think about God?


Level 1: Thinking our relationship to God is non-personal

Level 2: Fully accept God and eternity and heaven and hell and sacred scripture as divine.  But think along the lines of humans being evil by nature, and the way to salvation is to belong to a true religion and to carry out laid out prescriptions with sincere faith. (there are others but we won’t go there)

Level 3: We see that God is pure Love and never thinks of having to forgive (as if he withheld is forgiveness even before that). 

God is rational and human, and runs the universe in a manner that we can understand and appreciate. 

We are also able to form a rship to him as our DPsy to see his way of managing our mental life and why.  Nothing happens in our life that he is not responsible for since he is perfect in all possible ways and we have complete trust and confidence in him so long as we establish a rational thinking of him.  God is omnipotent and human.

-we have an intimate rship with the Divine Human

-not focusing on God as a person to be worshipped but as a psychologist who is engineering our future through the ctrl of the present in every detail that occurs in our


mental life and in the construction of our being.

We discuss with Him what is going on with us in any one situation or moment (note: this has been proven to be th most effective means of relating to God)

How can we conceive of representations and correspondences of Divine Speech?


Starting from the highest level in our mind called the spiritual heavens and descending to the natural mind where we are conscious of its meaning by means of thinking with natural correspondences of Divine Speech which is Divine Truth which is spiritual light from the Spiritual sun, an aura issuing forth from the Divine Human into the universe, creaing and progressing closer to perfection in the grand human.


Q: Why is God needed as a scientific concept?


Negative Bias: God is an idea of superstition created by human beings when they want to make themselves feel less lonely, like children who want to be with their father when they’re scared. 


Q: We are born as dual citizens in what way?


At birth our mind or spirit is born in the world of spirits while our physical body is born in the natural world.  The two worlds are connected by the functional laws of correspondences. 

Physical body in natural world grows with mental body in the world of spirits > connected through interdependent action. 


Q: Our mind contains which organs?


Affective, Cognitive, and Sensoriotor organs constructed out of spiritual substances from the spiritual sun shining forth in the world of spirits

Circulatory system of physical body (affective organ)

Respiratory system of physical body (cognitive organ)

Nervous system of physical body (sensorimotor organ)


-note: all systems were constructed out of physical substances from the natural sun shining forth in our galaxy known as SUBSTANTIVE DUALISM


Q: How are we able to grow both spiritually and mentally?


Through experience.  Physical world impinges upon the physical senses making them vibrate and react mechanically, chemically, and electrically (concept of physiology and biochemistry).  Physical reactions of the afferent-efferent action system in daily experience are interpreted by the mental organs which now react to the body’s activity.

Process is as followed

1.      The reaction or reception of the sensorimotor organs in the mind experienced as a sensation.  All sensations are localized in the sensorimotor organ of the mind which can be viewed therefore as the organic interface b/w the body and the mind or b/w natural and spiritual worlds.  When sensorimotor organ reacts, the cognitive organ reacts according to laws of correspondences. 


Q: What is the affective organ?


The commander of the sensorimotor and cognitive organs.  When this organ reacts to the joing action of the other two, we have a full meaningful experience rooted in some feeling (affective operation).



Q: What is the image of the Divine Human which we are constructed?


Composed of three organs with a three way interaction between feeling (affective), thinking (cognitive), and sensating (sensorimotor). 


Q: What is the function of the heart?


 The center or essential of a human being because all thinking obeys the feeling or intention also called the person’s love or affections.  When the heart is corrupt the whole person is corrupt.  When the loves or affections are evil and injurious the thinking is no longer rational and the acting is evil.