Course: Psychology 459, Spring 2007, Generation 26
Instructor: Dr. Leon James
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GOD and HIS Mysterious Ways

By Isaac Yamada

Report 2 For Section to 1.0.7


I am answering questions 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.9 and 6.1, 6.2, 6.6, 6.7.


Question 5.3


a)      Explain why God hides from people. Include the concept of sensuous vs. rational spirituality.

b)      What would happen if God showed Himself to your friends?


My Answer to Question 5.3


a) First off, sensuous spirituality or nonduality is experiencing the “divine through methods that make us believe we can achieve the same level of God. Ultimately in sensuous spirituality if we can achieve what God feels, then we are God. Some examples of sensuous spirituality are: meditation, yoga, fasting, trance, sexual abstinence, visions and animal sacrifices. Rational spirituality is a spiritual control of becoming closer to God through Sacred Scriptures. In rational spirituality the higher our understanding of Divine truth the closer we become to God. We cannot feel what God feels only become closer to Him. If we were to feel what He feels, then we would be God and we are not.


The reason God hides from people is that He wants us to have freedom to choose to be in our hells or heaven. We are going through a character change, reformation and regeneration here on earth because it is not possible to change in the afterlife. In the afterlife you are either in your hells or in heaven. God hides His Sensuous Presence in our natural mind so we can freely reject Him if we choose.


If God were able to speak to us in the natural mind, then we would be called crazy/schizophrenic. This is why He would never speak to us in the natural mind. In this modern time the only way to see God is by the understanding who He is through the Sacred Scriptures. I feel that this is Gods test in life for human beings. If we literally believe the Sacred Scriptures, then we are not fully rationalizing what God is telling us. To be closer to God we have to understand the hidden moral meaning of what is said in Sacred Scriptures.


God allows us to change our ways on earth in preparation for the afterlife. If we have hellish traits here on earth God loves us so much that He gives us the chance to change before the afterlife. It is the freedom of choice that delivers us to Hell or Heaven.


b) If God showed Himself to my friends all their doubt would be gone of His existence. I am also sure that they would not fear death as much as they do now and would welcome the afterlife. All their evil ways would change because they would not want to go to their Hells.


On the other hand, the general public would ridicule them and think that they were crazy for what they believe in. There are millions of people who say they have seen God and He talked to them. The people who claim to have saw God are stereotyped as crazy and I suppose that if my friends saw God everyone except me would assume the same.


Question 5.5


a)      Where is heaven and hell?

b)      Describe its anatomy.

c)      Why do they both exist in everybody’s mind?

d)      If you came to accept this, how would it affect your lifestyle of character?


Answer to Question 5.5


a) Heaven and Hell can be found within our minds. When we are born into this universe we are bone in two worlds, a natural world and a spiritual world. Whatever we experience within our natural body is also experienced within our spiritual body. Through this our spiritual body can grow. Although we know what our natural body is doing at all times we are not conscious and aware of what our spiritual body is doing. For example, if I were studying alone in the natural world my spiritual body could be talking to someone in the spiritual world and I (in natural body) would not be aware of it. When we die we are the transferred into our spiritual body in the afterlife of eternity. It is there where we either live in our Heaven or Hell. If we lived a rational and altruistic life we will live an eternity in the Heavenly traits of our mind when we die. But if we lived an irrational, sensuous and selfish life we will live eternity in our Hellish traits when we die.


b) Like I said Heaven and Hell are within our minds. It is said that when we make a rational and altruistic decision we are acting in our Heavens. To understand what is rational and altruistic one must understand that God exists and plays a role in everything within the universe. We must then must be aware of our conscious, which is a way that God communicates to us to help us with our decisions in life. We can also use Sacred Scripture, which is also a way that God communicates with us. Through Sacred Scripture one can better understand how to live their life and become a better person not only for others, but also for one’s self as well.


Hell on the other is within our mind when we act in our Hells. This means that when we think irrationally or sensuous we are not helping ourselves in trying to enter Heaven. Being selfish, greedy, hateful, hurtful, degrading are all hellish traits. Also when we believe that God does not exist and does not play a role in the universe we are acting hellishly. This is acting irrational and sensuous and is also considered to be acting hellishly. If we go through life acting this way when we die and are resuscitated we will live an eternity the way we lived in our natural body. For example, if I always cheated on test, stole and lied, when I died and was resuscitated I would then live an eternity reliving my hellish traits of cheating, stealing and lying.


c) They both exist in everyone’s mind because of the choice that God gives us. He gives us a choice of being irrational or rational. It would not make sense for God to show Himself to us nor give us all rational minds because that would defeat the whole purpose of us acknowledging His existence. It is the choice He gives us that allows us to show Him (GOD) that we know He exists. We can act in our Hells, but that will not get us into Heaven when we die. To enter Heaven we must act Heavenly in our natural mind so that when we die our spiritual mind is prepared enter Heaven. To enter Heaven we also must have a conjugial love.


d) Knowing about how to enter Heaven and Hell. This really pushes me to strive to live a better life. I believe I am a pretty good guy (mostly Heavenly than Hellish). Although I do have some Hellish traits that I must recognize and extinguish before it is too late. I believe that I am Heavenly because that I believe that God plays a role in all things in the universe. He is the all powerful, omnipotent one and creator of all. Also at times I listen what my conscious or God saying to me. Although I believe I mostly have Heavenly traits I also have Hellish ones. I believe my main Hellish traits are procrastination and laziness. I believe that Theistic Psychology has shown me what I must do to reach my goal of entering Heaven. If I what to live a life in Heavenly traits, then I must destroy all of my Hellish traits.


Question 5.6


a)      Describe the two methods God uses to conjoin or communicate with people

b)      In what ways have you experienced these two avenues of relationship with God?

c)      Why does God not speak with people in their mind, like a dialog or conversation?


Answer to Question 5.6


a) First of all God speaks to us in two ways, through Sacred Scripture and through our conscience. Sacred Scripture is the external communication with God. It allows us to see the knowledge put forth by the Divine Psychologist in our natural language. Take for example the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, which teaches of fairness, loyalty, and respect as traits that one must acquire to be accepted into Heaven. If we do not live a life with these traits, then we will go to Hell. This sets up the basis for resuscitation. According to the positive bias in science if we live in our heavenly traits in our natural life we will live a heavenly eternity and if we lived in our hellish traits in our natural life we will live in eternity in our hellish traits.

As for our conscience it is the internal communication we have with God. It is known as the “inner voice” because it seems as though there is an internal voice talking, judging, analyzing, warning, confirming or disconfirming decisions or situations in our life (Rationality). This gives us the opportunity to live a life through fairness, good thought, respect and other heavenly traits.


b) Throughout my life I have experienced God communicating with me numerous times. I have experienced Him by the Bible and by my conscience. With Sacred Scripture I have experienced Him by reading the Bible, taking the morals of the passage and applying them to my life. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that there is a higher power. I have always thought that Bible stories were a little far fetched for my liking and never really understood why people took the literal meaning of the story. Theistic Psychology has helped me understand that the literal meaning of a Bible story not the real message the Divine Psychologist is trying to tell us. The people who are religious and take in the literal meaning are not bad people; they just do not understand the true underlying meaning. Basically they are just misinterpreting the message God is relaying to us. Theistic Psychology on the other hand says that we must not take in the literal meaning of a story, but must find and take in the “hidden” rational meaning. To take in the literal meaning would be misinterpreting the Divine Speech of the Divine Psychologist. To find the correspondential meaning within Sacred Scripture one must use their rational mind and understand that God is apart of everything because He is everything.


Another way that I have experienced communication with God is by my conscience. I have experienced this form of communication with God throughout my whole life. In this form of communication God speaks indirectly to me in my mind. He is an “inner voice” that helps guide me in making the right altruistic decisions not only for myself, but for everyone as well. Take the example of a girl asking to go on a date with me when I already have a girlfriend. I can either choose to go with her or not too. It is God who says “not to” because it is wrong. Not only does God speak in your conscience, but He also instills images of what could happen if you chose the irrational choice.


c) God does not speak to us in our mind or out loud because He wants us to love Him. He gives us the decision to accept Him or reject Him. He obviously wants us to accept Him, but He cannot just tell us that because it would defeat the whole purpose of us loving Him. A quote that I remember from the lecture notes says, “If God wanted robots He would have created robots”. This means that if God wanted us to love Him he would have made us all love Him. But that would not mean anything because He made us that way and pretty much forced His love on us. But if we were to love God because we wanted to and chose to, then it would have more meaning to Him.


Question 5.9


a)      Explain the formula "mental world = spiritual world = afterlife = eternity". Write out your proof after reading the assigned Section. Read it and edit it until it makes sense to you. Make sure each = link is rationally justified in your proof.

b)      Now try to explain the proof to a friend or two. How well did you succeed?

c)      What is your conclusion?


Answer to Question 5.9


a) First off the mental world is the world that we all live in since we are all born as dual citizens of the natural and spiritual worlds. The mental world is the spiritual world. Therefore they equal each other and as far as I learned are the same place. We are alive in both the natural and spiritual worlds, but when we die in natural body we are resuscitated into our spiritual body, which is already in the spiritual world. Once again let me remind you that when we are born we are born into two bodies in two worlds the spiritual body in the spiritual world and in the natural body in the natural world. The spiritual body is conscious of what the natural body is doing at all times, but the natural body is unconscious of what the spiritual body is doing. When we die we are resuscitated into the afterlife into our spiritual body in the spiritual world. The afterlife is not measurable by time because time is not a factor in the afterlife. If there is no time in the afterlife and we are living in the afterlife we can say that it is eternal. So the mental world is the spiritual world and although we live in the spiritual and natural world when we die in the natural world we get resuscitated into the spiritual world. This death to resuscitation into the spiritual world is called the afterlife and is for eternity because time is not a factor in the afterlife.


b) I explain this formula to my girlfriend and I believe I succeeded in doing so. I had a hard time doing so because I had to pretty much explain the whole basis of Theistic Psychology to her. This explanation took about half an hour to explain to her. I first tried to explain to her what I was talking about, but she did not understand what I was saying because she did not know of the previous concepts. She also had many questions regarding the God’s role within the universe. Taking in her belief of the negative bias in science I decided to first tell her about how I learned that God does play a role in everything in the universe. Then I explained to her why God does not talk to us directly and the forms of communication that He has with us. Then finally I explained to her the process of our birth to our death and what one must do to be able to go to Heaven and live in their heavenly traits. By the way she like the part of conjugial loves. That led to my explanation of the formula. I believe it helped that I answered her questions about the Positive Bias of Science before I explained the formula to her. It also helped that I explained the goals and benefits of Theistic Psychology.


c) My conclusion is that people must understand Theistic Psychology before they can understand the formula by just looking at it. They must know and accept that God plays a role in the universe and the contents within it. I say this because I too did not believe that God exists, but once I accepted that fact that there is a higher power I could better understand the concepts of Theistic Psychology. In doing so I could also logically see why God does the things He does such why He does not speak directly to us. I now feel that if everyone were to accept that God plays a role in the universe they would have an easier time in understanding the Positive Bias of Science.


Question 6.1


a)      Explain the Swedenborg reports in relation to the positive bias in science.

b)      Describe what happened to him? What did he discover?

c)      Describe how you manage to take on the positive bias in science regarding the Swedenborg reports. Are you succeeding? What conflicts are you having to contend with in your mind?

d)      Compare your adaptation efforts at the positive bias in science with those of your friends with whom you discussed it so far.


Answer to Question 6.1


a) In the Swedenborg reports Swedenborg explains His experiences in the spiritual world. It is there where he learned about the afterlife what is needed to go to Heaven. In his reports he used the Positive Bias of Science. The Positive Bias of Science is when one understands that God plays a role in the universe and the contents within it. In the Swedenborg reports he explained ALL aspects of the spiritual realm.


b) Emanuel Swedenborg was a well know scientist who was trained by the best European anatomist of the 17th and 18th centuries. He is also one of the first scientists to experiment with psychology (even though he is not credited for doing so). He also played a major role in his local government and if I’m not mistaken was a good friend and advisor to his Queen and King. Basically Swedenborg was a well-liked and knowledgeable individual whose word could be taken seriously because he is an accredited source. At the age 57 Swedenborg was given the ability by God to be in the spiritual world and natural world at the same time. It was then that he learned about the Positive Bias of Science and that everything that he had previously learned was ultimately controlled by God. While in the spiritual world he got to experience what it was like and talk to individuals who were there. He wrote his experiences down so that we could know what it was like in the afterlife.


c) First off I CAN accept the Swedenborg reports as valid because Swedenborg is a reliable source. He was a well-known scientist and accredited source who would have no reason to lie. Also he was not insane in any way if he was then why did he play a role in his government. All of his reports seem to have very descriptive information and it would seem ludicrous for him to make all of this up because it would be a big waste of time to do so. I believe that once one accepts the fact that God does play a role in the universe and the contents within it as I did he or she will better understand the Swedenborg reports better. As for the conflicts within my mind about the Swedenborg reports, the only problem that I sometimes have is that I use the Negative Bias in Science to answer some of my questions regarding why people do the things they do (psychology). What am I sometimes confused with is the role God plays in what we decide to do. Does He already know what we are going to do or does He give us a choice and plays no role in deciding the result?


d) I believe I am adapting to the Positive Bias in Science very well. All that I really did was accept God as a factor in things just like you said to do. Now that I have done so the course seems very easy to understand and concepts are easier to grasp. As for my friends whom I have explained this way of thinking to they are having a harder time in grasping the concept that God plays a role in EVERYTHING. They are still stuck in the Negative Bias of Science and do not want to accept God into their mind. But I believe that once they do they will understand the logic behind Theistic Psychology.


Question 6.2


a)      What is the purpose of Sacred Scripture? What would happen without it?

b)      How does God want it to be used?

c)      How has it been used (today and before)?

d)      What might be a solution? (e.g., theistic psychology or...)


Answer to Question 6.2


a) The purpose of Sacred Scripture for God to communicate with us. Sacred Scripture is used to guide us through the journey of life. Individuals who were given the gift of a rational understanding wrote sacred Scripture. God can only give this gift of a rational understanding. He is the most omnipotent being who controls the universe. Sacred Scriptures purpose is to give us the hidden meaning behind the story. When reading Sacred Scripture we can take the literal meaning of what is written or we can take the hidden deeper meaning or most rational meaning. It is God’s hope that we take the rational meaning in Sacred Scripture because it gives us a higher rationality and teaches us how we should live our life. If we take the sensuous meaning of Sacred Scripture, then we are being irrational and are not getting the main point of Sacred Scripture. When we raise our rationality we become closer to our goal of living in our heavenly traits. This is very important in that if we do not live in our heavenly traits and live in our hellish traits we will live eternity in those hellish traits. So Sacred Scripture serves as a guide made by God (indirectly) to help us live a heavenly altruistic life so that we can live eternity in those heavenly traits.


Without Sacred Scripture we would not have a hard copy of Divine Speech and would only have our conscience as a way of communication with God. Since Sacred Scripture is a physical document that gives us a rational understanding of life and eternity it is very important for it to exist. We would have no references or examples of living an altruistic life that we could go back and refer too. It would be harder for us to take in God because all we have is our conscious that guides us through life. With our conscious God gives us a choice to listen to our inner voice or not too and we are allowed to act sensuously. But with Sacred Scripture the message is right in front of you and you can actually see how God wants you to live your life.


b) God wants Sacred Scripture to be used as a tool or guide that helps us live an altruistic and rational life. When we develop these characteristics and apply them to our life we begin to live in our heavenly traits. All God wants is for us to go to Heaven, but He has to make sure that we want it as well. That is why He gives us a choice of accepting Him or denying Him. Basically Sacred Scripture serves as a tool to help us live our natural life in our heavenly traits so that when we die and are resuscitated we can live eternity in those heavenly traits.


c) Sacred Scripture has been used in many ways. In the past as well as the present it has been used to depict the life of Jesus. In all times Sacred Scripture has been depicted with a literal meaning. This means people have been taking the stories of the Bible with a word for word demeanor. For example, the story of David and Goliath told us how David killed Goliath even though Goliath was bigger and stronger than he was. But that is the literal meaning of the story. The deeper hidden meaning is that David is Positive Bias of Science and that Goliath is the Negative Bias of Science and that although the Negative Bias of Science is larger than the Positive Bias of Science the Positive Bias in Science will prevail. Even though the Negative Bias of Science is the most prevalent form of belief in the world the Positive Bias of Science is beginning to make an impact on earth. More and more people today thanks to some are able to grasp the knowledge of Divine Speech and understand that there is more to the Bible than the literal meaning. To me I can only see Theistic Psychology growing among the people of the world, but it is up to the individuals understand it’s meaning to enlighten the unaware people.


d) A solution to make others aware of the Positive Bias in Science is to have more Theistic Psychology courses available to others. We must at least give them the opportunity to live a heavenly life. I can honestly say that Theistic Psychology has helped me live a better life. I am now aware of things that I was not aware of before. Take my conscience for example; I never knew that it was God trying to communicate with me. If I knew it was Him I would have listened to Him more often. I also think about others before myself not because I have to, but because I want too. I want them to be happy and if they are happy, then I will be happy. So if the world were to have more courses in regards to the Positive Bias of Science more people would act more rationally and altruistic.


Question 6.6


a)      Explain why substantive dualism is called substantive.

b)      How does substance differ from matter?

c)      Search google for "dualism" and explain how what you found is different from substantive dualism in theistic psychology.


Answer to Question 6.6


a) According to Swedenborg substantive dualism is the term coined to describe our birth into eternity. When we are born we are born as dual citizens of the natural and spiritual worlds (dualism). We first live in our natural body and experience things that develop our spiritual body. Remember that the spiritual body is always aware of what the natural body is doing, but the natural body is unaware of what the spiritual body is doing. It is called substantive because substance or rational ether connects the two bodies together. We must remember that substance is not physical, but mental.


b) Substance is the mental non-material that makes up the mental world. It is spiritual and does not occupy time, space or mass. The main point of substance is that it is not physical. Some examples of substance are thoughts, feelings, daydreams, fantasies or dreams. This substance is called rational ether. It is around the Spiritual Sun in the spiritual world. It is also impossible for substance to exist in an electrical and chemical atmosphere in space-time. Matter on the other hand is total opposite of substance. It is the physical material that can be measured, seen, touched (physically). This matter makes up the physical world. Both of these “stuff” play a major part in our development. The matter help give our natural body physical experiences that are then translated into substance and then transferred to our spiritual body. So although matter and substance are complete opposites they are dependant on each other.


c) I googled “dualism” and I got 2,500,000 hits on the term. Most of the information explained dualism as a Yin and Yang or two terms that were complete opposites of each other. Good and evil, light and dark or male and female were all examples that were given. To me this had no relevance to substantive dualism because in substantive dualism the natural body and spiritual body may be different, but they help each other out. I also found information that was similar to that of substantive dualism. Decartes, Aristotle and Plato were on the right path in discovering what dualism actually was, but never could explain its origin. Reading about their theories seemed as though their research was incomplete and only went as far as what these substances were. Their research never explained where and why these substances came about.


Question 6.7


a)      What is the most exciting piece of news or fact you have heard so far in theistic psychology?

b)      Share this exciting fact with your friends and family. What do you conclude from their reaction?


Answer to Question 6.7


a) The most exciting piece of information that I have learned so far in Theistic Psychology is the process of our birth to which we live for eternity. I think that living forever is awesome and that we should not fear death because we live forever from the time of birth. I do not want to die and prior to this Theistic Psychology course I had a fear of dying young. There is so much that I want to do before I die and knowing that I can still do them even if I die helps to ease my mind. When we are born we are born into two bodies and worlds a natural body in a natural world and a spiritual body in a spiritual world. The natural body’s purpose is to prepare the spiritual body for the afterlife because when the natural body dies one gets resuscitated in his or her spiritual body and will live eternity in whatever mind state they were in in the natural world. This is why it is very important for and individual to live a life of heavenly and altruistic traits while in their natural body. WHY? Because it prepares the spiritual body for the afterlife which is for eternity. For example, if I lived a life of hellish traits (stealing, cheating, lying), when I die and become resuscitated I will relive the hellish traits I committed in my natural body. So if I were to choose to live a natural life of heavenly traits (altruistic, rational, good), then when I die and become resuscitated I will live eternity in those traits.


b) I shared this exciting piece of information with my girlfriend and at first she called me crazy, but when she actually sat down and thought about what I had just said she thought it was pretty cool. She also has a fear of dying and it helped her in knowing that when our natural body dies we will still live through our spiritual body not for another lifetime, but for eternity. She says that she wants to be with me forever and that eternity sounds like a good idea. I also told her about what one must do to go to Heaven and she highly agreed. She agreed that one has to choose to act in their heavenly traits because if they just did heavenly deeds it would not mean anything. She said that for a good deed to mean something it has to come from within not because one has to or is forced to do so. After I explained to her the exciting information I learned she reminded me of the phrase, “Treat people the way you would want to be treated” and I told her that is half of what we need to go to Heaven. Oh I also mentioned the part of conjugial loves and she loved it. She said not only do we get to live forever, but we get to live TOGETHER forever.