Marriage: Nagging
Nagging Wives Cartoon

I typed in “nagging wives” in to see what type of results I would get, and its funny that the first hit I get is one that leads to a bunch of cartoons about- nagging wives. It seems to me that women are more often criticized and categorized into this role than men are made fun of for their downfalls. Somewhat sad that this should occur.

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Psychology Today: A new look at nagging

This website takes a look at why women nag, and instead of offering negative perspectives to it, they objectively say that women may have more demands then men do because of their responsibility load. It’s one of the only websites on the hit list that was actually taking a serious look at nagging wives.

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In this weblink, it discusses a wide range of issues of psychology dealing with relationships to depression. More on point, there is an article dealing with “nagging” and its effects from wives—the article suggesting that nagging has “more to do with the power structure of marital relationships than with wives' supposedly demanding nature.”

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Live in Peace: Overcome nagging with prayer

I came across this website at the very bottom of the hit list, and was a little disturbed by its approach to nagging. It encourages prayer to eliminate nagging, this is a little odd. It’s funny to me that religions are so often placed into the male-dominance model as if it is what God intended. I have trouble believing that these ideas are correct or even rational on any level. Unfortunately, many men and women happen to be religious, and men can manipulate their wives with religion. How sad.

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How to Stop Nagging

This is an article from a medical self-help website of the popular WebMD. It talks about how women are naggers that don't know how to communicate. According to this article, the reason they sound like nags and broken-records is due to their lack of communication skills. The author quotes from a book that "you have to put your spouse's needs before your own..." which is somewhat Unity-like, however the author finishes her paragraph by turning back to the female and scolds females (in general) for their "nags." I thought this article was interesting because the person who wrote this does not have any medical credentials attached to her name. However, it seems to be backed up by someone with a PhD who reviewed and edited this article.

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Nagging Women

I wanted to find out about this issue when dealing with a wife that nags a lot and surprisingly there were many hits regarding this topic especially coming from male views. I noticed at views discussed similar definitions of the word in Dr. Laura’s book as though she read the minds of all these male responders. When I discussed this topic with both genders I noticed that they based their decision on past experiences. Females said that, “if men would just do what they were asked, they wouldn’t have to “nag,” yet males said that, if their “other half” would stop nagging them about every little thing they did wrong or didn’t do, the men would actually do them!” This goes to show that there are two sides to this issue in which one must give and the other will eventually take.

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How to control a woman's nagging

As I typed in “woman” and “nag” in the search bar, I came across a lot of articles. I chose this site because it’s a self-help site for men, written by men. The title of this article was “how to handle your woman’s nagging.” After reading this, I was extremely upset!!! Their first start off with why women nag. They wrote that women try to “hook” you in by pretending to like the man’s sloppiness or mistakes and then once he’s “hooked,” the real side of her comes out. It also goes over the different type of naggers and how to shut her up for good. I chose this article because I hope everyone has a chance to read it and realize how intimidating and strong the dominance model is trying to be in society. This article is just an example of how society is brainwashing people (in this case men) to think dominating your wife is acceptable and necessary.

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This website is geared towards men, and this particular article makes light of the fact the most women will nag. The article defines four different categories of nags, including: “The Innocent”, “The Chatterbox”, “The Riddler”, and “The T-Rex”.

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Nagging: Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes

This website features the book, “Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes”.  This book has a section on nagging that pertains to my concepts of complaining.  It gives both the husband and wives point of view.  I recommend anyone who is doing an oral on this book to read this article.

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