Data Collection for Week Two

11-19-01 to 11-25-01


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Date: 11-20-01 Time: 8:45am


I went to pre-registration this morning, I normally get really upset when I have to stand in line and because I had a class at 9:00am, but told myself calm down and donít freak out about it. I tried to tell myself that if I was going to be late it was for a good reason, and not to worry too much about the notes because I had a friend in the class.I felt myself calm down and I was able to regulate my breathing that made me feel even better.To my surprise the line went really fast so I was out of there within 5 minutes and had ample time to get to class.The red bridge helped me to center my thoughts and focus on what I needed to do instead of freaking out.

Date: 11-23-01 Time: 4:00pm


I went to work today. I normally get really upset at the therapist that works with me, because she asks me questions like Iím qualified therapist and asks me to make assessments.Today she came into work not really knowing what to do with the child we work with, I usually let that get to me.But I decided to stop my negative feelings before they started and took the initiative to begin therapy since Iíve been working with the child more often.I didnít have any negative frustrations toward the therapist and we had a productive session with our client.

Date: 11-21-01 Time: 12:00pm


I decided not to go to school today, because I only had one class, I spent the majority of the day pigging out with my sister and watching TV.I started get so mad at myself because I had wasted half the day doing nothing, but before I allowed myself to get to the point of no return, I took a step back.I realized that I had been working really hard and deserved a day off.Resistance of negative thoughts, helped me to cross the blue bridge and not let my emotions take hold of me.

Date: 11-24-01 Time: 2:30pm


Today was a much harder day for me I allowed my spin cycle to take control of my emotions. I had gotten into another fight with my boyfriend about the night before and again we werenít able to resolve the issue, we left each other on bad terms.I started crying and feeling tremendous amounts of rage and frustration.I eventually took a deep breath and implement the red bridge to help move from impaired emotional thinking to intelligent emotional thinking.I started saying a few self-regulatory sentences to myself that help me to dissipate my spin cycle and it helped me to patch things up with my boyfriend.

Date: 11-22-01 Time: 11:00am


Today is Thanksgiving, I decided to try my hand at baking a sweet potato pie with the assistance of my grandmother.I started to follow her instructions, but she started getting flustered and irritated when I didnít understand what she wanted me to do.She started getting snappy and on edge, I would usually get upset and irritated but I told myself to thank her for allowing me to take up her time to show me how to make a pie.Telling myself that wasnít easy, stopped me from having any negative thoughts about her behavior and it helped me to appreciate what she was trying to teach me.

Date: 11-25-01 Time: 8:30am


Got up late I almost forgot that I had to work.I got to work and my clients hadnít arrived yet, finally when I did see the car pull up I noticed that the child was not with the mother.I knew something was wrong, normally this would be the point where I would get defensive because the parents can be very unpredictable and sometimes decides to make attacks on me.But instead my blue bridge kicked in and told me to stop it and to be open to what she had to say.Come to find out the family had all overslept and wasnít able to catch me before I left my house, so she came over to the site to apologize and get me some breakfast.It really paid off to not let my spin cycle take over because it would have happened for no reason.




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