November 8, 2003


Research Message:  Multitasking while driving: (a) What is multitasking while driving?  What forms does it take?  How widespread is it?  Have you observed it yourself?  Have you done it yourself?  Is it a topic among your friends and coworkers? 


Sub-task: forming my posting :Total time: 15 minutes


I wanted to research this because it is the a sub-topic of this course!  Of course my friends and I run into people who drive and eat, or sing, or talk on their cell phones.  Iíve also seen some unmentionable sights while driving to school in the mornings.  So I opened up good ole and typed in ďmultitasking while drivingĒ  ( ) and came up with WOWÖĒmum breastfeeding while driving ( 0,4057,6898997%255E13762,00.html ) in the good ole USA.  It turns out the multitasking comes in many different forms, shapes, and sizes in this world.  Even typing and reading is a multi-task people do. 

          Now that I notice it, I do many things at once, trying to save time by not having to stop to do each task by itself.  I find that it does save me a lot of time, and that the more alert I am, the better I am at multitasking.  However, I donít think everyone has the talents to multitask, and Iím sure there are people out there who are better at than others.  Maybe itís the attention span, or just a natural knack for it.  Who knows?

          This isnít a usual topic amongst my friends unless on of us is trying to ďtake on more than we can eatĒ sort of deal, which isnít very often.  I guess maybe itís because we just take it for granted that itís in our everyday lives.  Sort of like the ability to walk and run.




This is an interesting topic.  I think that this is something that people take for granted, and also that in the process of multitasking, thereís some part of the brain that makes it possible for a person to be able to type and listen to music at the same time.  Iím feeling very positive about finishing this set of postings.  So positive that I may decide that I am caught up enough to relax for a while.


Comment Message:  (a) What are errors or mistakes people make and 
what forms do they take and where?
Sub-task: commenting on my classmates posting : total time: 10 minutes
†† I notice that weíre all finding relatively the same information from different web sites.  I found it interesting the 
link on the page hooked up with an entire list of the different types of mistakes that people make, even when 
we donít realize that theyíre mistakes.
†† Doing this sort of research (repetitively) is a good skill for all of us to have.  I think it goes well with multitasking, 
errorsí, and information literacy.  As far as the actual research, the internet is making information easier 
and easier to access, which may not always be a good thing.
November 8, 2003
Research Message:  Error-when, where, and what types : (a) what is itÖhow widespread is it?
Sub-task: internet research and making my own posting : total time : 13 minutes
            Pretty cool, found a website that might be helpful when doing my web pageÖ
but I think itís on a more sophisticated levelÖcheck it out at
Other than that, I just noticed that sometimes what I may view as an error isnít considered to 
be so by someone else.
†† That whole blurring thing I think I should address in my report is happening to me.  I wanted to take a 
break but I feel as though Iím on a role.  Itís just that Iím afraid that I might not start again once I stop 
for a break.  Sort of like losing the momentum.  I donít think this means Iím getting dispirited, 
just that Iím physically falling behind what my mind is capable of doing.
Comment Message:  (a)  What is ďrational spiritualityĒ?  How does it 
differ from ďmysticalĒ spirituality?  What forms of Ö?
            Thank goodness for my classmates!  I didnít really understand the whole concept 
behind these two ideas.  Itís probably because Iím not really interested in learning about it.  
I am not a religious person, and I donít think believing in a philosophy (not a theory) is really 
something that deserves as much attention as it does.
I don't think I was all that excited to do this posting.I'm beginning to realize that this is 
becoming a redundant task, where I'm either going to really learn how to research a topic using 
the internet, or I'm going to get very bored doing this.Which brings another question to my head.
Why are we doing so much internet research, when all the other professor's I've had wants 
us to research using the library or at least sources that are reliable?This is sort of going backwards 
from the traditional information research methods.




Research Message:c) Why does this type of fan movement exist?What do people get out of it?What other such movements are thee going on?What characteristics does a show need to have in order to gain this type of loyalty?



Sub-task: forming my posting :Total time: 30 minutes


††††††††† I decided early on that I needed to really look at what exactly the show was about and based on.I checked out the site; which told me that there is a huge fan base out there.The people on this site were able to leave comments about the show and what they thought, and lets just say that they are enthusiastic (to say the least).It turns out that the action and the ďsexyĒ characters (especially the lead role) is exactly what the public wants.Other movements out there are in the same category of the ďfictionalĒ world with good and bad guys.For example, Charmed, a show on the WB network is a MAJOR hit amongst teens and young 20 something girls.


Personally speaking, I thought Charmed was going to be dumb show, then I watched it.And now Iím hooked.Itís something about the story lines and the characters (unbelievably strong and intelligent yet full of drama) that makes a person relate to their issues.



I already knew from the beginning that I would have to read up on this show.I have heard about it before, yet I was unprepared to actually write about the fan movement.I first needed to learn what the show was actually about and what other elements of the characters there was.So I sat down and watched an episode of La Femme Nikita, and wasnít that impressed with it.Itís like a high tech spy killer movie for kids.


Comment Message:response to a classmates posting about La Femme Nikita


††††††††† In response to Tupouís posting, I simply agreed that it is a movement, however, my friends and I arenít really part of it.We enjoy watching those types of shows for the entertainment value, while fully realizing that itís fictional.Itís something to get our minds off of the daily grind.




I found that I wanted to do a good job of researching what exactly the show is about. I

remember seeing it once before and not being interested in it.This question made me look at the reasons why I watch the TV shows that I do, and I now know it isnít for the education value (unless itís TLC or Discovery Channel).





Research Message:(d) Why does information literacy exist?Why is it needed?What do people get out of it?


Sub-task: forming my Posting: Total time: 15 minutes


†† I went on goggle search engine and typed in information literacy + uses. I found 
The site 
That basically told me that Information literacy is used to help 
others find the information needed to understand something.
This includes anything from finding websites, to looking in phone books, 
to reading the instruction manual for the DVD player.
†† This is a topic that I have looked at before, and Iím fairly confident
 that I wonít have a hard time understanding the material that I am looking up.
I am getting rather proficient at information literacy myself, and am finding new
 ways to find information from different media.

Comment Message:(a) "Does self-confidence influence how we perform tasks?

What kind of evidence is there for this? What other names or expressions do people

use to discuss this topic?"



wow, they actually did an experiment on this stuff huh?I found that very interesting.I myself realize that having the confidence to take the risk to do something is a very powerful tool.Without it no one would take the risks that change history, or make new discoveries.I think this is a very worthy area of study with which findings can be applied to every aspect of life.




††††††††† This entire task is about information literacy.We are looking up information

Weekly looking for different ways to find the information on the net.I have been using

Different search engines and what not to have some diversity in the web sites that

Are found.I think this is a very useful skill, even if it is repetitive.


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