Error one consisted of my not correctly filling out the email.  This is the format I was to follow:

Subject Line:  my email address



Your first and last name in that order (no middle name)

Your course (either 409a, 409b, or 459)

Your email in this format exactly:   Leon James leon@hawaii.edu

Your Pseudonym (if you're planning to use one for your published Reports)


Nothing else (delete all other lines or comments).

and this is what I wrote:

Subject Line: leon@hawaii.edu

Jacquelyn Lim



How do I like making mistakes??

CAN YOU SEE THE MISTAKE?? It took me about 5 minutes before I finally saw it.  And was I irritated with it.  Talk about a slap to face because it was soooo obvious.  I felt positive until I got the returned email saying I did the email incorrectly.  Then I got a little irritated with (what I saw as) the redundancy of the whole name:email format.   I could not believe that I had missed that little detail! 

After I got a little worked up, I settled down and got over it.  Maybe I didn't read as closely as I thought I had.



    I think I got upset and acted the way that I did because my generation (more so than previous) are used to streamline tasks and chores.  I came to realize that it was the task directions that are so detailed it gets ridiculous with precision.  Than it dawned on me that I am just used to being assigned tasks that are meant to be completed quickly with my own method of getting them done.  Write a report? Sure, research how I want to and write it how I want to, no directions necessary.  But this class is definitely changing all that.

    What I'm learning is that I need to slow down and not blame detailed instructions.  Yes, it takes a little longer to read and sort through, and yes, it can get confusing because it is so detailed, but it is my own fault for not slowing down and totally analyzing the situation before I "jump" into it.  This mistake wasn't very costly because Dr. James allowed us to make a mistake once and gave us a second chance to get it right before giving us a grade.  I hope to do better in the future on my tasks and not make simple errors.



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