Report 1:
Monitoring My Information Behavior

By Lynda Hoang

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Section A  -- discussing  Pre-ratings for Task 1

I’m not sure what I’m going to learn from this task, but it does require a lot of time to fill out the pre-ratings.  There are a lot of questions, and many were similar, so I found myself double-checking what I read quite a lot.  I found the instructions on doing task 1 very confusing.  There are so many specifics that it is easy to forget to do something or misinterpret something.  I found that you have to work very carefully.  For example, I wasn’t sure what it meant by emailing the file to our professor because I wasn’t sure if that meant we were to email the pre-ratings or the interpretation. 

The pre-ratings made me think about how I felt about this task.  I found that I am afraid of doing things wrong, and my confusion on this assignment hurts my confidence.  I also found out how important it is to me that I do well on this task as well as in the class.  I hope to learn useful skills, although I am not sure what they will be at this point. 


Section B  -- discussing  Post-ratings for Task 1

The post-ratings were a lot easier for me to do and took less time, even though they were almost the same as the pre-ratings.  This is because after doing the first one, I got the hang of answering questions like those in the surveys.  The benefits of doing the post-ratings were similar to the benefits of doing the first pre-ratings.  I learned about how I felt about this task (confused and frustrated, but motivated) and got a glimpse into what I think this class will be like for the rest of the semester.  I can see that I will have to be very careful with my work and it will take a lot of time.  I think that my answers may have been a little more optimistic in the post-ratings because I wasn't as confused and frustrated as I was with the pre-ratings, having more or less figured out what to do.  Signing up for a lab account wasn’t hard, but it is frustrating because I did that a while ago and still have not gotten a response. 

            The last question of the post-ratings asked me questions regarding my feelings about living with computers and the internet.  I use my computer and the internet everyday.  I use it for school, to look for a job, to complete financial aid, pay my credit card bills, and also for recreation.  Having a computer makes it easier to do a lot of things, such as writing a paper and researching.  It saves time and the internet gives you access to information you may not find anywhere else.  So, this task helped me realize just how much I like living with computers and the internet. 


Section C  -- discussing  Pre-ratings for Task 2

This time, I feel differently about the task I am about to do as compared to the last task.  This is because I’m dreading this task since it sounds more difficult.  We are to search for journal articles via electronic database and summarize them.  In the pre-ratings, I wrote that I feel this is a good skill to have, because using the electronic database is useful for research.  I think this task will take a lot of time and effort because from my experience, journals are hard to understand.  However, I think I will be able to find the journal articles because I have searched for them before for other classes. 


Section D -- pasting pieces of each article, summarizing in my own words, and giving my reactions

Abstract for:

British Journal of Social Psychology; March 2004, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p99, 14p, 1


The research presented in this paper uses memory work as a method to explore six women's collective constructions of two embodied practices, sweating and pain. The paper identifies limitations in the ways in which social constructionist research has theorized the relationship between discourse and materiality, and it proposes an approach to the study of embodiment which enjoins, rather than bridges, the discursive and the non-discursive. The paper presents an analysis of 25 memories of sweating and pain which suggests that Cartesian dualism is central to the women's accounts of their experiences. However, such dualism does not operate as a stable organizing principle. Rather, it offers two strategies for the performance of a split between mind and body. The paper traces the ways in which dualism can be both functional and restrictive, and explores the tensions between these two forms. The paper concludes by identifiying opportunities and limitations associated with memory work as a method for studying embodiment. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


Persistent link:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12787719


My Summary/Reaction:

This article basically talks about research on women’s memories, and how they put these memories together.  They say that Cartesian dualism is used by women when they recall their memories.  Cartesian dualism refers to the split between the body and the mind.  This article also pointed out how reason based thinking and intuitive-based thinking are united (rather than bridged like social constructivist research theorizes) through discussion of their memories.  Two experiences they asked women in their study to recall memories about are sweating and pain.  The article then explains this separation of the body and mind when communicating memories through examples from their study.  One example they used is a woman’s experience sweating in a sauna.  She described her memory of this event as if her “self” or her mind was watching her body sweat.  Her body was objectified through phrases like “she breathed through her mouth.”  This kind of dualist communication is either functional or restrictive.  When it is functional, it is used to tell a particular ending and when restrictive, it tells the story so that it fits social norms. I thought the findings in this article were interesting because I can see how this theory fits situations in my life.  Whenever I am telling someone about something that happened to me (a memory) it’s just natural for me to talk about my body as a thing as my mind watches. 


Abstract of: 

 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, June 1990, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p277, 2p


Reviews the book `Swedenborg and His Influence,' edited by Erland J. Brock et al.


Persistent Link:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=9604085487


My Summary/Reaction:

            This article is a review of the book Swedenborg and His Influence.  The first section of the book briefly goes over Swedenborg’s life and career.  He was a scientist and inventor who made important discoveries in the mining business, developed a way of navigating based on the moon, and added findings to the theory that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny (this theory states individuals’ stages in growth repeat the stages of a creature’s ancestry).  The article also states that 25 of Swedenborg’s papers are divided into 8 sections for the book.  These sections focus on Swedenborg’s influence on different areas such as European literature, philosophy and social science, and religion.  He even influenced the artistry of the city of Chicago.  I was amazed at how much influence Swedenborg had in these very different areas.  This article even briefly mentioned how his influence exists even in modern times, as in the city of Chicago and the Swedenborgian movement and its new church. 


Section E  -- discussing  Post-ratings for Task 2

            My answers for these post-ratings are the most different from any of the other surveys I’ve done in this course.  This is because we were asked to find, read, and summarize journal articles.  It actually felt satisfying to answer some of the questions on the post-ratings because I was frustrated at how long it took to do this task.  I was glad that I could write it down somewhere that it would be read so that at least the person who read my post-ratings would know the pains I went through to complete this task.  For example, the first time I tried to find the article online with only the journal name, volume and page numbers, it was a challenge.  I was used to looking things up by topic, title, or author.  Then, it took a lot of time to read the article because it was very long and wordy.  It talked about theories I’ve never heard of.  So that’s why on my post-ratings, I chose answers that showed that it took a lot of effort and time to complete this task.  Although this task was difficult, I did feel accomplished when I finally understood and was able to summarize the articles.  If I didn’t understand them after reading them for the second or third time, I’d feel bad because I’ve taken a lot of psychology courses by now and I feel I should be able to understand them.


Section F  -- discussing  Pre-ratings for Task 3      

My answers for this pre-rating were much more optimistic than the answers I’ve given for any other pre-rating.  I think the reason for this is because I felt much more confident about being able to complete this task.  Also, I enjoy doing this kind of thing – shopping online.  Since I was confident about the task, I was able to fill out the pre-ratings quickly since I did not have to hesitate about what my feelings were.  However, the last question about what it’s like to live with computers and the internet stayed the same again because although I feel good about using these devices for this task, I have almost always liked using the computer and internet.


Section G  -- giving the URL of the mailbox, its picture, and specifications


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Section H  -- discussing  Post-ratings for Task 3

The post ratings for this task were very similar to the pre-ratings.  I think this is because since I am familiar to this kind of task, I knew beforehand what it would be like.  I had high ratings for the questions that asked about confidence in completing this task because I shop online a lot.  Aside from shopping online, the skill I think is important that I used in this task is using a search engine.  You can use a search engine for just about anything.  You can use a search engine to find research materials for academic purposes as well as social purposes like finding websites with information on a hobby.  I enjoyed this task and it did not cause me much stress.  My feelings toward living with computers and the internet have stayed positive.   


Section I  -- discussing  Pre-ratings for Task 4

I am a bit intimidated because I think this will be a complicated task.  Although complicated, I am motivated to complete this task because I can see myself using this skill (FTP uploading) for purposes other than for this class.  However, I’d probably need to get different FTP software if I were to do this for personal purposes because UH unix requires secure shell and we are using regular FTP. 

            I have done FTP uploading for my ICS class, but since that was about 2 years ago, I don’t remember how to do it.  I hope that my previous experience will help me as I relearn this skill.  I am a bit intimidated by this task at this point because I am not sure I know what to do. 


Section J  -- discussing  Post-ratings for Task 4

This task was very, very, very, frustrating and time consuming.  I think this sentiment was reflected in my answers on the post-ratings.  My answers changed from the pre-ratings from being optimistic to frustrated and stressed.  My answers about the software we used and computers changed as well.  Normally, I really like computers and am supportive of software.  I still am supportive of these things, but at this moment, I am considerably less supportive due to the problems I had with this task.  I was a bit unhappy with FTP commander because I had so many problems uploading my files.  About 80% of the time, the transfer just wouldn’t work.  I had to cancel the transfer and close and reopen the program. 

            Then, I was even more frustrated after I uploaded the program because when I checked the site with my web browser, my folder was there but the file didn’t work.  It just said “error.”  I was angry because I had followed all the instructions, but it still didn’t work.  It took me about a total of 3 hours over the course of 2 days to finally figure it out.  My friend helped me out by telling me to upload some files on the server that didn’t belong to anyone (header, footer, and index files) and then upload it to my folder.  Then, my home.htm file finally worked.  So that is why I am not as supportive of computers, software we used, and the internet at this moment.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it is hard to figure out exactly what to do.  Although irritated, I feel relieved and have a sense of accomplishment now that I finally completed the task.  The harder something is, the more accomplished you feel when you are able to do it.  However, my irritation stems from the fact that this task shouldn’t have been so hard, but it was since I had no idea I was supposed to download extra files to make my page work.


Section K  -- discussing  Pre-ratings for Task 5

I feel that I have a lot of work ahead of me, but am motivated to do this task well.  I am more motivated this time because I am going to publish my entire report to the web.  Not only is it worth a large portion of my grade, but I also want to do this well because it will be there for everyone on the internet to see.  This is going to be the result of what I’ve been working on since the beginning of the semester.  I anticipate that this task will require patience because task 4 really took a lot of time and effort.  But this time I have experience with ftp uploading, so hopefully it won’t be as confusing.  In class, Dr. James explained to us that we needed the index file in our folder.  This information will probably make uploading easier and I can spend more time working on the content of my webpage and less time getting the technical bugs figured out.


Section L  -- summarizing Report 1 and what I learned by doing it

Doing this report has helped me learn a lot about myself.  When I first started this report, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be learning by doing tasks like signing up for an account and pre/post-ratings over and over again.  I also didn’t see how this related to driving psychology.  But now that this report is almost done, although it wasn’t about driving, it relates to psychology and learning in general.  It isn’t just about doing these tasks; it is about the processes of learning and how I feel while I do these tasks.  I go from feeling uncertain and frustrated (and sometimes angry) to finally, confident and accomplished. 

As I mentioned in section K, I think that the harder something is, the more accomplished you feel when you are able to do it.  Indeed, I did feel more accomplished after completing the more difficult tasks in this report and not as proud after completing an easy task (although I was much less frustrated).  The most important thing I got from doing this report is a reminder that when something is hard, I shouldn’t become discouraged.  I should keep trying because when I finally achieve it, it will be very rewarding.


Section M  -- discussing  Post-ratings for Task 5

            This final task wasn’t that difficult, and I could have done it faster if I didn’t pressure myself to try to do this task extra well.  It took a little longer than I thought it would (1 hour and 30 minutes) because I took the extra time to double-check everything from the section A.  I wanted to make sure I fulfilled all the required points and made it look as nice as I could.  I bolded all the sub-headings and tried to fix typos. 

            The part of this task that was frustrating for me was uploading it.  It was much easier to upload this time compared to task 4 because I now have experience and know how to do it.  I also have the index file in my folder which I was missing last time.  But the problem I came across this time was that the server was slow, perhaps because everyone else in my class was trying to upload their report as well.  Since there was about a 5 minute delay, after I uploaded my file and saw in my browser that it wasn’t there, I thought I did something wrong.  I removed my report1.htm file and then uploaded it again.  But after 5 minutes my report was there and I realized the server was just slow. 

            Doing this report was a very useful experience for me.  I not only learned practical skills, like searching for journals and uploading to the internet, but I also learned about myself.  I learned about the learning process and how I feel when doing easy and difficult tasks.  I was also reminded to persevere when things are difficult, because it will be worth it in the end.   


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