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As a G7--409af97 member I explore those who came before me. Want to see the past through my eyes?

Report 1: Identifying Attitudes Through Newsgroups Messages

In this report I will be viewing various newsgroups and their topics that relate to "agressive driving" or "road rage" . Later I will give my two cents on how I interpret these attitudes that I recognize and summarize my overall understandingsof how Newsgroups express attitudes and what functions Newsgroups serve.

Report 2: Acquiring Cyberspace Citizenship

Want to see how I survived technophobia? This report will tell it all from the beginning of this Fall '97 semester till the end.

Newsgroups Report

My report on what it's like to participate in various newsgroups.

Bookmarks file

Lots of interesting addresses organized by topics, if you care to look.

Icons File

Several images I really like and couldn't find in the generational files.

G7--409af97 Class Home Page

Come and meet my fellow friends from G7--409af97. Just click onto this link and you can browse on anyone of our homepages. Enjoy!

Dr. Leon James Home Page

Here is the entry point for all Home Pages related to the Generational Curriculum, including indexes, searching, articles, and more.

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