Acquiring Cyberspace Citizenship
Through Time I Survived...

Table of Contents:

Instructions for Report 2

Data Collection

Trials and Tribulations of Learning the Internet
  • Previous Generation:
  • Diane Beauchemin
  • Rebecca Ross
  • Lori Morita
  • Shane Cobb-Adam
  • Fellow G7--409af97 Classmates:
  • Dana Rho
  • Christopher Sumiye
  • Ayada Azeez


    Instructions for Report 2

    1. Data Collection:
    Analyzing Myself From the Beginning to End...

    Since the beginning of this semester, our class was instructed to keep an evaluation of our computer experience each time we got on-line to do our assignments. We were given a data sheet to rate our computer session and our experience during each session. The data sheet looked like this:

    stressful___-3___-2___-1___0___+1___+2___+3 pleasant

    dissatisfied___-3___-2___-1___0___+1___+2___+3 satisfied

    wasted___-3___-2___-1___0___+1___+2___+3 valuable

    confusing___-3___-2___-1___0___+1___+2___+3 clarifying

    discouraging___-3___-2___-1___0___+1___+2___+3 hopeful

    Reading this evaluation poll sheet, from left to right, -3 indicates a very negative feeling, 0 indicates a neutral feeling, and +3 indicates a very positive feeling
    With a total of about 15 data sheets, I realized that each computer session tended to get less stressful and more comfortable to me. From the beginning of this semester till mid-term (and even now), my internet experience rating system moved from a -3 (very negative) to a +1 (comfortable), and sometimes even a +2 (pretty positive). But unfortunately I never came to the point of marking a +3 yet. Here are some examples of how my computer experiences changed through the semester.

    In the Beginning...

    Tuesday, September 2, 1997
    Part 1, 2, 3, and 4
    Porteus Lab 635


    During the first four parts of the internet lab exercises, I was thinking to myself, "hey this is quite easy", with a lot of enthusiasm and a positive attitude that this course may be easier this semester. I felt comfortable with these four tasks because they seemed to have been a review to me from my previous class taken by Dr. Leon James way back in Spring 1995. Although I did not stay active with the internet systems, I still recalled working with pine, and reading and sending e-mail. But along with making my signature file (part 2), exporting a file (part 3), and making a class mailing list (part 4), the instructions were pretty well explained and easy to follow. Slowly, some commands were coming back to me.

    Tuesday, September 9, 1997
    Part 5 and 6
    Porteus Lab 635


    At this point I was thinking to myself, "what am I supposed to do?". I was bit confused with the instructions in part 6 which asked me to create 2 files, make a directory, then move the files to a new directory, then create a new directory, and delete the files, and so forth. I had to read the instructions over and over to understand clearly what exactly I was supposed to do. As you may have noticed, my rating system moved one to two notches down from last week's ranking. This was due to being stuck on part 6 for awhile, plus now I am behind with my exercises, for I should have completed part 7, too.

    Tuesday, September 16, 1997
    Part 7 Porteus Lab 635


    "What the hell am I doing?" This was the exact question I asked myself during part 7 of the exercises. As I was completing the exercise step by step as the instructions indicated, I came across the section where I was to load my disk in and create a bookmarks.html file. My problem was that I only had one disk that was from my previous class of Dr. Leon James. When I saved some addresses on my bookmark file, my disk had a variety of files that coincided with my previous semester's work and my present semester's work. This was the starting point of my stressing out for this class. I did not know how and if I should delete all my files from my disk, so I just left part 7 incomplete until I could ask Dr. Leon James next week. This was my bad. I should have just bought a new disk to start all my Psychology 409af97 files. But instead, I decided to quit early and fall deeper behind in my lab exercises. Starting from week 3, I was starting to feel the intensity of the exercise work that must be done using Netscape. Looking at my ranking chart above, you can tell that I am slowly falling on the negative side of the poll.

    Thursday, September 18, 1997
    Part 7 and 8
    Clic Lab


    Wait, wait, wait...that is all you do when you use the Clic Lab computers. Their Netscape program takes so long to connect. It is not like I have the time to sit around and twirl my thumb. But I guess when the work has to be done, I have no choice but to be patient, and thankful that the University offers computer labs for the students. Noticed how all my rankings settled at -3? I could not understand how to keep my saved addresses on my bookmark file. It seemed as if every time that I clicked on "add bookmark", the addresses were being saved on the hard drive, and not my disk. I kept on asking myself, "what am I doing wrong?...I do not know". I was feeling it...the fear of technophobia. I was afraid of moving on when I was not surely clear that I did the problem correct. So, my solution was to quit. That was a bad idea and a bad attitude, but I got tired of going over the same mistakes. I need help.

    Since I could not figure out the situation with my bookmark file, I decided to drop that section and move onto the next. This was of no help to me because Part 8 went on to a more intense command of downloading and uploading from both the uhunix server and the CSS server. Again, I felt lost and confused. I just could not understand the instructions of how to transfer my word processor files to the ftp software. Here I though to myself, "what am I going to do?"

    Tuesday, September 23, 1997
    Part 7, 8, and 9
    Porteus Lab 635


    Back in Porteus Lab...what a relief! Compared to the Clic Lab, Porteus Lab is much faster and more convenient for me since I am familiar with using their computers during lab time. This time in lab I did not just sit there like a stupid idiot starring at the monitor screen. Instead, I asked for help from my fellow classmates. And what tremendous help I got from this one gentleman Phillip Gaillard. He has shown me the way to completing and understanding Part 7 and Part 8 plus Part 9 of the lab exercises. Better yet, I was more relieved that I was actually getting some work done for I was still behind in my exercises. Even though I was understanding the computer commands a little better, I still rated my experience with all -3's because I felt like I was the only one in the class who was so far behind. While I was just finishing up Part 7-9, everyone else was completing Part 10's generational curriculum file.

    Thursday, September 25, 1997
    Part 10--Generational Curriculum Report
    Porteus Lab 635


    I was finally starting Part 10, the Generational Curriculum Report that was supposed to be due on September 23. (I am still a little behind). Little did I know that this report was going to take that long to complete. This exercise took a lot of time and patience clicking onto the 18 links that were listed on Dr. Leon James' homepage. Once you click onto one link, there are more links involved that should be looked at. This was like a never-ending story. Overwhelming was the word that I used to describe Dr. Leon James' homepage. There are so much valuable information right on the screen ready to be clicked on. On this day I took about 5 hours to complete only 4 summaries. I still had 14 more to go. Good Lord!

    Friday, September 26, 1997 Part 10--Generational Curriculum Report
    Porteus Lab 635


    I am back again to finish up Part 10's generational curriculum file. At this point my ranking were moving up because I was slowly catching up with my fellow G7 classmates. I felt like I was whizzing through my 18 summary links of Dr. Leon James' homepage because the work was so tedious. You go through the same steps 18 times before you finish the report. My guess was that I took too long figuring out what to write about the summaries so that I could make it interesting for those visitors who click onto my homepage. I tried to make each sub-section as short, sweet, and simple as possible, for I did not want to bore my visitors. But at the same time, my summaries all sounded the same since each link pertained to informative links that I thought were useful for future generations.

    Right About Midterm...

    Tuesday, October 14, 1997 Report 1--Identifying Attitudes Through Newsgroups Messages
    Porteus Lab 635


    Moving into midterm time, I was starting my report 1 "Identifying Attitudes Through Newsgroups Messages". Due to the fact that this report was very similiar to Part 11's Newsgroups Report exercise, I did not find this section to be as difficult. Infact, here is the starting point where I realized that my rankings are moving up each day as I get used to the computer experience. Basically this is the time where we should be getting creative with our pages, making them nice, exotic, and entertaining. Sorry to say, I am not a creative person, but I'll try my best to make my files look organized and easy to spot and read for every visitor who clicks onto my pages.

    Tuesday, October 21, 1997 Report 1--Identifying Attitudes Through Newsgroups Messages
    Porteus Lab 635


    At this point I am feeling pretty relieved about my overall files. I am on my way to finishing up report 1. I finally feel as if I have caught up with my fellow classmates (YEAH!). I know that this is not some kind of competition, but I am extremely happy that I am not far, far behind everyone else anymore. Now you can see that I have risen up the chart to +2 on my ranking on the computer.

    An overall interpretation of my computer experiences...

    I noticed that from the second week of my internet lab exercises, my rankings started dropping to the negative side of the data sheets. This was probably due to the fact that I did not put enough time and effort on the internet as instructed by Dr. Leon James. I know that this is no excuse, but in the beginning of this semester I did not have the time to practice and complete my assignments because I have no computer at home. I had to rely on using the school lab computers, but unfortunately, the computer lab hours were during my class times or I had to work. With a little push of motivation, I made it a habit to attend the Porteus Lab at night time from 5-9:45 p.m. on the nights that I had off at work. Even though I could have gone to the Clic Lab after my classes, I chose to go to the Porteus Lab at night because the uploading and surfing the net seemed faster and easier to me. Plus the lab monitors in Porteus Lab seemed to be more willing and ready to help anyone with problems on the computer. That is an important factor at computer labs! So, a lot of time (at least 10 hours a week) and practice is the key point to familarize yourself with the internet.
    Even though I have taken this course couple years ago, I still had much to learn and get familiarized with. Due to the fact that I did not stay active with the internet, or computers in general, I obviously lost the feeling of what to do, or the memory of all the commands. Plus as the days go by, the technology industry keeps on growing faster and faster. They seem to be constantly coming up with new and improved techniques. When our class was handed the exercise pamphlet, I was overwhelmed with the commands and terminology that I had to learn all over again. Learning the internet commands and the html terms is like learning a foreign language. The only way to get yourself familiarized with the language is to keep on practicing. Like the saying goes, "practice makes perfect, and perfect takes time".
    The next downfall that I encountered during part 6 through part 11 of the internet lab exercises was understanding the instructions of the assignments. When I did not understand how to complete the tasks, or if something went wrong, I did not bother to ask for help. Instead I just left the assignment undone until I was humiliated in class of being the only person with nothing in my files. This was totally my bad. I must have been projected as a "bad attitude" student who does not care. But that is the wrong impression...I do care about my grade for this class, and I very much so will accomplish all my files with informative observations and experiences (but forgive me for not being too creative). As I mentioned earlier, with the help of supportive fellow classmates, I was able to overcome my confusions and better understand the cyberspace language and terminology. Now I was capable to getting back on track. I would like to make a special thanks to Philippe Gaillard for taking the time to help me get through the internet lab exercises. He has given me excellent advices on short-cuts through the exercises, easier ways to complete reports on the word processor, and how to save files, icons, and reports on my disc. He has been my lifesaver throughout the semester---Much Mahalos Philippe! And thank you G7 for all the motivation and support. So, the bottom line is you must ask questions, any kind of questions for help. Do not just sit there and hope for a miracle. Also friends are very important...they help you get through it all.
    At this stage, I have become information literacy through the generational identification, for I have had an acceptance of motivation to get through my assignments. Even though I was intimidated by others who were doing better than me and stressed out about things that did not go smoothly for me, I stuck it out. I realized that I was not alone, instead our whole Psy 409af97 was a group to help each other overcome technophobia.

    Getting Through My Technophobia Stage...

    Stressed! Stressed! Stressed-out is how I felt during week5. Trying to complete exercise 10, the generational curriculum file was overwhelming to me. There was way to much links to click on, read, and evaluate. Especially because each link led to more informative links that I felt was important to mention in my summaries. I was frantic because I seemed to have been the only student in my class who had incomplete files. I was behind in my assignments. When my classmates were starting their report 1 file, I was probably still finishing up on my generations report. At this point, the end of Septemeber, my computer experience ranking was way on the negative side (probably beyond a -3).
    In early October, when I finally felt like I have caught up with my classmates, I noticed that my rating system has slowly moved up the scale as I was feeling less stressed, less confused, and more satisfied and hopeful about being a cyberspace citizen. I was beginning to get the hang of using the internet on a daily basis, and communicating my ideas and experiences on-line. Although this experience seemed to take longer for me to get familiarized with, I think the hours paid off for me in understanding the technology and becoming a self directed learner through generational modeling. From others to myself, I was able to act like a cyberspace user and do hands-on assignments on-line.
    Now that it has come to the end of the semester, the stresses, and the headaches, I feel like celebrating. I have accomplished my goal. I got the opportunity to be a part of the cyberspace community. I have a better understanding of how technology is being used and I am proud to have gotten the experience of learning and acquiring the internet techniques. As of being a leader and an inventor in the future, I have a strive to continue my experience with the cyberspace community because this technology is our future. Unlike last semester that I had with Dr. Leon James, I did not stay active with the internet and found that I had to learn everything (and more) all over again. This time if I continue my computer experience daily, I will be able to keep up with the times and explore what the future holds for us.

    2. Trials and Tribulations of Learning the Internet:
    Practice Makes Perfect...


    Diane Beauchemin
    An honest approach to self-monitoring behavior is essential and important in this class, because the material gathered is used in a generational style to help instruct the students of the future. I think some of these reports are still "edited" as to emotional content to protect the personal feelings and ego of the writer, but for the most part, they are truthful enough to be helpful.

    Class discussions are really helpful to me, and other students. Sometimes I worry that I'm the only one encountering problems, but when the rest of the class is stuck with me, or if someone has a solution to the problem because they've been there before too, it gives me hope to keep on truckin'.

    Diane has a very good point here for future generations to keep in mind. That is, attend class discussions because you will find that you are not the only one encountering problems. Dr. Leon James and your fellow classmates are there in one room to help answer questions or go over problems that perhaps everyone is facing. One will realize that the class is working as a group support and not individually. Believe me, I have gained much help from my fellow classmates and I am very greatful for all their help.

    Rebecca Ross
    Humor anchor: I loved reading Diane Beauchemin's Fun Things to do in an Elevator. Sometimes when the tension of the computer work gets to be too much, a quick piece of humor that gets a smile on your face, can really relieve the tension. Once you get rid of the tension, you are able to see your problems from a different perspective. Sometimes, a different perspective is all you need to make a complicated problem seem really simple. If you're tense, and have a couple of minutes,try this link, "useless WWW pages."

    Falling behind anchor: Well, I've had the worst case of the flu since I was about 10 years old. I'm way behind in my work for this class, and this adds an enormous weight of frustration. Well, maybe not frustration, maybe it's fear. This class covers so much information and new skills to learn, that falling behind adds a fear that I don't feel in my other classes. For the other classes, it is just a matter of putting in the effort. For this class, I am afraid that "I wont be able" to catch up. Shane Akagi also mentions that it is difficult once you fall behind. Hopefully recognizing that this element exists will help me realize why I am reluctant to get to it. I'll try to think "happy thoughts", and muddle through. I'm going to go try and find some incouraging words in the lab reports of the Psy 459 students!

    I personally enjoyed Rebecca's anchors on humor and falling behind. I fell on the same ship as her. During my stressful and frustrating times while completing my computer exercises, I found myself going delirious. I was so fed up with finding the time to complete my assignments, and better yet completing my other class' assignments, I would just laugh for no reason. Perhaps I laughed at myself for taking this course again after all that I had experienced my first time around. Or perhaps I got tired of getting irritated that I had to laugh to calm down. When Rebecca mentioned that smiling or laughing can lessen the tension and help one to have a better perspective of the problem, I could not agree more. Once your mind is cleared and the tension has gone away, new ideas starts to collect in your head which makes your perspectives broaden. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.
    Also the falling behind anchor caught my attention for I definately faced that problem this semester. Because I did not have the access to a computer or the time to go to the computer labs, I had a difficult time keeping up with the exercises. And let me tell you, once you fall behind, you feel like you are far gone. Just as Rebecca mentioned, she felt fear when she fell behind in this class because there were so much informative and new information and skills to learn. Once you fall off, it takes a lot of effort to climb back up. Unlike your other classes where you can read and hopefully catch up, this class has constant researching, reading, and typing to do. Not to mention, if you are computer illiterate like me, this class is like learning a foreign language. There is an outstanding amount of time involved with taking this course. Learning the terms, the techniques, and completing assignments is a challenge. Luckily, I got the motivation and support from my friends to keep going and don't give up. After a while, working on the internet became a routine to me and I finally caught up with my class assignment.

    Lori Morita
    I am proud to say, however, that I have progressed from being intimidated asking questions to asking for information quite plainly, to forwarding any information that might help in class. In an age when being able to learn how to acquire information may be more valuable than the actual information, or even knowing how to acquire the information, I consider this progression an important one. It is adapting to technology which changes every few seconds and not being afraid of such rapid change. This has been my most important lesson so far. It involved overcoming my fears (seeming stupid, slow, fear of humiliation, anger), but to know I can do this and produce feels rather good.

    This is one important factor that I should have done more often in class...ask questions. I felt intimidated to ask questions because I fell behind in my assignments. I assumed that Dr. Leon James would humiliate me infront of the class, which would make me feel like a stupid idiot. Asking questions will surely save you time and frustration. As Lori stated knowing how to acquire information is important. This is the only way you will be able to solve problems and get through life. Solutions are not going to come to you, rather, you need to take the step into finding solutions yourself.

    Shane Cobb-Adam
    If you are having doubts about your abilities in the class what you need to do is make two commitments to yourself. ONE- I am going to be open-minded and discard all resistance to learning as I become aware of it and TWO- I am going to make the time needed ( check with DR. James on specific class requirements) to be successful and put those hours in regularly.
    This formula might sound kind of simplistic but it has worked for me and that's how I know it can work for anyone. If a country boy like me, form the hills of kauai can do it anyone can. You just can't let your nervousness and technophobia stop you. In the end the work put in wiil be worth a 1000 times more than you could have thought.

    I could not agree more to what Shane has mentioned here. In any class that you enroll in, there are certain committments you need to abide to, but in this course, you need to put more effort as to sticking with the committment and accomplishing your goals. Being open-minded is a step to take to open your mind to a new technology that is sweeping America. When I first begun to get into cyberspace community, I hit the "anti-learning forces" that made me want to quit right there and then. But I later acquired habits that were contrary to learning skills to overcome my "anti-learning forces" and learned new skills that were stronger than the forces. Also, the second step stated is a very important factor to being a cyberspace user, for there is a tremendouse amount of time needed to be successful in this course. As I repeated myself over and over, time and effort are the main key to survive Dr. Leon James' class.


    Dana Rho
    During this session, I remember feeling utterly HELPLESS because I could not, for the life of me understand how to upload and download files. I did not grasp the concept of moving files from one place to another because I didn't allow the new information the freedom to enter my discriminating brain. One of the things that helped me from going absolutely insane was being able to complain to my classmates. We moaned and groaned about our frustrations and the problems that we were encountering....and I think it helped a great deal. We could have formed our own Cyberspace Technophobia Therapy Group. I bet if we did, the number of people who would join would be astounding.

    I surely felt the same helplessness as Dana, for I encountered the same problem with the uploading and downloading exercise. I could not grasp the concept of moving files from one place to another until I had help from some classmates. And it is so true that moaning and groaning to fellow classmates can help one from going insane in this class. Getting out your frustration to others can take a load off of your shoulders. At this time, you will also realize that you are not alone because everyone else basically feel the same frustration, irritation, and stress as you do. According to Dana's idea of forming a Cyberspace Technophobia Therapy Group, I would definately join, and I am sure the rest of the class would join too.

    Christopher Sumiye
    I was really beginning to feel hopeless. I think I felt this way because I was totally computer illiterate when it came to the internet. I tried reading the pamphlets and dictionary but I still could not understand what they were trying to say. I needed a dictionary to help explain the dictionary itself. I did not want to give up so I stayed at the computer lab for three hours. During the next session, something happend for the better.

    I think that anyone who enters this class with no computer experience will feel a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Just as I was computer illiterate, you need to add more efforts to learn and grasp the computer terminologies and the internet commands. If class lectures is unable to answer some questions, you will need to find other sources that can help you overcome your problems. Just as Chris experienced trouble, he turned to phamphlets and a dictionary to help him understand how to complete his assignments. That is what I call dedication to motivate yourself to stick it out.

    Ayada Azeez
    This initial reaction, I have since learned, is a common one. Many people, who are infected with technophobia (a fear of technology) are overwhelmed with the Internet when they first encounter it. Being that I had a bad case of the technophobias I easily succumbed to my fears, and instead of working through my doubts and confusion I used them as excuses to quit. This initial reaction could have very detrimental effects to new travelers in cyberspace.. If newcomers and beginners to the Internet world allow their technophobia to take control, they will reject the Net and all that it has to offer. Individuals who don't have the ability to work through the initial confusion, myself being one, should find someone to guide them.

    Amazing, I was not the only one who felt the fear of technology, known as technophobia. Ayada encountered the same experience as me. She felt overwhelmed with the internet and used excuses to quit. I went through the same path, for when I was confused or was irritated, I just quit. But that was not the right decision for Ayada and I to let our technophobia take control of our learning forces. Instead of rejecting the Net, we should seek for help through manuals or a friend to help us overcome our technophobia. Because once you get the hang of being a cyberspace user, it is a priceless gift to know and experience. Technology is our future, and now I can say I have been a part of this cyberspace community.

    3. Conclusion:
    My Overall Experience as being a Cyberspace Citizen

    What did I gain from the experience of doing this report? Well...I truly feel that I have learned the three levels of acquiring skills, that is ACS: The affective-->cognitive-->sensory motor. From the beginning of this semester to the present, I noticed some developmental changes in my cyberspace skills. From level one, I became information literacy through the generational identification. I saw how our class worked as a group rather than individually. We all helped each other and motivated each other to overcome our technophobia and stick through this semester as a team. The nice part of working as a group was that you realize you are not alone. Although at times I was intimidated by what others had done already, I was able to accept the situation and motivate myself to get through my assignments. There were times where things just did not go smoothly with my work, which led me to just quit right there and then. But that is when I realized that I was behind and I need to figure out a way to get on the next phase. The answer is to ask questions, find the solutions and take the time (a lot of time)to update your assignments. By acquiring this level, one will see how he or she is having disciplinary content and culture of becoming a cyberspace citizen. We are all working as a generational carrier where we act like cyberspace citizens having our own homepage with certain characteristics and properties to make it easier for our visitors to understand and go forth, we use the e-mail to communicate with our fellow classmates and other generational students, and we transmit our own knowledge and culture to understand the new technology.
    In level 2 I was becoming a self directed autonomous learner through generational modeling for I imitated and acted like a cyberspace user. Due to completing this course and finishing up on my assignments, I acquired a project orientation that needed a lot of sustained effort consistency. Although I fell behind during the beginning of this semester, I managed to motivated myself to complete my assignments. This was an affective skill to manage enough time and motivation to get the projects done. A lot of time and effort is involved in this phase.
    The last phase is becoming leadership and inventiveness through generational loyalty. I am willing to continue my cyberspace citizenship. I feel a part of the community for I have worked day and night working on my files this whole semester. I feel that all of our files done for this semester pertained to helping future generation students to gain knowledge and support through our own experiences that we encountered. Students can read what we have gone through and how we were able to get pass the troubles. Looking at the past generation student's reports from previous semesters, it seems as if we all faced the same problems, and that we were all able to overcome the problem through providing our own unique solutions. This is where I feel my advice will help support next generations to get through their ACS levels of acquiring skills.

    Don't Worry...Be Happy...

    Some advice for the future generations: GET OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!! Nah...just joking! I do not want to intimidate you. There are a number of rules that I feel are required to abide to when entering this course and becoming a cyberspace citizen: 1) a tremendous amount of time, 2) a consistency of sustained effort, 3) patience, and 4) motivation.
    First of all, you must start early on all the assignments, do not procrastinate...time is ticking and the work has got to get done. Take it from Dr. Leon James when he stresses that you should be using the internet at least 10 hours a week. That amount of time, and more, is needed to complete your assignments. Make it a ritual or a routine to be on the computer everyday at a certain time so you do not fall behind.
    Secondly, Practice! Practice! Practice makes perfect...get yourself familiarized with the computer and its techniques. The more practice you get, the more easier the computer assignments get to you, and the faster you will complete your assignments. There is a need for a lot of sustained effort consistency in this class. The more time and effort you put into being a cyberspace citizenship, the easier it will be for you to overcome technophobia.
    Most importantly, do not give patient. This class is quite easy once you understand the system and overcome your fear of technophobia. Take it from me, a person who was computer illiterate, I am able to communicate through the internet. From one step to another, you will be able to do the same, and even more! Just think positive while you are in this class and try to enjoy learning this new technology that is becoming our future.
    Lastly, make a support group within your class. You will definately gain support from your class as you become a team. This group will help motivate you to complete your tasks and assignments. Even if you fall behind, friends can help you lead the way to accomplishing your goals. Motivation is a key factor in getting involved with the cyberspace community.

    My last words towards being a cyberspace citizen...

    At least now I can say that I am a cyberspace citizen and I plan to continue my computer activity since I just recently got a new computer at home. In no time I will be able to communicate to world from my house. I am still amazed at how the new technolgy has been coming up with fascinating ideas of communicating around the world. Although I started on the wrong foot, I am glad that I had the motivation and support from my fellow classmates. They have helped me to gain understanding, have a positive self-esteem, and learn new skills to overcome my technophobia. Even though I started on the wrong foot, I sure came out with great benefits in the end. I will surely remember this experience of communicating to the world. And from now to forever, my files will be on-line for anyone in the world to visit. What a scary thought, huh? So believe in yourself and you will survive this new technology. In the end, it can be fun and it can save you a lot of time of researching. Enjoy and good luck to the future generations!

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