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Statement For This Site

1) The first link is a statement that previews some of the work that he his doing on his home page. He presents the generational home pages. He also gives an overall explanation of his site which is made of many links, each containing Hundreds of home pages. He gives a good outlook of the links and gives just enough information to awake one's curiosity. In such a gigantic site, I think that it is a good idea to give a small preview to a potential visitor.


2) The address link is basically a request for any visitor of the this site to give his/her reactions, and send it by E mail to Dr. driving. I guess that when someone put so much effort into a site, it is quite normal to want to have some feedback.

Indexes For This Site

3) The indexes link give several options that a visitor of this site has to find what he is looking for. One is an index of documents by Leon James and the other one is an index of all the documents on the site. One can also find a list of full text articles and books. Another possibility is to use a search engine on the site that will search the site by keywords or names. Personally, I think that it is the easiest way to search something on this site.

List of Publications

4) There is also a link that gives all the publications that have been written by Leon James formally know as Leon A. Jakobovits. This link could be interesting for somebody who is interested about Dr. James' work.

Student Generational Reports

5) The link of student generational reports gives the opportunity to a visitor to discover the work of many hundred students that have research and express their opinions through reports since 1981. Various topics are available depending on the year the student did his research. The basic topics are: Traffic psychology, Cyber-Psychology. But one can also find some other interesting topics that were made prior 81 like personality and pet, nutrition, etc. I think that this link is giving a huge amount of information This link can be interesting to someone that wants to read the opinion of students that are not necessary expert in Traffic or Cyber psychology.


6) This home page introduce and discuss the Ideas of a man known under the name of Emanuel Swedenborg. Although his ideas were expressed in the sixteen hundreds, his ideas still very relevant in our century. This link contains a Swedenborg glossary, and is divide into several sections. The Swendenborg Home Page talks about relationship between man and woman. It gives different approach on the topic of spiritual marriage and relationship. This page can help someone to better understand the basic ideas behind spiritual psychology, and see how much those ideas are related to Emanual Swedenborg. One can also find on this link information about cyber- psychology. This link is huge and I think it takes quite a long time to go through it. However, I did find some article very interesting.

Dr. Driving Says...

7) The link on Dr. "Driving Says" is a place where people can get a better idea on what road rage and aggressive driving is all about. This link gives the visitor the choice to click on different interview that Dr. Driving gave to the media. These interviews give a good general idea of what is road rage. For the people who are interested to go in deeper in the topic, I advise them to click on the Congressional Testimony to US House..". I think that anyone who click on this link can learn a little or a lot on aggressive driving and road rage. How much one will learn will depend on how much patience one has and how far one is willing to click.

Tour Guides

8) The Tour Guide link is the same link that can be find in the student generational reports. This Tour Guide shows some reports that are in a library collection under Diane Nahl's supervision. I think that to have a more general view of what students are doing, the link on student generational reports is more appropriate.

Traffic Psychology

9) The link on traffic psychology gives you a brief history of how this concept appears. This link describes all the different types of behaviors, habits and emotions that we have while driving. This link describes the various ways to modify our old driving habits and help us to become better driver for ourselves and for other people. I think that any methods that make someone connect to someone else in a more harmonious way are good methods. So why not traffic psychology


10) The link on cyberspace psychology introduces different concepts on the relationship and the word that is created from that relationship. This relationship that I am referring to is a relationship between people in a non physical environment through the mean of a computer. This world where people enter into a virtual reality is approach through different angles. Various topics can be found in this link, for example, Spirituality and Cyberspace, virtual book or virtual learning community. This link is a good link to visit when somebody knows nothing about the cyberworld. Because this page give me a broad perspective of the cyberspace psychology, it really improve my understanding of the what virtual reality.

Spiritual Psychology

11) The link on spiritual psychology is extremely difficult to describe because the topic that it cover seems extremely wide. Globally, Spiritual psychology tries to give a mean to find a balance in our daily life as well as in the virtual world. It tries to give one a mean to distinguishing what is right or "good" from what is wrong or "bad." Most of these notions of "bad" and "good" are all strongly connected to the cyberworld in general. One can fond topic like spiritual Infancy, but also information on Emanual Swedenborg. I think that this page covers a lot of topics that are related to religion in general, and I'm sure that this page that would please anyone interested by religious topics

Daily Round Archives

12) The Daily Round Archives link is basically an other link where one can connect to the work of students that have study with Dr. James. I think that it is easier to connect directly to the link Student Generational Report.

Social Psychology

13) The link on Social Psychology of Home page Architecture talks about home page in general. This link gives you an idea of what a home page is all about. This link gives you the function of a home page and the type of links that it creates. By visiting this link, one will have a better understanding of the communication world that a home page creates. It gives a better understanding of the psychological component that are involve during the process of connecting to a home page, and also the psychological component while creating a home page. I like this page because you can get a pretty quick idea of what is on it, and at the same time, one can receive many valuables information on how to built a home page.

Some Articles and Books

14) The link Full Text Articles and Books do not link to a particular subject. It allows you to click on many different subjects through different articles. Many of the links bring you back to the basic topics that I already describe on the above. I would not necessarily recommend this link because one can find what is inside on the other links.

Diane Nahl's Search Index

15) The link Diane Nahl's Search Index gives you a description of the different search engines that one can use. This home page gives you the possibility to connect to different papers that student wrote. There is also a direct link to Leon James home page site. I did find that link interesting for the valuable information on the different search engines. The descriptions that Diane Nahl made on the various search engines have been very helpful to me; these descriptions are very useful to make more effecient search on the net.

University of Hawaii Home Page

16) The Link University of Hawaii brings you to the home page of the university. This link allows you to get information about all the events that are happening at the university. It also gives you multiple information about the campus, its library, etc. The page even gives you the possibility to use a search engine to find information about the university. I think that this link gives valuables information that can save you time asking questions around.


17) The link Search at the bottom of the site is the same link that can be find in the Indexes link. Basically, this link allows you to search the site with a search engine that use keywords, concepts or names. Because this site is so huge, if someone looks for something in particular, I would strongly advise anyone to use this search engine unless they are ready to spend five days on the site.

A Good Idea

18) The link For Earlier or Text only Browsers gives the possibility for the people that do not have the right computer items to still be able to connect to the main pages by clicking on this link. It's a good idea because it does not exclude the people that have an old computer. For me this link reflect the philosophy of the cyberspace, which is trying to unify everybody in the cyber-community while trying not to exclude anybody.

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