Dawn of a new generation

I took time to look through the different generations from the past and I found a lot of interesting web pages among all of them. It was really neat to see how the complexity of the web designs progressed through the generations. In choosing the pages to analyze, I didn't really go in any particular order. In fact, I just skipped arount to find ones that, first of all, caught my eye, and second, had interesting contributions to the specified subject areas. In reading the many web pages, I have learned that, historically, there is so much to be offered in terms of learning from the past. I've chosen four pages to share with you which all have unique designs and much to share.

Trisha Hashimoto from G10 PSY409

Lori Rapoza from G7 PSY409

Curtis Nakao from G2 PSY459

Kathy Teruya from G6 PSY459



Why I chose this web page

I chose this web page initially because of it's appearance of its organized topics. It was really easy to view all of the options on the menu and the animated images were eye catching as well. I felt that another reason why I chose Trisha's page is because she had some really indepth comments about the web pages that she reviewed. Trisha seemed to view the other generations in a similar fashion as I did. She wasn't too critical and seemed very thankful to have learned from the past generations as well.

Steps I took

At first, when I began my search through the different generations, I could tell that there was a big difference between the earlier web designs and the more current ones. I decided to first choose one that was fairly current, that way, I can try and improve on the complexity of my own page. Trisha's home page is one that wasn't chosen at random, but rather, for it's appearance.

The description of Trisha's topic

Trisha's topic was Driving Personality Makeovers. She included helpful information for her viewers to better understand what a driving personality makeover is all about and how someone can get positive results from this. She included her definition of her topic. Also included were the psychological aspects of her topic: anti-social behavior, self-defense mechanisms, projection, rationalization and pro-social behavior.

My reaction to Trisha's web page

Trisha's web page layout is very easy to follow. She uses animated images to give her home page the little flare that catches her audiences eye. The content of her site is very informative and gives insight to her psychological aspect of driving personality makeovers.

Take a peek at choice Trisha Hashimoto's generations page


Lori Rapoza from G7

Why I chose this web page

I chose this web page not on the appearance but rather by chance. I couldn't really find a web page that really spoke to me so that I would venture further into it. I knew that I wanted to choose a web page from this generation, so I randomly picked Lori's.

Steps I took

I knew that I wanted to use a web page from generation 7, but after viewing various pages in G7, I couldn't find one that I really liked so I randomly chose this one.

Description of Lori's topic

Lori's topic is Acquiring Cyberspace Citizenship. The content of her page included the trials and tribulations of learning the internet, the personal process of learning, summaries of former generational students' report and similarities and differences between former students. She also included her personal experience in learning the internet by posting her ratings sheet for the internet literacy exercises given by Dr. Leon James.

My reaction to Lori's web page

I really enjoyed reading about Lori's topic and didn't know what acquiring cyberspace citizenship was all about. Although her information was interesting, the presentation of it wasn't what made me choose her web page, but I guess it is fancy for it's time.

Take a peek at Lori Rapoza's generations page


Curtis Nakao from G2

Why I chose this web page

When I began my search, I knew that I was going to pick a web page from an earlier generation, one that shows its immature complexity. I was really impressed with the way Curtis used bold colors to attract attention to his home page.

Steps I took

I began looking at the different web pages within generation 2 and arrived at Curtis' page after browsing through five or six other web pages in generation 2.

Description of Curtis' topic

There were several topics of interest that Curtis included in his web page. Initial assessment as a driver which included tailgating, speeding, aggressive driving, the Accordian Effect, and cell phone usage while driving. Curtis also covered driving personality makeover which included temper control and time management.

My reaction to Curtis Nakao's web page

I thought that Curtis' page was well done and very informative. The only thing that I think could be improved on is the organization of the index.

Take a peek at Curtis Nakao's generations page


Kathy Teruya from G6

Why I chose this web page

I chose Kathy's web page because I felt that it was simple, yet informative and at the same time it was very easy to read the large print when choosing items from the menu.

Steps I took

Since I had already been through so many web pages in the early generations as well as ones that are fairly current, I decided to pick a generation in the middle. I began searching and browsing through the different pages and came across Kathy's page. For some reason, it stuck out. It could have been because of the fact that my eyes were getting blurred from looking at so many web pages. Kathy's format was easy to read so I chose hers.

Description of Kathy's topic

Kathy's topics consisted of tailgating and driving cartoons. Her tailgating information concentrated on behaviors, reinforcing, alternatives and moral implications. The driving cartoons were a way to effectively communicate driving skills.

My reaction to Kathy Teruya's web page

I felt that Kathy presented her web page for her audience to have an easy time reading her options and it was kept simple in terms of format and design. I thought that the information presented were very informative as well as practical.

Take a peek at Kathy Teruya's generations page


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