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Established on April 29, 2001

This home page is part of my Psychology 409 class - Road Rage and Agressive Driving. During the course of the Spring 2001 semester, we had to do reports concerning various manifestations of rage in our society as well as around the world.  Contrary to popular belief, rage is not limited to the road.  I have learned a lot about my own rage as well as other types of rage such as road, surf, workplace, computer, parking lot and neighbor rage.  This class has offered me a different way of thinking and dealing with situations that escalate into rage and aggression.  I hope you will visit my various reports on rage as well as other links relating to Psy 409!  Have a blast!

Let there be Rage...

check out these links for the most outrageous time of your life!


Report 1 - Annotated Bibliography on the Age of Rage This report contains all kinds of articles on Computer Rage, Sky Rage, Workplace Rage, Sports Rage, and Surf Rage
Report 2 - Self-Witnessing Report on the Age of Rage I share my episodes of rage with you.  I talk about experiencing Computer Rage, Noisy Neighbor Rage, and Parking Lot Rage.  I utilize Dr. James Three Step Method for self-witnessing.
Psychology 409 Home Page Interested in taking this class?   Check out this site for everything on Psy 409
Three Minute Oral Presentations These are my 3-min. oral presentations given in class.  I have uploaded some of them for people to see and learn more on my perspective on road rage
Psychology 409as2001 Message Board This is my class message board in which we rant and rave about our outrageous experiences.  It's fun and interesting to read! 
Psychology 409as2001 Student Webpage Directory Check out my classmates' awesome webpages on rage!
Dr. Driving Website This is an extensive and comprehensive site run by our very own Professor Leon James.  You'll learn everything and anything about rage and driving!


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