Work Place Rage

By Caroline Agbayani

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Crime Doctor's Take on

Work Place Violence

The Crime Doctor says "Workplace violence is the leading cause of death among female workers in the US and is the second leading cause of death for men." 


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The following information was taken from crimedoctor's website.

About two million people in the U.S. are victims of violent crime in the workplace every year, according to a US Department of Justice and Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Study taken between 1992-1996. The occupations examined included those that prior studies have deemed to be more vulnerable to criminal victimization.

The rate of violence per 1,000 workers during the five-year period studied was as follows:

OCCUPATION                                                      RATE              VICTIMS

Law Enforcement Officers                                              306                 234,000

Prison or Jail Corrections Officers                                218                   58,300

Taxi Drivers                                                                     184                    16,100

Private Security Guards                                                 117                     71,100

Bartenders                                                                         91                     26,400

Mental Health Professionals                                           80                      50,300

Gas Station Attendants                                                   79                      15,500

Convenience or Liquor Store Clerks                             68                      61,500

Mental Health Custodial Worker s                                 63                         8,700

Junior High/Middle School Teachers                            57                       47,300

Bus Drivers                                                                      45                       17,200

Special Education Teachers                                         41                          9,000

High School Teachers                                                   29                        33,300

Elementary School Teachers                                        16                        35,400

College or University Teachers                                      3                           6,600

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, homicide was the second leading cause of death in the workplace following highway fatalities. Workplace murders accounted for 1 of every 6 fatal occupational injuries. Firearms were used to commit more than 80% of all workplace homicides. By far, white males between the ages of 25 and 44 were the victims of workplace homicides occurring as a result of an armed robbery in a late-night retail setting.

The epidemic of workplace violence and rage has claimed the lives of many hardworking Americans and continues to escalate at alarming rates across the nation.  Workplace rage involves more than employees that "just snap".  Violence in the workplace can impact the lives of employees and cause psychological damage amongst its victims.  But how do companies prevent workers from going postal and what are the signs to watch out for?  The Crime Doctor offers several astounding statistics on workplace violence, information about high-risk occupations, killer profile, possible triggers for rage and violence, and prevention measures.  Workplace violence is an issue that needs to be addressed before more people are victimized, or worse, left for dead.

5 things to Defuse Workplace Violence

If you are in the work force, you are a potential victim.  As scary or paranoid as that may seem, you still need to know how to deal with workplace rage.  The following excerpt was taken from the website entitled: Defuse Impending Violence



The author of this article addresses the problem of workplace violence in a simplistic yet practical way.  His advice is just within reach of all employees and should be rehearsed whenever any red flags go up in the work place.  He urges the reader to perform these five things:

I like the way he offers good, practical advice that can be used in many different contexts, not only in the workplace.  We can stop feeling like we are helpless when it comes to workplace violence and take charge of what little things we can do to prevent it.  We go to work because it is a part of life and not because it takes our life away. 

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