Self-witnessing Report on the Age of Rage

Testing Your Tolerance Against Neighbor Rage

by Gerald L. Lacambra

The following is a test to measure your tolerance against neighbor rage. You are provided with ten scenarios each followed by a statement or attitude. You are asked to score your agreement or disagreement with the scenario's end statement. The gauge is based on a likard scale, 0 denoting disagree, 1 denoting neutral, and 2 denoting agree.

  1. Your neighbor's dog starts barking in the middle of the night and wakes you from your sleep. You want to yell at your neighbors. Choose from 0-2.
  2. A stereo is being blasted from your neighbor's apartment. You want to kick-in their speakers or want to do some harm. Choose from 0-2.
  3. Your neighbor's kids are causing a racket. Their parents are irresponsible. Choose from 0-2.
  4. Knocks are heard at your door in the middle of the night. It is your neighbor, and he asks to use your phone. He is locked out of his apartment. You think that he is an idiot. Choose from 0-2.
  5. You just failed an exam. Last night, your neighbor had a loud party, which prevented you from cramming. It is his fault. Choose from 0-2.
  6. Finally the day ends, it was a terrible day at work for you. Upon reaching your home, your neighbor asks to borrow a couple of chairs for his evening get-together. You reply "no" because you do not want to be hassled. Choose from 0-2.
  7. You think your neighbor is rude. So you avoid talking to him. Choose from 0-2.
  8. You ask the person of your dreams out on a date. He/She says "no." When you arrive home alone, you see that your neighbor is doing heavy carpentry. You are annoyed. Choose from 0-2.
  9. Suddenly, your niece starts to sing. You think she is cute. The next day your neighbor's kid starts to sing. You wish that she would shut up. Choose from 0-2.
  10. While watching television, you come across the Brady Bunch, Family Ties, and Cosby Show. You wonder why your neighbors cannot be more like them. Choose from 0-2.

Add up your scores. For my fantastic and clairvoyant scoring scheme, click here.