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Annotated Bibliography On the Age of Rage

Rage:  Society's Social Norm

By Shari Uyehara

March 5, 2001

    Everybody experiences rage in his or her daily life.  Rage is defined as violent anger; fury; extreme violence, and intensity.  In society today everybody encounters this feeling of rage, which causes violence.  Violence puts people in extreme danger and sometimes death.  Road rage is a problem in today's society that seems to be accepted as a social norm.  An automobile is used for transportation to get form point A t point B.  Now, an automobile is used as a deadly weapon.  There are many other forms of rage that have caused violence and destruction or just plain frustration.  Some of these rages are:

Workplace Rage    Sports Rage    Air Rage

Computer Rage    Walking Rage

   There are many websites on rage and I decided to search for these topics.  There is a written summary on each website and access to go to them.  All this information is out to help people deal with his or her rage.  Through the knowledge about rage there will be less violence and more harmony.






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