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    Computers run peoples daily lives.  They depend on it for their jobs, school work, and entertainment.  Many people do use computers, but out of that how many are actually computer literate.  PC's are constantly changing and once you learn how to use one program a better and improved program comes out.  This all leads to computer rage.

    At you can find out if you have PC rage by taking their survey.  The site consists of a FAQ and forum with a PC psychologist, stories of PC Rage, and international research findings on PC rage.

   In the Uk a survey was taken from small to medium sized businesses and a minimum use of three hours a week on the computer.

   "It was found that seven out of ten of these employees had experienced computer problems of some sort"

   "Of those who experienced problems:

                One in five reacted with PC Rage

            54% blamed it on their software

            67% swore or screamed at their computer

            22% hit the computer but caused no damage

            7% hit the computer and damaged it

    There is more survey information on other countries like South Africa and Australia.  This site is full of information that is interesting and diversified.

   Once you realize you have PC rage what do you do?  Well you can visit  This site can be purchased for help on computer problems.  The first page of their website gives facts on PC rage.  At Damn! Computers,

   "their mission is to reduce the levels of frustration in PC users by providing qualified support to our customers."

   If Damn! Computers is not for you there is  It is a site for angry PC users and it gives another point of view on computer technology.  If you don't want to go looking through another website just click here for the main point of view.

Computer rage is everywhere.  There is a website by Pebbles on her experience with PC Rage.  She created this website after seeing computer rage on a television program.  She writes about what she went through and gives tips on her picks of computer information.  It is easy and straight forward, so anybody can understand without having computer rage.

    Everybody has a computer or access to one.  Computers can cause rage that people cannot handle.  There is research being done on computer rage.  Everywhere in the world people experience computer rage.  There are websites that help people by answering their problems.  Another solution to dealing with computer rage is with obnoxious humor or visiting websites that have had the same problems.






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