Safety Activism on the Information Highway: A Drive Worth Taking 
Table of Contents

  • Safety For Teenage Drivers 
  • The Teenage Driver Safety Program
  • Parents Against Speeding Teens (P.A.S.T.)
  • Contract Between Parents & Teenagers
  • Learn To Drive: A Guide For Parents


National Motorist Association (NMA)

This association is promoting safety on the road.  How?  By informing people about basic safety precautions and rules.  For example, they give driving tips, hand signals that everyone should know, and basically, how to drive more safely and become reasonable drivers.  Who are the supporters?  I assume they are the ones who are out there promoting safety on the road and those who care deeply about saving lives, creating smooth traffic flow, and getting bad drivers off the road.  I think it is very important that people are aware of safe driving.  This association provides simple, easy-to-follow rules so that people can implement what they learn into their daily, driving lives.  If everyone follows these rules, then maybe traffic fatalities would be minimized and the road will be a safer place.

Driver Education and Testing in America

Many people have their driver's license and they barely know how to drive.  It seems as though we give out a license to anyone who passes the minimum requirements.  Even worse, if you have connections with those who are part of the license-giving process, then they sometimes give it to you even if you don't do well on the tests.  This association believes that driver education should be enforced to all and that testing should be taken very seriously.  I feel very strongly that  everyone should take a drivers education course before they test for their license.  Better yet, it should be a required course to take at some stage in their high school years.  That would be effective!  This way, students will learn from the start how to drive safely.

2 Lane Highways

This group enforces safety on 2 lane highways.  I believe the supporters are people who get frightened by reckless drivers on these highways.  Is this important?  I think so.  Drivers need to be safe not only on highways but also everywhere else.  But I guess if they can be safe on the highway, then they can be safe everywhere else.


The Teenage Driver Safety Program

This organization help teenage drivers drive more safely, hence the title, The Teenage Driver Safety Program.  The supporters for this group are mostly adults who care about the safety of young or "newbie" drivers and everyone else on the road.  I think safety should be taught to people when they first show interest in driving.

Parents Against Speeding Teens (P.A.S.T)

P.A.S.T is a group supported by parents to prevent teens from speeding.  Many traffic fatalities occur because of speeding, and the age group that are most likely to speed are teens.  Honestly, I don't think that this program can be effective because most people will not acknowledge that what they are doing is not acceptable.  People speed by choice, not because they lack information about the consequences.  As far as speeding in regards to the traffic safety world, I don't it will disappear ever.  If anyone has the chance they will go over the speed limit.

Contract Between Parents & Teenagers

Contract Between Parents & Teenagers encourages parents and teens to agree on responsible driving.  Therefore it is supported by parents as well as teens who take on this agreement.  I personally do not think that this contract will last throughout the teenagers life.  Maybe at first, when the teen first gets his license he will abide by the contract.  But later, I think he will establish his own driving rules that suits him.  Well, I guess it all depends on the contract and if there are consequences or punishments if one was to break the contract.  Also, this plan will be most effective if the parents also abide by the rules of the contract.

Learn to Drive: A Guide for Parents

This group provides a guide for parents when teaching their teens how to drive.  It helps the parents to plan their teaching agenda.  For example, things to do before getting the license and also things to do afterward.  This can be very effective for everyone.  Usually, parents are the ones to teach their kids how to drive.  If the parent doesn't do a good job of teaching, then the kid doesn't do a good job of learning.  It was said in this site that a wise parent searches for information before starting to teach his teen to drive.  This will help the safety world because when parents do their research, they will also discover new information for better driving.


QDCs or Quality Driving Circles

These are like mini therapy or counseling sessions for drivers who want to talk about problems they have experienced on the road.  I don't think these "circles" are meant to cure, improve, or solve any kind of problems but just so that people can vent out their frustrations to others who understand and are sympathetic.  This has potential to be effective.  Why?  Instead releasing anger on the road, the drivers can maybe sustain releasing anger until they go to their sessions.  This way maybe drivers will be a little more patient when something bad happens to them on the road.  Therefore, reducing road rage.

New Driver's Ed

According to Dr. James, drivers education needs to be reformed.  We need to learn more than just the rules or laws of driving.  Dr. James feels that we should also learn how to behave as passengers, how to develop and sustain a positive driving philosophy, and how to use inner power techniques to manage emotions in traffic.  I am all for this.  If everyone learns this and implements this in their daily lives then the road would be such a better and safer place to be.

CARR-Children Against Road Rage

CARR is another creation by Dr. James.  This program is geared so that children will be educated at an early age about being responsible, intelligent drivers.  The approach is shaping.  If we shape our children and educate them about driving, they will have many years of knowledge of how to drive and ride appropriately.  Starting young is a good way to go.  This way, the knowledge of intelligent is with the person throughout their lives, and not something new that they learn in their pre-adult years.


In comparison to others...hmm...I have to say that I am not satisfied with this report at all.  Therefore, I don't think that it is as good as my classmates as far as content, approach, and presentation.  Why?  Procrastination.  I admit that I have procrastinated this semester for this class due to problems beyond my control.  It's sad that this report less than what I am capable of.  It's funny that being a graduating senior this semester, I shouldn't really care too much...after all, I'm graduating.  But I do.  I put so much effort and time into my other works that it saddens me to leave this report this way.


My suggestions for future generations--START EARLY!!!  Although the work for this class done at your own time, I strongly suggest that you be on time with your assignments.  Any spare time you have, work on your site.  At first you think that as long as you do your work and post it it will be fine.  But that's not how it works.  Once you invest a lot of time into your work, you won't stand for mediocre work.  Trust me, achieving satisfaction with web pages is not as easy as you would think.  No wonder most pages are always "under construction".
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