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Cartoon 2

Face the Music!

This cartoon was inspired by Akira Sasabe's self-witnessing report. The content that I took it from is below.

I got caught speeding twice in my life and both of the times it was because I was listening to the music in my car and did not realize how fast I was going. Maybe it's all about the "training" that Dr. James has been talking about, but when my favorite music comes out, I just lose myself! On a different day, I was driving and realized that music was off. It was a bit of surprise because I was so calm and relaxed that it was almost like I was meditating. So I recommend that you guys sometimes stop listening to the music in your car. It's really different!

Akira Sasabe states that the two times that he got caught speeding can be blamed on the music he was listening to. I don't really agree with what he is saying. While I do agree that music can do things to affect your frame of mind, it is entirely up to yourself as the driver to do something about your mood. If you know that a certain kind of music makes you act aggressively, for God's sake! DON'T LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC WHILE DRIVING! These kinds of comments remind me of how people blame the media for all the world's troubles. People need to learn how to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming outside forces. FACE THE MUSIC!!

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