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Cartoon 5

Rubbernecking Hypocrites!

The first part of this cartoon shows a rubbernecker. The driver in the back is thinking to herself how dangerous and irritating rubbernecking is.

The second part of the cartoon shows the same driver who was against rubbernecking. When she passes the same area, she is the one rubbernecking. There is probably a driver in the back of her saying some snide comment about rubberneckers.

This cartoon was inspired by Cherilyn Okazaki's self-witnessing report. The content that I took it from is below.

There was no traffic. Everyone was signaling. I was happy. On the way, I even noticed that I was singing. It was weird because I came to a realization that when I drove, I usually only sing during slow songs and not the fast songs. There happened to be a stalled car on the far right shoulder lane. When the cars began to break to "rubberneck", I became enraged, and I started swearing and cussing to the cars in front of me for slowing down. I even remember pretending that my handbrake was a machine gun and I "shot" all the cars in front of me.

This cartoon shows how we can sometimes be guilty of the same behaviors that we find annoying. Rubbernecking is dangerous. It takes your concentration off the road in front of you. If the person in front of you suddenly stops, you won't notice in time to stop, causing an accident. All that said, it is still hard to keep from rubbernecking.


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