Driving Cartoons:

Going Loony Over Driving Toons!

Everyone loves cartoons! I'd like to meet someone who doesn't. Cartoons serve different purposes. Some cartoons merely entertain. But other cartoons have a way of getting an idea through while entertaining. These comics and cartoons that have messages while entertaining include but are not limited to Calvin and Hobbes, Family Circus, and Ziggy.


Toons from Generations Past

Not many students in the previous generations have done this report on driving cartoons. The few that have done it include Kathy Teruya, 459, G6, Jenica Guerra, 459, G6, and Jeff Takiue, 409a, G10.

Kathy Teruya

Of the student driving cartoons that I reviewed, Kathy's were the best (Although she didn't draw them! Cheat!) They seemed like they were professionally done and conveyed their message well. Kathy did cartoons relating to self-accountability, tailgating behavior, parental role models, speeding, and retaliation behavior.

In her report, Kathy talks about the effectiveness of a learning experience when it becomes fun. She also talks about the merits of toons. She says that cartoons may cause you to let down your guard, and identify with the situation being presented. In my experience, this is true. When reviewing these cartoons, I could see myself doing and saying the same things the characters were saying.

Kathy also has a section regarding creating a toon database on the web. She contends that the web would create a healthy outlet for aggression. Other sections that she goes into are kid education, and drivers' ed manuals.

Jenica Guerra

Jenica's cartoons were also pretty good, although sometimes they were a little hard to understand (But she did her own drawings!). Jenica did cartoons relating to road rage, speeding, merging, rubbernecking, and proper driving behavior.

Jenica contends that cartoons are effective because they are attention getters. By standing out to the everyday boredom, they can catch peoples eye and reach more people. She also states that cartoon are effective because through humor, they are able to make us realize our faults and mistakes.

Like Kathy, Jenica also talks about the toons can have a place in children's education, and in driver's ed manuals.

Jeff Takiue

Jeff is the self proclaimed "worst cartoonist in all of Kona." Jeff's toons were pretty interesting, with a pretty funny one about tailgating. Jeff did other cartoons on driving courtesy, accident prone behavior, signaling, and horn honking.

Jeff states that cartoons are an effective means of communication and learning. However, he also states that the quality of the cartoon has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the communication or learning experience. The higher the quality, the more effective it will be. I agree with this statement. Surely no one wants to read or see anything of low quality. The more people who want to read what you are writing, the more people you will reach, and the more effective you will be in getting your message across.

Like the previous two, Jeff also did topics on how toons have their place in the education of children, and in drivers' education manuals.


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The Effectiveness of Using the Toons

Cartoons are an excellent way to get a message across. For one thing, they are bright and exciting, which can attract readers. The more people you attract, the more people will be affected by what you have to say. Cartoons are a change of pace from the daily book routine. Cartoons lighten the mood and make learning fun. They are a kind of a "multimedia" approach to learning. I myself use little cartoons when I study for my other subjects. By putting an idea into a cartoon, you make it fun and interesting, and in doing that, it becomes easier to remember. The idea of making things "catchy" is not new. People in advertising have been doing jingles for years, trying to get you to remember their product. Cartoons can be effective in making the idea "catchy" so that the readers will remember what you have to say.

Humor in a cartoon is a healthy outlet for some of the stresses and aggressions we have. By putting light to a certain situation, we can realize how ridiculous the situation really is. Here in Hawaii, we use humor in our racial jokes. They are not meant to offend, as mostly everyone here realizes the humor. But what they accomplish is remarkable. Here in Hawaii, racial tension is reduced to minimal because we can put our feelings about each other out in the oopen. When things go unsaid, tension builds, adding to agressive behavior and feelings of hate.


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Advice For Future Tooners

If you are a future student thinking about doing this report, DON'T DO IT! Nah, just kidding. This is an excellent report to do, and in my opinion, the MOST FUN!! But as always, start early. Starting early will alleviate A TON of stress that you will go through anyway. Also, drawing cartoons takes time. You have to start early, unless you are some kind of artistic genius. Also, check out the past reports by Kathy Teruya, Jenica Guerra, and Jeff Takiue that I reviewed. And don't forget to check out my cartoons! I worked really hard on them. They can provide you with some ideas on how to do your cartoons. If you have some kind of image editing application, it will really help you to create some awesome cartoons. I used Adobe Photoshop after I scanned in my black and whites to add a little spice and clean up everything. Plan to use an application like this because no matter what you think, IT WILL NOT COME OUT PERFECT WHEN YOU SCAN IT IN!! All that said, the most important advice I can offer is to be creative and HAVE FUN! This is the most fun report you can possibly choose.


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A Web Database for Toons

A web database for driving cartoons would be a good idea. Perhaps it can be set up in forum format, where people can post their cartoon whenever they wanted. Well, that might prove to be problematic. A more practical solution might be to have some kind of web master in charge of the database sight. All new toons can be emailed or ftp'd to this web master who then can screen for content and practicality before it is put up on the site. The web master can then decide the best way to sort out the toons. There might be sections by subject, like one for speeding, and one for tailgating. They can also be separated by category, like humorous, or serious, or political, etc.

The only software the web master would need is a image editing program, some kind of web publishing software, and an ftp program. The master would also need an email address or some kind of ftp server to recieve the files. Most important is the site. It may even go up on the DrDriving homepage!


Toons in Education

Toons definately have their place in education. As I explained in my Effectiveness of Toons section, they are a great approach to education.

Children can especially benefit from cartoons about driving. The content of cartoons for children would have to be different from those for adults, but children are very visual and would learn a great deal from driving cartoons.

Driving manuals would also benefit from cartoons. Driving manuals are often boring, chalk full of information without any real entertainment value. Putting cartoons in driving manuals will make picking up the manual a little easier. The easier to read, the more people will be attracted, and the more people will be affected by the message!


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This was definately the most fun I had in this class, I would reccomend every future generation student to do this report. It is definately worthwhile. It took me a little longer than I expected, but I got it done anyway. The part that took the longest was scanning it in, and then converting it so I could edit the images. For some odd reason, my images were coming out way bigger than what they were supposed to be. A simple 2 inch by 3 inch picture turned out to be 10 meters by 15 meters!! I couldn't understand that and it took me some time to figure that portion out.

I would say that I learned the most from this project. I hypothesize that it was because I found the subject material interesting. Ah! The power of toons!

Again, if you are attempting this project, I hope you are not looking at this too late. Start early! It will definately alleviate a lot of stress for you.

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