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Women's Pages

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    The title of this site is "Women's Pages." It is a site intended to serve as an index and link to sites containing information on a variety of topics relating to women's issues. Feminism, women's health, important women, and numerous other topics can be found at this site. As you click on these links, you realize that there is quite a bit of information to be found. Many sites you go to have links to even more women's pages. A few of the links don't work, but most of them do.

    From a male perspective, this site, and the sites which it links to, could be a useful resource for finding information about women's issues, history, and anything else you may or may not want to know about women. Overall, this site is designed for women. I think that sites such as this are good because they make it easier for internet users to access information specific to a certain topic or community, i.e.-women.

    This site is a good example of the increasing diversity and specialization of web sites and search engines on the Internet. As more and more people gain access to the Internet, there will be an increasing number of sites, servers, search engines, and services targeted towards an increasing number of specialized communities, i.e.-women, musicians, surfers, etc.

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    Questions and Answers

    Q: Who are the important/famous people written about in the biographies? (Carolyn Agmata) A: There are several links to sites with information about important women throughout history. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. A few examples include Susan B. Anthony, Princess Diana, Saint Joan of Arc, and Harriet Tubman, not to mention many other not so famous women.
    Q: Are they just about women? Do they link with any men's pages? (Corey Egami) A: All of the sites that this page link to deal primarily with women's issues. I didn't find any links to any men's pages.
    Q: Why do you think that Professor James assigned this web site? Would you recommend this site to other males? (Val Iinuma) A: I think that Professor James assigned this web site as a means of looking into the purpose and objective of web sites. A web site designed specifically for women is a good example of the continuing expansion and specialization of the world wide web. I probably wouldn't recommend this site to other males unless they were doing research on information pertaining to women's issues.
    Q: Would this site be of help for all women in all walks of life? (a href=>Craig Kawamura) A: If women of all walks of life had access to the internet, they may find this site quite helpful.
    Q: Is this site kept by anyone? A private firm or an organization etc?(Hyechin Kim) A: This site is a "Circle of Spiritual Women" site owned by "A-Muse." I tried to find out exactly what or who "A-Muse" is but didn't get a reply.
    Q: From a male's point of view which pages did you find the most interesting? (Wilfred Lee) A: The most interesting page I found was the Distinguished Women of Past and Present site. I have always been interested in history and this one site in particular seemed to be very informative
    Q: Did you feel these sites were a little sexist? Do you happen to know if there are pages that target only men (besides pornography)?(Sheri Lieberman) A: I don't think that these sites were sexist. While there were links to several radically feminist sites, overall the purpose of these sites is the empowerment of women; not the bashing of men. The only sites that I found which target men specifically are the ones about men's health issues.
    Q: What is the purpose of this site? (Jocelyn Manibusan and Kyle Michibata) A: The purpose of this site is to provide an index to sites devoted to helping women find information for "healing, laughter, and growth."
    Q: Would you suggest these pages to a sister, mother, or aunt? Is it important for them to explore the site? (Evelyn Moss) A: I would recommend these pages to any women interested in learning more about issues pertaining to their physical, emotional, and spiritual development.
    Q: Do you think there were too many links that it was so overwhelming? (Russ Muramatsu) A: There were a lot of links, but they were well organized. If you know what you are looking for, there is a lot of information that can be found fairly easily.
    Q: What exactly did you learn from this site? (Albert Ne) A: I discovered that this site is a fine example of the future of the Internet. As the diversity of Internet users continues to grow, there will be an increasing number of sites specialized in catering to a growing number of sub-groups of the world-wide Internet community.
    Q: Would this site be of any interest to males? (George Pederson and Sean Marrs) A: This site would be of interest to anyone who wanted to find out information on a variety of topics dealing with women's issues.
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    I felt very confident in giving this oral presentation because I was well prepared to discuss the concepts found in this chapter. The most important you can do to deal with the nervousness that comes with giving an oral presentation is to be well prepared. This way, if someone asks a question, you are prepared to answer it and you don't get flustered.

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    The most important part of an oral presentation is the preparation. If you are knowledgeable in the subject matter, and are prepared to answer questions, you will have confidence in the delivery of your presentation. A good idea is to think of questions which the class and Dr. James might ask; then look through the book or other sources for the answers. This way you are prepared not only to give your presentation, but also to answer any questions that get thrown at you.

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