Book Review: Working with Emotional Intelligence

By: Daniel Goleman

Psychology 409b-Fall 2001-G15

Dr. Leon James, Instructor

By: Serena

Date: November 6, 2001

Instruction to Book Review


Emotional Intelligence

            This is a book review on „Working with Emotional Intelligenceš by Daniel Goleman.  This is one of the sequels to his previous books that deal with emotional intelligence.  This book allows us a better understanding in our emotional competence and knows how to use our emotional intelligence.  The book gives many examples of competence management in the business world.  This topic is related to psychology through feelings, thoughts, and behavior.  (Threefold-self)  This will gives us a better understand to motivation, empathy and self-awareness. 

            We in our society learn how to communicate with people and learn how to use our emotional skills in a work environment, schools, organization, and etc.  According to this book if you want to be successful in the things you do knowing your emotional competence will benefit you in being successful.  Majority of the major companies, not only look at your education level and ability they also test you on your emotional intelligence.  They need to know how well are your communication skills, your leadership, self-control and etc.  Having emotional intelligence is not only being nice, it you how express your feelings with or without saying a word.  According to the book,š Emotional Intelligence does not mean merely őbeing nice.‚ At strategic moments it may demand not őbeing nice,‚ but rather, for example, bluntly confronting someone with an uncomfortable but consequential truth they‚ve been avoiding.š  In the book there is another way for emotional intelligence, „it does not mean giving free rein to feelings-őletting it all hang out.‚ Rather, it means managing feelings so that they are expressed appropriately and effectively, enabling people to work together smoothly toward their common goals.š

            In emotional competence there are two abilities it mention: empathy, which involves reading others feelings and social skills, which allows handling those feelings cleverly.  When a person learns these abilities they may have an outstanding performance in their work.  According to the book emotional intelligence has five elements: self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness in relationship.  But to me I think there are only three that helps EQ: self-awareness, empathy and motivation.  Self-awareness is being aware of what we are doing, feeling and thinking (3fold-self).  With self-awareness we are able to know what motivates us and learn self-control.  This topic relates to our health, it allows us to use our brain and think about the things that are around us.  For empathy it is the knowing what a person is feeling with out them saying what they are feeling.  This topic relates to health, or probably our physiological feeling, because empathy is a way to feel a person feeling.  Last, motivation is like our goals that we make or things that help us succeed in the things we do in life, whether it‚s a relationship, occupation or education, we are motivated to do the best and be the best.  To me I think this would be the stress part in our life because we want to be the best in the things we do and we will always think and stress over how to do it and what needs to be done.  These are needed in our society because people do not have enough EQ and without them we can‚t achieve our goals or succeed in life.  We must learn how to handle with stress and how to motivate ourselves in getting on the top in our company or society. 

            Our media takes a big part in emotional intelligence.  For example in our Honolulu Advertiser it has 1079 articles that is related to emotional intelligence.  It includes the personal life, school, stress, business, and etc.  One example of stress news they have was Brian Uyesugi‚s shooting at the Xerox Company, and for business they were saying how they were going to expand Hawaii‚s papaya into the mainland. 

Some of the problems with emotional intelligence are that we don‚t know how to express or know what we want to do.  One of the solutions is knowing and learning the skills and be aware of yourself and others.  Last be learning to be empathic to things that are around you.  If you can understand what a person is feeling and experience their feelings that shows great leadership skills. 

One of the strengths of this book is that it includes a lot of examples of many companies towards emotional intelligence.  The weakness of this book is that it only gave definition of the terminology, it didn‚t give us a way to use EQ towards the things we do in life.  It main audience seems to be people who want to be in the corporate ladder.  Learning the skills for a good leadership, but it doesn‚t give other example for any other things that happens in life. 

I think that children would not read this book nor will it be relevant to children because majority of the example were based on major companies.  But it can still be used for children if there will be someone who is willing to extend the definition into a child understanding.  It can also be relevant to education only if it was for a college level education instead of an elementary or middle school level.  I also think that it will be good that high school should benefit these understanding so that they know what will be expected in the real world when they graduate from high school. 

Therefore, the one who should be reading this book are those who wants a better job in the field, college level students and high school level students.  Even if high school students don‚t plan to go to college at least they know what is EQ and how to use their EQ.  Learn the basic communication skills, how to become a good leader and learn how to become empathic.   

On the web there many web sites that reviewed the book and web sites to order the book.  But there was one web site that made a good review of what the book was about: he pointed out what the main chapters were and what it was about. 

In conclusion, this is book explains what is emotional intelligence and emotional competence.  I learned the main points in emotional intelligence and a better understanding how and what they are.  There were of the quote I liked was: „being high in emotional intelligence does not guarantee a person will have learned the emotional competencies that matter for work; it means only that they have excellent potential to learn them.š I enjoyed reading this book but it would be better if it really gave some techniques in how to do the emotional competence. 

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