Summary & Comments on the Generational Curriculum

Information about this site (link 1)
This is the starting page of Leon James. In this page you will find an overview of various topics such as traffic psychology, cyber- psychology, spiritual psychology and other psychology related links. I feel that this page will be useful to those with an interest in these psychological topics and that this page will be very useful in offering information as to what to expect out of Dr. James's home page.

Address (link 2)
On this page, you can find Dr.James's address at the University of Hawaii, his URL address and a number in which you can call to leave a voice mail response to any questions or comments that you have about him or his web pages. Dr. James's e-mail address is also available on this page.

Indexes for this site (link 3)
On this page, you will find a very useful index of all of Dr. James's pages. There are 270 different indexes for you to choose from. I think that everyone can benefit from this page as it is very neatly organized and full of useful information.

List of Publications (link4)
If you ever needed help with finding information on various topics regarding psychology, this is the site for you. This site lists various publications by Dr. James. One thing that I found to be very useful is the fact that there are links in which you can click on to navigate to different pages. He also has available on some of his publications, copies for you to view and print.

Student Generational Reports (link 5)
This page consists of information regarding the ethnography of an academic cyber-community called The Hawaii Generational Curriculum Project. On this page you can also travel by way of links to reports on traffic psychology and cyber psychology. Another interesting feature is a Archive of student reports dating back from 1975- to 1993. This archive also provides a tour guide to navigate the archive. Lastly, this page features three articles that you can visit regarding the Gen. curriculum project.

Swedenborg Home Page Hawaii (link6)
This web page is the mother of all Swedenborg web pages. If you ever wanted information regarding spiritual psychology this is the page for you. Not only does this page have numerous links to different pages full with information on spiritual psychology, but this page also contains information on Swedenborg and spiritual psychology by Leon James himself. This page is very organized and loaded with information. It would take a very long time to read every document that is available to you, but it is organized in such a way that you can find what you are looking for by way of numerous links.

Dr. Driving Says... (link 7)
This page is a link to Dr. drivers page. This page contains many links to various web pages regarding the subject of road rage. Also included in this site are interviews with Leon James regarding road rage. One interesting link is where various readers respond to Dr. driving with comments and ideas on problems and solutions. I found this link to be very interesting because I could relate to certain aspects of road rage that I experience while driving in traffic every weekday morning and afternoon.

Explore this Site with Tour Guides (link 8)
This site offers three different tour guides to take you on a journey. The first two are related to the Generational curriculum, while the third tour is one by a student by the name of Darin Kawamoto. The first and second tour are very interesting as it takes you all over to different web pages and you can even see a picture of a Generational class. Which I must say was pretty cool because it was taken on a bridge. .

Traffic Psychology (link9)
This page is loaded with information regarding traffic psychology. There is a table of contents with two headings, the first reads, "principles of traffic psychology" while the second reads, "Oahu traffic safety handout." Under these two headings are many links in which you can visit. There are many useful links that you can visit to learn more about traffic psychology. It also possible to scroll down the whole page, if you choose not to use the clickable table of contents..

Cyber Psychology (link 10)
This web page contains information on cyberpsychology. In this page you can find a table of contents along with a index to help you navigate through the many different web pages. I personally think that people should go and read the article claiming that "clicking is spiritual" I would be curious to see what others feel about this issue. This page is very informational as it contains all the principals of cyberpsychology.

Spiritual Psychology (link 11)
This page is similar to the Swedenborg web page, in fact, this page can also be found in the Swedenborg web page. Like the other site, this one contains information regarding spiritual psychology. This page has a table of contents to help you find what you are looking for and also contains links to two more parts to this article. I am unsure of the purpose of this article as it is very similar to the Swendborg page and I think that you will be able to find the same information there.

Daily Round Archives (link 12)
On this page, you will find information about the On-line Daily Round Archives. This page makes it possible for you to view the home pages of past students and also available are on-line articles about the daily round archives. I think that taking the time to view other students home pages is a great way to gain insight to their past experiences with the Generational curriculum and it also helps with gaining ideas as to how you can create better web pages.

Social Psychology of Home Page Architecture (link 13)
This is a very interesting page which is loaded with information pertaining to social psychological principals in home page architecture. One interesting thing that I found was the authors description of his experience with having a friend view his home page and wanting that friend to feel and appreciate the work put into the home pages. On this page, you will also find a table of contents to help get you where you want to go. The first site on the table of contents is called the birth of cyberspace and here you can find interesting thoughts by the author Leon James about his views and experiences with the cyber world.

Full Text Articles and Books (link 14)
If you ever need to find resources on topics like Swednborg principles, traffic psychology, cyberpsychology and other related topics, you can use this page to get you there. This page is very useful because it allows users to travel by links to view full text articles and books by Leon James.

Diane Nahl's Search Index (link 15)
This is the page of Diana Nahl, who has done a lot of work with Leon James in the past. Her index provides many links to different areas like student reports, search engines and library and information science sites. One of the most useful link, in my opinion is the Html link. I think that every person who has some interest in web pages and how they are made should visit this site. This sites contains explanatory details along with more links to travel to.

University of Hawaii (link 16)
This is the University of Hawaii home page. This page offers almost all the information that a visitor may want to know. Some links that I feel may be useful is the student and university services and also the leisure activities link. One very interesting link that I found was the web page's "hot link of the day" This is a popular web site and if you were to visit it I don't think that you will disagree. Today's site contains numerous pictures of some of the most beautiful places and scenery of Hawaii..

Search this sit by Keywords, Concepts, or Names (link 17)
This site offers a search engine to help you look for web courses and project sites that are on the css server. One bit of advice that I may give to you is that you should make sure that you are type in the correct study in which you are searching for located in the "from" box. Click on the box to show you three different sections of psychology to choose from.

Text only Browsers (link 18)
This is a link to a web page that lists many of Dr.James clickable links that allow you to move from one area to another. The main thing to remember is that this page only serves as clickable links and that is pretty much the only feature.

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